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PSN Game Collection

So this isn't limited to just Ps3 games, but I was just curious who all keeps the game that they buy? I know a lot of people who just rent games, platinum them and get rid of em to move on to a next game.

I'm a budding trophy hunter so I can see the concept in that idea, however I like to keep my game collection since I'm a hardcore gamer lol. I Currently own about 58 ps3 game titles. (Not going into my wii and 360 titles cus they don't stack as much lol.)


Updated 4.22.12

Its really awesome to see everyone's responses lol I literally just read EVERYTHING that everyone posted from page one to page four. So I want to point a few things out:

1.) I can see why people would sell games after platinum if they are no longer going to play them, me personally however will still play a game after I have gotten platinum. I will play simply for the story once again or just to pass time. So I would never bring myself to sell a game that I enjoyed.

2.) Everyone keeps making the claim that the game loses its value over time, yes this is correct, but can you imagine later on down the line someone wanting to find a game like Uncharted 1 and there being no more anywhere in stores. Original Nintendo or 64 games range anywhere from $30 - $500
now, so value can go down and also sky rocket. Thins become more rare over time so never think that now because a game used to be $60 and is now $20 it is going to stay low. Give it a while and watch it boost like crazy.

3.) I buy 95% of my games used (this does not include PS+). It's rare for me to buy the game new but I do once in a while when I want to get a special edition or something. I know that if I buy the game BRAND NEW I will definitely never sell it. If I buy the game used there is the chance of me returning it for my full money back if I do not like the game. However if it's a game I enjoy then I will never return it.

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I keep the games I would consider playing again. I sell/trade the rest after obtaining the platinum. I don't think i've ever got rid of a non-PS3 game.
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Debated this for a long time on whether to keep games I platted or not and decided that with the PS4 on the horizon, I might as well get good value for the games I have already platted and I know have no new DLC coming.

Nice to see a big collection, but I am at the point of knowing I will never play those games I traded in ever again so better for someone to have a chance at a used title and let them enjoy them as I did.

I have also traded in a few games that have GOTY editions now. Trade in and use the credit towards the purchase of new GOTY editions.

1 game I will never sell though is Skyrim as that game has countless hours of replay value as well as DLC coming.

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I usually keep all my games I buy. I've probably got over 90 games across Wii, PS3 and PS2. I'll probably be selling the PS2 and stuff soon, but I usually keep what I have.
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I only keep the ones that I had a really good experience. Games like Dragon Age, Burnout, Valk Chron, Resistance 2, and the elder scrolls are games that I would never trade in and play from time to time even though I've already platted/beaten them.
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Interesting topic, although it sounds similar to another.

Anyway, i keep all my games. I put them on craigslist, and if anyone wants to buy them, i actually go to gamestop and buy another copy (at a price i get a profit on)

I cant get rid of any of my games, any council. I do lend mine out (like a library), but i expect them back if i want them, and payment if any damage.
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I've kept all my games, haven't traded in a single one Neither do I rent, unless PS+ is considered renting...

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Even though I make a lot of money, I don't see the point of keeping games that I won't play again. So, I ebay them

Since I really enjoyed playing Uncharted series, I kept them.

I already sold Mafia2/LANoire after Platinum But going to buy them again to complete the DLC trophies.

I only buy Used, or really/really special offer.

I can handle 6-12 month wait until the game drops in price from $59 new to ~$12-$18 used. And then put the $39 in savings account for my daughters' future.
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Have kept every game I ever bought. Some PS1 games have been damaged so they are not longer playable though. My Kingdom Hearts 2 CD got scratched right at the last boss fight, so I had to get a new one when it was just released (my playstation 2 ate discs).

I have tried once selling a ps1 game called Sentinel Returns, but Gamestop or Game whichever it was didn't want it.

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I tend to keep the majority of my games but lately I have been going through my collection and selling/trading the ones I know I won't/can't see myself playing again. I also have a Gamefly subscription to keep me busy with games I want to try but not necessarily buy.
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