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Fight Night Champion
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Default Fight Night Champion - Trophy Guide & Road Map

Credit to RomanClaret for the banner.

Welcome back to another hard-hitting iteration in the Fight Night franchise, this time focusing on the all-new single player story mode, Champion Mode, which EA boast is the first time ever a sports game has a story mode. The trophies compared to Round 4 are more attainable but the Platinum is still extremely difficult to obtain due to OWC. Now, on with the guide!

**Platinum is unobtainable. Please see the Represent the Crew trophies below**

-Estimated trophy difficulty: 9/10
-Offline (breakdown) 14 trophies (10, 3 , 4 )
-Online (breakdown) 19 trophies (11 , 6 , 1 ) Online Pass is required for all online trophies
-Approximate amount of time to /100%: 80+ hours (due to OWC)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed? 1 for each mode, preferably
-Number of missable trophies? None
-Glitched trophies? No
-Does difficulty affect trophies? No
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? No cheats

Step Structure
Step 1 - Complete Champion Mode
From the get go, complete this mode on Amateur to unlock all Champion Mode associated trophies and for all boxers to be at your disposal in Fight Now.

Step 2 - Complete Legacy Mode
Clear this mode to unlock all associated Legacy Mode trophies. It will take usually 51 fights to complete.

Step 3 - Online
The most time consuming part. This requies that you are in a Online Gym with Rival Settings enabled in order to fight rivals. Online World Championship requires you to reach Level 60 which is the maximum.

Step 4 - Clean-up
Any missing trophies such as This Is SIM!, Number One Stunna etc. can be grinded out if not already unlocked.

Platinum Trophy
Unlock all other trophies

Ah, the coveted Platinum. Extremely difficult to obtain but to those who do, well deserved

The Platinum for this game is unattainable. Please see the Represent the Crew trophies below**

A Fist For Every Face
Defeat the entire Fight Night Champion roster in Fight Now

A lot of people had trouble with this one because the servers weren't registering the fights as a win. Pre-patch, the trick was to fight at Default Settings, that is, without manipulating any of the game options. The only one you could change was the game difficulty. You must have all Champion Mode boxers unlocked first in order to obtain this and beat everyone one Fight Now.

Breaking A Sweat
Get a Champion rating on every Training Game

Please refer to this link -

A Champion Emerges
Defeat Isaac Frost in Champion Mode

Isaac Frost is a tough one but is easily beatable if you stay away from him (due to his one punch KO power) and listen to your corner. This is the last fight of Champion Mode and consists of 4 phases in the duration of the fight. The first phase involves you having to survive the 1st 2 rounds without punching him or anything. Back away anytime he gets close and once youíve created distance, drop your guard and back the hell away since you move faster with your guard down. Once youíve survived, the next 3 rounds involve landing 75 body hooks. Approach Frost, hit him with a left/right body combo and back off. Repeat and aim to hit 25 body hooks in each round. Once this section is completed, the 3rd phase has you suffering a cut which will need 2 rounds to heal. Thereís a hit limit counter at the bottom of the screen so you canít afford to be hit more than the limit count. Repeat what you did in phase 1 which was continuously back the hell away. Once your cutís healed Frost will be ripe for the picking. Unload on him and try to hit big counters then KO him for the finish and the trophy.

Low Down Dirty Tricks
Defeat Kobe Nichols in Champion Mode

Once the first round is over, youíll be informed in your corner that any punch on the body will be considered a low blow. Continuous punching there will get you automatically disqualified so in essence you can only punch the head. Keep your finger off (except for leaning) and target Kobeís head by peppering 1-2ís along with hooks and uppercuts from the outside.

Everything You Got Left
Defeat Meldrick Johnson in Champion Mode

Only your left hand is applicable to be used for this fight because Andreís right hand is broken. Should you use your right hand at any point in the fight, youíll enter the stun state which is pretty annoying. Donít flick the right stick towards the right at any time. Instead use your left hook to the body to set up the left hook upstairs. Use your jab if you need to create distance and you should win with ease.

I Brought My Own Judges
Defeat Ricardo Alvarez in Champion Mode

You fight this guy playing as Young Andre/Pre-Prison Andre. Once the first round is completed, a cutscene will initiate in which Carisi tells Andre the judges arenít paying attention. Youíre goal from here on is to KO Alvarez. You have 8 rounds to do this so box smart, mix it up and donít let your stamina gauge drop low. Once heís rocked, move in for the kill and the trophy.

Welcome To The Jungle
Defeat the prison gang member in Champion Mode

When the game starts, you're already in a bare knuckle fight in Champion Mode against a member of the prison. Simply win the fight and you'll be given the option to either quit Champion Mode or continue with it.

Survival Of The Fittest
Defeat the prison gang leader in Champion Mode

This is contested under a typical street fight rules with no ref, no breaks and no rounds. Itís a bareknuckles fight with the stipulation being the first fighter to get knocked down loses. I always felt that boxing bareknuckles has more impact on your punches and does more damage so keep range, mix it up and use counters to annihilate your opponent.

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Gold Medal Performance
Knockout Joel Savon in Champion Mode

This is the 2nd fight of Champion Mode and is contested under amateur scoring, whereby whoever lands the most punches wins the round. Constant pressure is the key here along with counter punches, which will do a good amount of damage. Tee off his body with hooks and mix it up in-between with headshots and body shots. Sooner or later, he’ll get stunned and then you can finish him.

No Time To Bleed
Knockout Dwight Cooper before the 6th round in Champion Mode

From the offset you’re going to want to protect your cut since there’s a 15 punch hit limit in each round. Every round the counter resets so as long as you don’t get banged up pretty early in a round, you’re safe. Bang Cooper’s body mercilessly until he drops his hands then target the head. You have to KO him in the first half of the fight so you’ve got to be offensive all whilst protecting the cut.

Turnabout If Fair Play
Knockdown Keyshawn Hayes with a left hook in Champion Mode

This is fairly easy since you only have to score the knockdown against Hayes, not a KO. Hayes has a mean left hook which should he detonate it, could at least floor you or even KO you. Box like you normally would and when Keyshawn's stunned, just hit him with a left hook by pressing the right stick left.

The Awakening
Knockdown Mason Brooks in under 3 minutes in Champion Mode

This is basically a beat-up-session straight after you've left prison. The first one to score a knockdown wins so shouldn't be too hard due to the fact Brooks is slow as hell. Spam power shots to the body and head by mixing up and he should fall in no time. Keep a timer or stopwwatch with you to time that you hit him before the 3rd minute. If you fail, simply Restart.

Create and upload a Settings file to EA SPORTS World

Very Easy. Make sure you have a settings profile saved. From the main menu go to Boxer Share, press to upload then click settings. It takes usually a second or two and once done, the trophy will unlock.

Alphabelt Soup
Own all belts within one weight class at the same time in Legacy Mode

At around your 30th pro fight in Legacy Mode, you’ll be offered a title shot against one of the 3 champions. Win the fight then hopefully the 2nd champion should be available to schedule a fight with. Win this then you’ll just need to beat the 3rd and final champion, who is often the top fighter in your division. Beat him and you’ll unlock the trophy. Note that sometimes the champions won’t be available for a fight so take a tune up then when they’re free, fight them.

How Poetic
Retire as the GOAT in Legacy Mode

After 51 fights are done and you've completed the Legacy Mode Milestones (including moving up one division if you are NOT in the Heavyweight Division), you're popularity meter will reach Greatest Of All Time. Once it has hit this, click on the Legacy Mode menu and select retire. Once done, the trophy will unlock.

Bicep Curling
Obtain boxer level 15 in OWC

See ‘Squat Thrusting’.

Bench Pressing
Obtain boxer level 30 in OWC

See ‘Squat Thrusting’.

Hamstring Blasting
Obtain boxer level 45 in OWC

See ‘Squat Thrusting’.

Squat Thrusting
Obtain boxer level 60 in OWC

By far the hardest trophy in the game and possibly one of the hardest ever. This trophy alone is as bad as the FNR4 Belt fiasco. The 2 trophies regarding level 15 and 30 should be very easy to obtain due to the fact you’ll be fighting easy contenders but then begins the tough road in Hell. The Boxer Level points system works like this – beat someone very high, you’ll get a huge amount of points. Lose to someone very high, you won’t lose many points. Beat someone very low, you’ll earn low points, Lose to someone lower than you and you’ll lose big points. You can either gun for the elites and hope to get lucky with a victory to bag big points or you can fight lowers ranked fighters to ensure victory but little points - it’s up to you.

Nearly everyone is a monster on OWC with the height and reach maxed so I suggest you do the same so you’re not at a disadvantage. There is no particular division which is easy to level up but Middleweight seems to be the favourite choice. Constant disconnections, one punch KO’s and a plethora of other external factors make this mode harder than it already is. The only real advice would be to use your skill and box very, very intelligently online. If you have your opponent hurt, absolutely finish him because this is a dog eat dog world. Pay attention to Teddy Atlas' scorecard because that serves as a excellent reminder as to whether you should stick to your game plan if you're winning or whether you should go for broke. There’s no sure-fire way of boosting OWC so you’ll have to do this the hard way.

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Represent The Crew I
Complete a Lightweight fight against a member of a Rival Gym

See 'Represent the Crew III'.

A Fight Amongst Friends I
Complete a Lightweight League Match in an Online Gym

See 'A Fight Amongst Friends III'.

Represent The Crew II
Complete a Middleweight fight against a member of a Rival Gym

See 'Represent the Crew III'.

A Fight Amongst Friends II
Complete a Middleweight League Match in an Online Gym

See 'A Fight Amongst Friends III'.

Represent The Crew III
Complete a Heavyweight fight against a member of a Rival Gym

This is quite a tricky trophy due to the fact it takes 2 weeks to find Rivals and you only have 3 days before the Rival season ends to net all 3 trophies and also your rivals may refuse to fight you. You must have Rival Settings enabled and you AND your Rivals must have at least 3 Gym members throughout the session to unlock this trophy. There are 2 ways to get this – Method A and Method B.

Method A - Begin the long search for a Rival. It’ll take a minimum of 2 weeks and sometimes can be extended. Once you get a Rival team, send a challenge to fight one of their members and complete the match, regardless of who wins. The weight class in the season you are in does not affect the trophies so you can net all 3 Rival trophies with one Rival partner as long as you both have a fighter in the 3 weightclasses.

Method B – Scroll through the Gym Leaderboards and look for a Gym which has a Rival. Since it’s usually a open Gym, join it. Tell your buddy to gain entry into the Rival Gym and once you’re both in, complete all 3 matches.

**The Platinum for this game is now unattainable because EA have consequently removed the Gym Rivals feature. It is now impossible to match up with other Rivals thus blocking this and its 2 preceeding trophies associated with it, resulting in no chance obtaining the Platinum for this unless you already have these 3 trophies unlocked beforehand**

A Fight Amongst Friends III
Complete a Heavyweight League Match in an Online Gym

This is pretty easy and can be boosted with a Gym partner under Online Gyms. Go on Season Settings and begin a Lightweight Season. Fight your buddy in a lightweight match, regardless of who wins so long as it finishes. You’ll get the trophy once it finishes. Go back to Season Settings and change the weight class to Middleweight. Repeat the same process and again in the Heavyweight class with your friend to net these 3 trophies with relative ease.

This Is Going Well
Knockdown an opponent twice in the same round of a Ranked Match

Can be boosted with a partner. Head to Online Gym and invite your partner to a match. Simply knock him down twice in the first round to net this trophy. It would be advisable to chain this with the ‘My Defense Is Impregnable’ and ‘A little This, A Little That’ trophies to unlock 3 Silver trophies in one match.

My Defense Is Impregnable
Win a Ranked Match with your opponent's accuracy at or below 20%

Can be boosted with a partner. Head to Online Gym and invite your partner to a match. Beat him up and tell him not press a single button. His punch stats should total 0% and you’ll get this trophy.

It would be advisable to chain this with the ‘This Is Going Well' and ‘A little This, A Little That’ trophies to unlock the 3 Silver trophies in one match.

A Verdict Is In
Win a 10 round Ranked Match

Can be boosted with a partner. Head to Online Gym and invite your partner to a match. Make sure the rounds are set to 10 and you can set the time to 1 minute to make it faster. Just land about 3–4 punches per round and back off. Repeat for the full 10 rounds to win a decision. Just hope you don’t get disconnected by the servers.

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Mr. Reliable
Earn a Reliability Multiplier of more than 85% after playing at least 100 Ranked Matches

A minimum of 100 matches have to be played Online and at least 85 matches or so have to be done without disconnection or quitting. You could boost this by constantly playing Gym matches or you could try and obtain this naturally through the course of OWC. There’s really not much to say apart from hope you don’t get screwed by the servers and hope your internet connection’s working fine.

A Little This, A Little That
Knockdown an opponent with a head shot and a body shot in a Ranked Match

Can be boosted with a partner. Head to Online Gym and invite your partner to a match. From the start, attack his body constantly until he goes down after being put down with a body shot. Let him get up and then continuously jab his head until your partner’s stunned then knock him down with a head shot. It would be advisable to chain this with the ‘This Is Going Well' and ‘My Defense Is Impregnable’ trophies to unlock the 3 Silver trophies in one match.

Will They Believe You?
Get up from a fourth knockdown during a Ranked Match

This is quite a tough but doable trophy. The myth that is ‘lighter fighters have a better chance of getting up because they are light’ is the biggest BS in the world. I’ve gotten up 4 times with Tyson, Frazier, Hopkins, Mosley and Pacquiao so ANY fighter can get up as long as they have a good Heart Rating. I would recommend boosting this in Ranked Matches with a partner because the OWC Created Boxers are hopeless to use for this trophy. Go on Player Hub and invite your friend to a match. The type should say Unranked Match and cannot be changed so instead change the weightclasses around then press to reset. The match type should now say Ranked Match. Select Heavyweight and I would personally recommend using Smokin’ Joe because it usually works with him. Have your friend knock you down as soon as the fight starts and continue to do so until you manage to get up 4 times.

Road To Glory
Complete 100 fights In Online World Championship

Under OWC (Online World Championship), simply complete 100 fights across your Online career. It doesn’t matter if you have one fighter in one weight class or if you have 3 fighters spread out over the 3 classes as long as 100 fights are done. It would be best to try and win due to the fact wins equal points, which you’ll need to level up. Also if you disconnect, your partner disconnects or the servers cause you to disconnect, that's one more match you have to play because disconnected games aren't counted.

I'm Just Doing My Jab
Jab 10,000 times

An easy trophy, just very time consuming. This should come naturally along with ‘Numba One Stunna’ as you play so it shouldn’t be much trouble. If you’re impatient though and want the trophy, get 2 controllers and go to Fight Now. Pick Ali and fight Tyson with the 2nd controller sat down doing nothing. Do it under 15 rounds with 3 mins each rounds. Back Tyson into a corner and hammer to jab. Tyson will get stunned so make sure you don’t accidently knock him down with another punch. Let the stun mode wear off him and repeat. Boring but works.

Numba One Stunna
Stun your opponents 1000 times

Just like ‘I’m Just Doing My Jab’ this should come naturally but if you want the trophy quickly, use the Ali V Tyson method outlined above.

Every Second Counts
Knockdown an opponent in a Ranked Match with less than 10 seconds left in the round

Can be boosted with a partner. Head to Online Gym with the Saved By the Bell option on and the time set to 3 minutes to give yourself more time. Damage your opponent with jabs and continuously stun him throughout the round but don’t knock him down. At around 15 seconds, spam the jab and the second he’s stunned, knock him down to earn this trophy.

Can You Feel The Power?
Max out any skill of a Legacy Mode, OWC, or Online Gyms boxer

This should come along the course of play because you’ll need a fighter who’s rated very high and has his attributes very high in order to compete with others. There are 20 levels needed to be filled in for a skill to be maximised and there’s a lock at 220 levels so level up your skills wisely. Using the XP points you’ve gained across either Online or Legacy Mode, go on Boxer Growth and completely max out a stat. Once done, the trophy will unlock.

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Guide complete. This is my first ever guide so please don't start flaming me over any errors which leads me to my next point. I will continually strive to improve and update this guide as regularly and effieciently as possible. Any questions needing to be asked, ask away and I assure you a answer will be reached to you within 24 hours. Thank you and happy trophy hunting!

EDIT - WILL YOU ALL PLEASE STOP ROBBING MY FUCKING GUIDE!!! Every single method on this guide was tested by me and a friend and all the ideas were come up by me so stop posting these ideas agaian and re-naming them as something you came up yourselves !!!!

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Do not post incomplete guides. When you are ready to finish this send myself or a member of the GT a message.

Reopened as requested. Please get it complete within 24 hours.

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An excellent and useful guide.

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Originally Posted by zairoud View Post
An excellent and useful guide.

Thanks a lot just hoping it gets stickied
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*Guide Stuck*
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Originally Posted by zairoud View Post
An excellent and useful guide.

I totally agree that this guide is very usefull...I'm just having trouble getting Turnabout If Fair Play and The Awakening . I know i knocked down Hayes with a left hook, but i didnt get the trophy. Same thing happened when i knocked down Brooks in under 3 min, no trophie and after i beat championship mode, it said that i beat him around 2 min. Is anybody else having this trouble?

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