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Gold Trophy Grand Theft Auto V - 'Decorated' (30 Platinum Online Awards) Guide

This is my first Guide Supplement, and it just barely qualifies as a stand-alone guide, so please excuse the lack of fancy formatting. I'm always open to suggestions and criticism.

GTA V Online - 'Decorated' Trophy V1.0
By FlutterGuy

GTA Online: Earn 30 Platinum Awards


Being one of the rarest GTA Online trophies at the time I achieved it, sitting at about 0.03% on one trophy tracking site, I decided that this Silver trophy needed its own mini-walkthrough or guide, or at least a discussion thread. This thread aims to assist future trophy hunters achieve this trophy as quickly and as conveniently as possible. Note that there are many ways to achieve this trophy. For a general overview of the trophy, please visit PowerPyx and Darth_Krid's excellent

Very Important Notes about this Trophy:

I am almost certain that Rockstar will decide to add more awards in future, and so there will certainly be easier ways to get this trophy out of the way. This means that this thread will require maintenance and updating regularly. If you discover better ways to earn the required number of awards, please leave a comment detailing what you've discovered.

Even more importantly, it is very possible, and quite likely, that you will earn this trophy passively if you are very engaged and active in GTA Online. This guide is best utilized by those who want to get this trophy over with as soon as possible. If you enjoy GTA Online and are planning to play at your own pace, there is no reason to grind activities that you're not interested in. Also note that there are many ways to go about this trophy. I will list a few 'wildcard' awards that can be easier for some that what I've suggested. You may want to look them over. They can help you skip any section of my guide that seems tedious to you.

You will need boosting partners to follow most of the methods outlined in this guide. You'll only need one partner for almost all activities. However, you'll need two more for Rally Races, Team Deathmatch and possibly Survival. Please use the Trophy Boosting thread to look for partners Do not use this thread to request partners.

You can check progress towards awards by pressing to go to the pause menu, select 'Stats', then 'Awards'. You can also check the Rockstar Social Club for the same information. However, note that it often lags slightly behind the in-game tracker.

The guide will be divided into four parts: Solo, Deathmatch Boosting, Race Boosting, and Activities Boosting. You can knock them out in any order you want. The only barrier is getting the money and RP to unlock some of the weapons for DM boosting. You should get oriented with the Online game before you start going for this trophy, though. $20,000 should enough to start betting while boosting races. You can make this amount simply by robbing every convenience store on the map.

The Checklist:
1.Lapping It Up
2.Snappy Dresser
3.Hairy Encounters
4.The Human Canvas
6.Armed Robber
7.No Claims Bonus
9.Nick of Time
10.The Melee Murderer
11.Grenade Fiend
12.Ended in a Sticky Situation
13.3 for 1
14.The Equalizer
16.Road Rage
17.In a Class of Your Own
18.Penetrate from Behind
19.Dust Maker
20.Every Race
23.Over the Top
24.Out of Five
25.Straight Sets
28.Smoke 'Em
29.Clear Out
30.All Rounder


This is a list of things you can do alone. Most are very easy and not very time consuming. You can do them all in a Solo Session. You'll need a little starting cash, though. You can start off with robbing stores if you need a small boost.

1.Lapping It Up: Purchase 25 Lap Dances. You will need $1000 for 25 lap dances at $40 each. Go to a dancer, buy a dance and follow her. Start the dance, and end it, then buy another.

2.Snappy Dresser: Wear 25 different outfits. With the Beach Bum Pack released for free to all players, this trophy is now free. Simply go to any clothing store and try on the different free items until you unlock this award.

3.Hairy Encounters: Change your hairstyle 25 times: Go to any hairdresser and change your hair between any two free hairstyles 25 times.

4.The Human Canvas: Get a tattoo on every body part: Go to any tattoo parlor, and apply one free tattoo on each body part for this award.

5.Unirider: Wheelie for 2000 ft. consecutively. Load up the Motorcycle Race "Taking Off". Hold down and . You should accelerate while doing a wheelie, and hit 2000 ft. before the end of the runway.

6.Armed Robber: Rob 20 grocery stores. Since this is required for another trophy, you might as well do it. Head a store marked with the 'Crown' icon, and point your weapon at the clerk. Wait until he is done, then leave. As soon as you leave, press , , , . Then back out with . Your wanted level should disappear. Repeat for all 20 Stores.

7.No Claims Bonus: Drive for thirty minutes without crashing. This is a good away-from-controller one. Take a small, stable car (your free Elegy for signing up for Rockstar Social Club works), and head over to the International airport. On the east side of the airport, use the 'dumpster ramp' that's ramping over the fence, to jump the fence and get into the airport. You will not get a wanted level. Drive to clear area, such as between the two long runways right in front as you jump in, and rubberband your and . Inspect it to make sure it's stable, then leave it for 30 minutes.

8.Airborne: Land 25 jumps, over 100 meters each. This one is best done near the International Airport Terminal (Thank you Darkraven_666 for this tip). Use a decently fast car (the Elegy mentioned above would work well), and use the ramp leading into the runways (found on the far left if you're facing the terminal entrance. Currently, there's a glitch that allows you to easily leave the runway area. As you're U-turning out, simply tap the left chain-link gate with your car, reverse, and tap it again. The gate should disappear (Thank you Tricolor for this tip). If you'd like a more time-consuming by surefire way to get 25 jumps, simply start up the 'Downtown, Underground' race, on GTA mode, using a Super car like the Adder. The jump is off the bridge halfway through the lap. (Thanks to PowerPyx and Darth_Krid for this tip)

9.Nick Of Time: Deploy your parachute below 40 meters and land safely, 25 times. Grab a helicopter (there's a spawn on the roof of the hospital near the strip club) and fly all the way to the Vinewood Sign's letter "D". Land your helicopter near the ladder, then climb up to the platform at the top, jump off and immediately deploy your parachute by pressing X, and land near the helicopter. You can now re-enter the helicopter to grab another parachute, and repeat. There's a parachute on the platform in front of the ladder should you forget to re-enter the helicopter, but it will NOT respawn. Don't worry too much about losing health from an imperfect landing; you'll regenerate it when you drop below 50%.

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Deathmatch Boosting

EDIT: BELOW SECTION SOMEWHAT OUTDATED. Please use this map containing all weapons (free of charge) to boost DM awards.

Link to Social Club:

Before starting this step: Get to at least level 19 Online to unlock Sticky Bombs and Grenades, and rack up about $50,000. Playing survival mode and selling cars to LSC can generate this amount fairly easily. Go to Ammu-Nation and buy 25 of each. Also grab a knife, as I notice it's faster than fists.

Do not use up all of your grenades/sticky bombs. End the game with one sticky bomb and grenade. This is so you can buy more without going back to Ammu-Nation.

I recommend you get all of these done in one session, with one partner, to avoid inefficiencies. My rough estimate for how long these take, for both players, from starting the first DM to the end of the last DM is about 2.5 hours with decently co-ordinated partners. Give a little more to account for lag, disconnections, AFK, round restarts, and breaks.

The map I did these on was the Canals Deathmatch map. Set kill limit to off and time to 60. You can always quit the activity if you end up with too much time left over. You can respawn and head to the booster in about 10 seconds. Head to the 'dark' middle line on your mini-map, in the middle of where all the drops are concentrated. This long walkway between the houses is where all the killing is going to take place. It's essentially just regular old kill-farming from any game. When you spawn on the edge of the houses, just run back to the walkway.

Now this is why this method is so good. In addition to being fast, you have the chance to stack multiple awards on top of each other. The key to this method is alternating between your partner in getting a killstreak of 3. Let them kill you 3 times, then revenge kill them 3 times. This builds on both the awards for '3 kills in a row x50' and 'revenge for 3 kills in a row x50'. Better yet, the math works perfectly. You'll need 50 kills for each of the Sticky Bomb, Grenade, and Melee. 50 multiplied by 3 is 150 kills, the same number needed for 50 x3 killstreaks. This means that if done perfectly, you'll unlock 5 awards at once. And all of this will not take you more than 3 hours, inefficiencies accounted for, by my calculations.

It's very important to keep track of your kills, though. Professionalism between the two boosters is key to getting this done quickly. And remember, DO NOT USE UP ALL YOUR STICKIES/GRENADES. You need at least ONE of each to be able to restock from the DM lobby. Stickies can also be picked up from the arena. Look for the circular grenade symbol on your minimap.

You'll also need to boost 10 kills in a row at some point. Do this in your clean-up session or if you run out of award-usable ammo and have extra time. The math works perfectly though, so there's no need to interfere with it too much. The only snag is you'll only be able to use 24 grenades, so you'll need an extra clean-up session.

By the end of these boosting sessions (you'll need perhaps 3 sessions), you'll have the 6 awards below.

10.The Melee Murderer: 50 kills with Melee weapons.

11.Grenade Fiend: 50 kills with grenades.

12.Ended in a Sticky Situation: 50 kills with sticky bombs.

13.3 for 1: Kill someone 3 times in a row, 50 times.

14.The Equalizer: Kill someone who has killed you 3 times in a row, 50

15.Killstreaker: Achieve a 10-killstreak.

Race Boosting

Rockstar has nerfed all races so they give pitiful RP/Cash rewards. However, races, like Deathmatches, also provide multiple easy awards. Use the Criminal Records track, as it's very short (under 30 seconds per lap). One lap is all that is needed for awards. Set the Class to motorcycles, and use the Akuma for the quickest laps for you and your boosting partner. You'll need 25 wins per player (50 all in all) for the following awards.

16.Road Rage: Destroy 3 Opponents in a GTA Race and win the Race: You can actually destroy your only boosting partner 3 times, and this will work. Use the Rockets provided along the track.

17.In a Class of Your Own: Win a Custom Class race: Easy, and is a requirement for other trophies as well. Simply pick a class that you have a custom vehicle (I.E, a vehicle you own, with a tracker), turn Custom Vehicle ON in the set-up, and win.

18.Penetrate from Behind: Move from last place to winner 25 times. Allow your boosting partner to get ahead of you, then get ahead of them and win. Also progresses by default if you start 'second' in the race.

19.Dust Maker: Achieve fastest lap 25 times Simply win your 1-lap race, or complete a lap faster than your boosting partner.

20.Every Race: Win every type of race mode at least once. This will come naturally as you boost 'Road Rage', regular races, and the Rally race required for the 'Numero Uno' and 'Backseat Driver' trophies.

21.Hustler: Win $50,000 in betting There is a way to get close to this within 25 or so race wins. The winner bets $100 on himself. The loser bets $2500 on himself. Not sure how it scales exactly (it has to do with 'odds'), but I got $1980 for every win that way, at level 60, versus a level 35. I've heard you're supposed to get around $2000, so it sounds about right. Anyways, do this 25 times, and if you have a little required left over, you'll have a chance to bet more during activities. You'll need some starting cash though, and every bet loss during boosting will cost you $500. You'll recoup the losses after each race completion though, so don't worry. You'll just need some starting money.

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Activities Boosting

These are simple 2-player activities that reward easy awards. You'll need a boosting partner, obviously.

22.Granny: Color all targets in a Target Grid match. Simple, really. Head over to a shooting range with your buddy. Choose Minigun, then Target Grid match. One player remains idle while the other colors all the targets.

23.Over the Top: Win 25 Arm Wrestling matches. Very quick and easy. Simply start a match with your buddy, and win it by moving your left and right sticks around quickly (reminded me of what I did when 2 Kamehameha's collided back on the PS2...aaaahh, the broken Dualshocks...). You can restart the match by pressing immediately after winning/losing. Each match, even if 'restarted', awards 1 towards progress. Check your scores in the bottom-right corner.

24.Out of Five: Win a 5-set Tennis Match. You'll need to win a best-out-of-5 set (so 3 straight sets) match. This one is tedious but it's for 3 easy awards. Simply win for this award. It may take somewhere between 20-25 minutes per game. Check below for the other 2 awards.

25.Straight Sets: Win a tennis match in straight sets. This will come naturally if your partner just lets win as quick as possible.

26.Ace: Serve up 25 Aces in Tennis. An Ace is an unreturned serve. Simply serve while your boosting partner allows it to pass by. You'll get this while going for your 3-straight-set victory.

27.Survivor: Complete 10 rounds of survival. This is a requirement for an actual trophy, so it's another good '2-birds-1-stone' award. Easiest if you pick Boneyard and hide in the space behind the white 'portable' building, such that you're wedged between the building and the wall behind it. Use the portable as cover and pick off approaching enemies. This is of course, much, much easier in a group (of up to 4 people).

28.Smoke 'Em: Most kills in a gang attack. Gang attacks unlock at Level 18. You'll need another person with you for this to count. Simply find a gang attack (they're the big circles of red that appear on the radar), and kill the most enemies. Try to get 10 kills and do not die once, too, for a trophy reward.

29.Clear Out: Complete 5 Gang Hideouts in one in-game day. This one stressed me out just a little, perhaps completely unnecessarily. You'll have to look for (or use a map to find) 5 Gang Hideouts. There are videos and images on the web showing you the locations of all of them. However, some only appear at specific hours of the (game) day. You'll have to clear them out in one in-game day, or 48 real-life minutes. Start at 0:01 in-game time. The number of enemies ranges from 10 to 30. You shouldn't have too much trouble with more people backing you up.

30.All Rounder: Win at every game mode. This is yet another award that's also a trophy. 'Numero Uno' to be exact. You'll need to win a Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch (you'll need 4 people in total), Air race, Sea race, GTA Land Race, Rally Land Race, Regular Land Race, Arm Wrestling, Darts, Golf, Tennis, Parachuting, any Shooting Range mode, and complete a Gang Attack and 10 rounds of survival. In other words, if you're following this guide, you'll only need a TDM, Air Race, Sea Race, Parachuting, Darts, and Golf win.

Wildcard Awards

What I suggested above were the easiest methods for my personal skill level. Not everyone is good at (or has the patience for) the same things, so here's an auxiliary list of other awards that are also quite easy, or very short. Consider them if you're looking for alternatives to the above.

A.Salvaged: Find a Special Loot Crate. These are very rare. They appear every once in a while, and a message will be broadcast that a crate will be dropped in 10 in-game hours across the entire session. You may have to compete with others to get it, unless you're in a Solo/Invite-only server.

B.World Record: Set a World Record on a Rockstar Map. Earlier in the Online launch, this would be an automatic unlock. Now the leaderboards are sadly flooded with clearly illegitimate scores. If you have set a world record somehow, or know of a mission with an easy world record, then good for you, you've slashed one award off the list. The best time to get this would be right after a patch/DLC comes out with new Rockstar-published races.

C.Gun Owner: Buy all guns from Ammu-Nation. If you're not in a hurry, and you're going for Level 120 anyways, this is a good choice for a free award. Of course, it's not completely free: It's pretty expensive to buy every single weapon off Ammu-Nation, though, probably about 80,000 to 100,000 as a rough estimate.

D.Bloodiest of the Bunch: Most kills in a 4-man Survivor match. If this came naturally to you during your Survivor match, good job. Otherwise, you're going to have to keep trying at it. You'll need 3 other people, though. You may be able to get it without finishing the survival (I.e, wiping out sometime through the survival), but this has yet to be confirmed.

E.When Pigs Fly: Shoot down 25 Police Choppers. This is apparently easy enough with an Attack Buzzard. You'll need to be Level 43+ for it to spawn. Look for one at the airport or the hospital near the strip club. Start up some trouble to get a 3-star Wanted Level, then shoot down any helicopters sent against you.

F.Checking Out: Get a 6-dart checkout. You'll need to win using 6 darts, by hitting (T20-T20-D20, T20-T19-D12) or (T20-T20-D20, T20-T15-D18) or (T20-T20-T20, 11 then Bullseye), in that order. D (doubles) are the outer bands just below the numbers and T (triple) are the inner horizontal bands between the outer bands and the 2 concentric bullseye circles.

G.Hole-In-One: Score a hole-in-one in Golf. So far, this is being described as incredibly hard. If you want to try it out, try Hole 6. Apparently, it's easiest there. You may also make progress towards the Award for 25 Birdies. Again, this might prove too much trouble if you're not a fan of the golf mini-game.

H.Stayed On Target: Land perfectly on the target while parachuting 25 times. This one is also a little grindy. It's less taxing than 'Airborne' (less actual hand involvement) and can be done solo. Use the 'Construction Bail' mission. The target is pretty close, around the circular-based skyscraper in front of you. (Thank you, PS3Llama)

I.Mile High Club: Spend 4 hours in the air in a helicopter. This is completely impractical to boost unless you're going to rubberband your controller and leave it to idle for a while. If you don't mind waiting, this may be for you. Simply find any helicopter, fly it high up in the air, then carefully rubberband your R2 and R1 (or R2 and L1) buttons and let your helicopter flutter in circles.

J.Spinderella: Spin your vehicle 4 full revolutions and K.Flippin' Hell: Flip your vehicle 10 times in mid-air. These are only worth boosting if you have access to a boosting partner and a Cargobob. Cargobobs are rare helipad spawns unless you're between levels 22 and 32. Get your partner in the Cargobob,and you in a car and go very, very high up. Shake the Cargobob and release the car. Use the momentum to spin and flip your car on the way down. Hold the L-stick to the bottom-right for best results. You may need to repeat several times to get the award.

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Nice! Thanks for this

49ERS / US ARMY / Fav Platinum - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
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Thank you very much, this was just what I was hoping for.
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Great guide, thanks! Will be using this a lot.
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Another very easy one worth considering:

Spend Time in a Helicopter: Call Merryweather kill a pilot and take the chopper or just find one.

Go to an open are, go up, and keep the R2 pressed and the L3 pointed left or right.

The chopper will keep spinning in the air but won´t lose altitude.

Check it after 30 minutes
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Originally Posted by waters View Post
Another very easy one worth considering:

Spend Time in a Helicopter: Call Merryweather kill a pilot and take the chopper or just find one.

Go to an open are, go up, and keep the R2 pressed and the L3 pointed left or right.

The chopper will keep spinning in the air but won´t lose altitude.

Check it after 30 minutes
I tried that last night before I went to bed, except I just rubberbanded R2. No clue what happened, but my character was standing on the ground in the airport when I woke up. Isn't it like 4 hours, too?

Casual gamer since '14.
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You also get a platinum award for a world record on any track. Me and my friend prtm_cluescroll got a WR on a rally race called 'Lost and Found'. I was co-driver though so I didn't have to do anything.
Originally Posted by SSJ4_Haruhi View Post
I feel so bad getting the normal version as Capcom always release a Ultra Super Twerking Goatse Fapping Llama edition after less than a year.
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Bloodiest of the Bunch is a cinch if you play the Boneyard Survival map with Randoms as they don't know about the portacabin trick in these early days of GTA Online.
Even if you end up failing the survival most randoms tend to either hide in the aircraft hangar to the north of your position or on the roof of the building to the northeast of your position and therefore get killed easily particularly during waves 4, 7, 8,9 and 10 so you should end up with most kills.
That's how I got it anyways.
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