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Default 10 good platinums or 30 easy platinums?

I'm not a platinum trophy hunter myself, only having got 7 platinums none of which are that challenging. But, I was just wondering for those of you who do go for those trophies which you prefer.

If you had the choice, would you rather have a smallish collection of platinums from genuinely challenging games or a boat load of really easy ones. I only ask because my friend has like 80 platinums, but they are pretty much all for games like Megamind, Up, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and those sort of kid-friendly easy to play games. And he is genuinely proud of the fact that he has platinumed them all.

I personally think a small set of say 20 platinums on challenging games is more impressive. What do you think?

Thanks to Haptism!

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If I had to choose I'd go with 10 good platinums. But personally I don't think people should care wether games are easy or hard platinums. Just play whatever games you enjoy.
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Im also going with 10 good platinums. I'd prefer good games on my profile then kids games.. But I cant really talk
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I have a few hard but alot easy lol, at then end of the day i dont care what people think of my trophies i just want 100 plats, and at some point you run out of games that are 'hard' as there are many more easy plats out there.

I personally have platted alot of kiddie games but they were brought for my kids, i just feel the need to finish them off for the easy plat lol.

If you keep going for the 'hard' plats you will never get alot of plats and probably miss out on a few good games that are easy but often not brought up in the 'easy' plat disscusion like uncharted series, god of wars etc
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Not trying to mock the OP specifically - but look! Another quality vs quantity, kiddie-game thread!

I'll just throw out that I enjoy the kiddie games. Cloudy with Meatballs and Toy Story 3 are good. Had fun with MySimSkyheroes. So it's not an either/or - there's always the third option: I just go with what interests me (or what I think might interest me) and what ends up in the cheap bin.
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Both of those feats take dedication and willpower to achieve. I personally prefer having 20 hard platinums because it takes more skill and it's more impressive, than having 50 easy ones. In the end I don't care, do whatever makes you happy: If you want to hoard trophies that's fine with me, if you want to play only games you like for trophies that's fine with me and if you want to play only very challenging games that's all fine with me.
Originally Posted by SSJ4_Haruhi View Post
I feel so bad getting the normal version as Capcom always release a Ultra Super Twerking Goatse Fapping Llama edition after less than a year.
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I'd rather have 10 hard ones.
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I'd rather have the 10 difficult platinums over 30 easy ones. Yet, the difficulty of the platinum has very little bearing on my gaming selections. More often than not, I pick up a title that interests me and then go for the platinum to squeeze every last penny out of the purchase.

In some cases (such as Brink) the title sucks, but I'll pick up the platinum because I don't want the purchase to be a complete waste (and Brink was pretty easy). On the other hand, I purchased Modnation, which I'd consider a kiddy game and enjoyed it immensely. I'd consider the platinum for that moderately difficult (more time consuming than anything).

In the end, its all about what you enjoy though. If you enjoy the challenge of getting 5-10 platinums in a month, then more power to you. The same goes if you enjoy spending two months toward one platinum or simply enjoy a game without any interest in the platinum.

Nothing is true and everything is permitted.
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Quality over quantity. Anyone can plat the easy kids' games, but it takes a skilled gamer to do any of the more difficult ones.

Thanks to Haptism for the signature and avatar.

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id prefer to have hard platinums.. even though most of mine arent hard.
but im just happy having platinum for games i enjoy, i wouldnt buy kids games just for a platinum though lol.

Thanks to GlennThomas for the avatar and sig!
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easy, hard, platinums

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