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Old July 27th, 2010, 09:20 PM   #1
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Gold Trophy Fast Money - Top Answers

I figured this board could use a list of all the top answers in the fast money rounds. Reply with any you find and I'll add them here

Something You Gulp - Water
Something A Motorcycle Cop Needs - Helmet
How Many Sick Days A Person Takes In A Year - 5
Something You'd Find In An Oasis - Water
Another World For 'Motion Picture' - Movie
Someone That Works Outside - Gardener
A Job That Requires You To Risk Your Life - Policeman
A Food That Uses A Spatula - Pancakes
Reason Someone Might Send A Card - Birthday
Something That Changes Color - Chameleon
Reason People Wouldn't Want To Live Next To An Airport - Noise
Reason You Might Hold Your Nose - Stink
Something A Man Might Buy Without Trying On First - Undergarments
Something That Has A Horn - Car
An Animal You Might Worry About If Swimming In The Amazon - Snake
Name A Famous Ford - Harrison
Another Word For Little - Small
Something You Need To Look Out For While Snow Skiing - Trees
Something A Student Might Use To Get To School - Bus
If A Wife Does Everything For Her Husband, Name Something He'd Have Trouble Using After A Divorce - Oven
Something A Prom Queen Might Keep As A Momento - Crown
A Sport That Women Have Recently Become Interested In - Basketball
Something A Woman Would Lie About During A Job Interview - Age
Something Specific That A Lot Of Country Western Songs Are About - Love
A Sport Acocciated With Another Country - Soccer
Something A Divorced Couple Literally Can't Cut In Half - Kid
Something Kids Are Told To Share - Toy
Something You Body Tells You It's Time To Do - Sleep
An Animal Used For Transportation - Horse
A Place On A Man's Body That Starts Growing Hair When His Head Starts Losing It - Ears
Something A Woman Can Do For Hours - Talk
Something That Is Kept In A 'Tank' - Fish
Something People Say You Can Never Have Too Many Of - Friends
Something You Might Have To Get Off A Roof - Ball
A Name From The Bible That Is Very Popular - John
Another Word For Tired - Exhausted

Hopefully this will help anyone going for the Benchmark Citizen trophy.
The future will soon be a thing of the past!

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Old July 30th, 2010, 05:30 PM   #2
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I DO remember one from a few days ago.
"Name a famous Ford."
Harrison was the top answer.
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Old August 1st, 2010, 04:44 PM   #3
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We need to keep this thread going. For whatever reason I cannt get 5 top answers in the final round, I keep getting 4 out of 5. So i have been writing down some of the questions and answers. I will post them up later, for the OP to add. Thanks
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Old August 3rd, 2010, 07:50 PM   #4
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Just listed a bunch more... I also just got the Benchmark Citizen with the last five listed and Reigning Family for finishing the single player game. Yay!

I'm going to take a break before I start playing online, but feel free to give any top answers you've found and I'll list them on here!
The future will soon be a thing of the past!

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Old August 8th, 2010, 07:24 PM   #5
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Default hope this helps sorry if there are dups of yours

will be more to complete this game!!!!

Fast money round TOP ANSWERS

Type of repairman you would call- plumer
what would you do if your house is haunted- move
what do you do to maintain lawn- mow
another word for small- tiny
something you frame- picture
Accesories kids put on their bikes- horn
animal you might see in a swamp- alligator
age kids stop believing in the tooth fairy- 8
a place you might hear bells- church
a pet some keep that others would want to kill- snake
a reason you might send a car- birthday
an animal an elderly person could out run- turtle
something you may fid under a rock- worm
A famous Dolly- Parton
Famous Muppet- Kermit
an isle in a supermarket you spend alot of time in- produce
another name for motion picture- Movie

I DONT ACCEPT BLANK REQUESTS AT ALL... I AM A 25 YEAR OLD "CRIPPLE" FROM A WRECK, I HAVE 3 BOYS Gabriel he's 5, Daymien he's 3 & Uriah "Riah" is 2in OCT 2011

sn+: (mostly "PROUD" member)

Im also on other "social sites" as well... look out for me
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Old August 18th, 2010, 01:00 AM   #6
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Awards Showcase Bronze Submission
Total Awards: 1 (more» ...)

Might I suggest that the list be alphabatized so the answers can be accessed quickly?
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Old August 25th, 2010, 01:45 AM   #7
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Default Answers

Name something of yours that you might someday change its color. Hair
Name a reason a barber might say he had a bad day on the job. Have No Customers
Name the first thing someone learns how to cook. Eggs
Name a sign that the person you're talking to is drunk. Can't Stand Up
Name a power some superheroes have, but batman doesn't. Fly
Name an animal that has a long tongue. Anteater
Name a part of a motorcycle that it would be tough to ride without. Seat
Name something a person might do while playing cards that would annoy everyone else at the table. Smoke
Name something vampires wouldn't keep in their home that many people would. Garlic
Name something specific people adjust on their stereo system. Volume
Name a specific bowl game that takes place during the holidays. Rose Bowl
Name a sign that you're turning into an elephant. Growing A Trunk
Name something a jockey needs. Horse
Name something you can do in a regular pool you couldn't do in a baby pool. Dive
Name something you'd see in an italian restaurant. Pasta
Name something you'd see a lot of at disneyland. Disney Characters
Name a type of person who might wear goggles. Swimmer
Name something that makes you itch. Poison Ivy
Name something people serve with biscuits. Gravy
Name a movie that you wouldn't take your mother to see. American Pie
Name a modern device that older people have trouble using. Computer
Name a type of person who might wear sunglasses most of the day. Blind Person
Name someone who works outdoors. Construction Worker
Name something you'd like to own that starts with the word, "Magic." Magic Wand
Give me a slang term you'd use to describe a really good-looking guy. Fine
Name something men try to cover up. Affair
Name a fictional character with two identities. Superman
Name something a hitchhiker might do to get noticed. Stick Thumb Out
Name something you need to play polo. Horse
Besides the top of his head, name a part of a man's body that grows hair. Chest
Name something a baby spends a lot of time doing. Sleeping
Tell me something used in hockey. Puck
Name something you might need when serving corn-on-the-cob. Butter
Name something toddlers carry around with them all the time. Bottle
Name a good food to throw in a food fight. Mashed Potato
Name a reason why you wouldn't want to be a teacher. Salary
Name something you need to make brownies. Chocolate
Name a famous athlete who's known all over the world. Michael Jordan
Name an occasion when people usually wash their hands. Before Eating
Name something bad that can happen to you if you eat too much chocolat. Break Out
Name a creature that doesn't have legs. Snake
Name something people paint for Halloween. Face
Name a school supply kids are always running out of. Pencils
Name a company that makes really fast sports cars. Porsche
Name something rock stars have that karaoke singers might wish they had. Good Voice
Name a baseball team that has played in a lot of world series games. Yankees
Name a good job for someone who loves kids. Teacher
Besides stores, name something else you'd find in a shopping mall. Restaurant
Name an occupation where you'd have to wear a hat. Construction
Name an occupation Edward Scissorhands might have been hired to do. Gardener
Name a difference between 2 people that would eventually cause them to break up. Religion
Name a month of the year that could also be a woman's first name. April
Name a product door-to-door salesmen used to sell. Vacuum Cleaner
Name a movie that had at least two sequels. Star Wars
We asked 100 married people: how many times in a week does your partner say "I love you"? 20
Name something you can't be afraid of if you want to become a vampire. Blood
Name an ingredient used to make salsa. Tomatoes
Name something your boyfriend might do if a guy started hitting on you at a party. Get in a Fight
Name something a super-fan would wear to a Harry Potter movie. Glasses
Name something a person might see in the ocean that would cause them to get excited. Shark
Name a vegetable that tastes good grilled. Onions
Name the most popular Halloween masks. Scream
Name a piece of personal information they might ask on a job application. Name
Name an actor with a good sense of humor. Jim Carrey
Name something a pizza delivery person hates about their job. Bad Tips
Name something you might know about the Star Wars character Han Solo. Pilot
Name something people know about The Incredible Hulk. Green
Name something twin brothers might share while growing up. Clothes
If your lawn could talk, name something it might complain about. Needs Water
Name something they have in fancy bathrooms that you might wish you had in yours. Jacuzzi
Name something you shouldn't do while you're driving. Drink
Name something that doesn't always happen in a baseball game, but it's exciting when it does. Home Runs
Name a place where it would be inappropriate to curse. Place of Worship
Name something taught in home economics class. Cooking
Name something you might see a dog holding in its mouth. Bone
Name something that gets scooped. Ice Cream
If you wanted to break out of jail, name something you might tell your mom to bake in a cake. File
Name a tourist attraction that offers a great view. Grand Canyon
Name something you have to put on a personal check. Signature
Name a popular type of pie. Apple
Name something on a man he might wish was smaller. Belly
Tell me a prank kids pull on Halloween. Egging a House
Name a way you could tell that the person you're dating is a snowman. He Melts
Name something people use to clean their ears. Cotton Swab
Name something that might be described as soft and fuzzy. Teddy Bear
Name something people apply for. Job
Tell me a good job for someone who likes to take care of people. Nurse
Name something your mom told you always to do before bed. Brush Teeth
Name something houses are made of in children's stories. Gingerbread
Name something a cowboy might take with him on a cattle drive. Rope
Name the person you trust most in your life. Parents
Name something a rapper might wear that you'd never see Al Gore wear. Baggy Pants
If you were starting your own business, tell me the first thing you'd need. Money
Name something that melts. Ice Cream
Name something everyone knows about Christopher Columbus. Discovered America
Other than a weapon, name something a police officer might have for protection. Mace
How many credit cards does the average person have? (Numeric Only) 3
Name something specific you call a plumber to fix. Clogged Sink
Name something you might see tied to the roof of someone's car. Christmas Tree
Name a game played in the pool. Marco Polo
Name something a man does to prepare for a date. Shower
Which room in a bachelor's house most needs cleaning? Bathroom
Name something you might do if your car was stuck in the snow. Shovel It Out
Name something that might hit your windshiel while driving. Rock
Name a character from Sesame Street that kids love. Big Bird
What happens to fairy tale princesses, but not to most regular people in love? Happily Ever After
If your husband had his say, what activity would he want you to do on a "romantic" date? Go To Sporting Event
Name someone Winnie-The-Pooh is good friends with. Tigger
Name the holiday people gain the most weight after. Thanksgiving
Name something specific kids love to do in the snow. Build Snowman
Name something a duck has that a human doesn't. Bill
Tell me something you'd need if you wanted to look like Merlin the wizard. Cloak
Name something you might need if you were to go ice fishing. Saw
Name another word for expensive. Costly
Past or present, name a legendary singer a lot of performers imitate. Elvis
Name something people brag about in their year-end Christmas letters. Their Kids
Name a place that will always be open on New Year's Eve. Bar
Name a reason someone would return a gift. Wrong Size
Name something a person might worry about when speaking in front of a large group. Lack of Preparation
Tell me the temperature it has to be for you to start wearing a jacket. (Numeric Only) 60
Name a place where a tent might be set up. Campground
Name something a kindergarten student might use to write with. Crayon
Name a problem an extremely tall person would have. Clothes
Name something that makes a noise when you open it. Soda
Name a type of toy a little boy might play with. A Truck
In a quiet library, name a sound you still might hear. Whispers
Name a 2-word term that means the same as "leave me alone." Go Away
Give me another term for "mother." Mom
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Default More

Name a famous movie monster you might see in a black and white film. Godzilla
Name a part of the body people stretch before exercising. Legs
Name something people do while they're waiting in line at the supermarket. Look at Magazines
Name something people buy to make their car look sportier. Spoilers
Name something in the woods that might be poisonous. Snake
Name something specific clowns do at the circus. Fall Down
Name something you see lots of ads for in a women's magazine. Make Up
Name something people know about the White House. President Lives There
Name a type of expert Oprah Winfrey might have appear on her show. Psychologist
Name something people enjoy doing, although it's bad for them. Smoking
Name something people skip. Breakfast/Meals
Name something you'd need to be able to do to be a WWF wrestler. Wrestle
Tell me the age when most kids learn their ABC's. 2
Name a food that's often breaded. Chicken
Name something every farmer needs. Tractor
Name something specific a divorced man might have to learn how to do when living by himself. Cook
Name something people associate with Al Capone. Gangster
Name something a farmer uses which might cause an injury. Tractor
Name something associated with the game show "Wheel of FOrtune." Vanna White
Name something teenagers did the 50's. Danced
We asked 100 husbands: name something your wife spends more money on than you do. Clothes
Name something kids make for their parents in nursery school. Finger Painting
Name something a young man might do to make himself look older. Grow Facial Hair
Name something you'd find at a real opera that you probably wouldn't in a soap opear. Opera Singers
Name something you might take with you when walking your dog. Leash
Name something you do for your dog's own good, that he hates. Bathe
Name something that goes up and down. Elevator
Name someone who might be dressed in all black. Priest
Tell me how many beers it takes the average man to get drunk. 5
Tell me how many TV sets you might find in the average person's home. (Numeric Only) 3
Name something a woman would have to put up with if she dated Brad Pitt. Paparazzi
Besides eggs, name something people put in egg salad. Mayonnaise
Name something cowboys are good at. Riding Horses
Name something you might find in a suitcase that would tell you it belonged to a surgeon. Scalpel
Name a reason why a wedding might be cancelled. Cold Feet
Name a non-alcoholic drink you can get at a bar. Soda
Name something a telemarketer tries to sell you. Phone Service
Name something you shouldn't do right after you eat. Swim
Name something people was in public. Hands
Name the best place to "pick up" a new joke. Bar
Name something little boys can't wait to grow up and do. Drive
Name an activity that might cause a person to throw their back out. Weightlifting
Name something you'd need in order to play a game of basketball. Basketball
Name a term for someone who isn't very generous. Stingy
Name the worst holiday to be born on. Christmas
Name something that happens when young girls have sleepovers and also when women go out for "girl's night". Talk About Dating
Tell me how many pairs of shoes are in the average woman's closet. (Numeric Only) 20
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Name an occasion when you see lots of people wearing red. Christmas
Name something Donald Trump probably keeps with him at all times. His Money
Name a movie with a lot of dancing. Dirty Dancing
Name something that has a fence around it. Yard
Name something found on the bottom of a shoe. Gum
Name a fruit that's considered tropical. Pineapple
Name something that has a lock on it. Door
Name a place where you'd see a lot of balloons. Carnival
Name something you might see in a dark alley. Kitty Cat
Name something you do to a shirt. Iron It
Name a food a restaurant might serve at "happy hour." Wings
Name something that might fall from a tree. Apple
What is Will Smith's best movie? Men In Black
Name a reason why someone might throw away a pair of pants. Torn
Name something you might eat with carrots in it. Cake
Name a famous Rosie. Rosie O'Donnell
Name a famous skyscraper. Empire State Building
Name something you might rent from a party store. Tables
Name a sport that involves hitting a ball. Baseball
Name something you'd need if you were going to slay a dragon. Sword
Name a food you use a spatula for. Pancakes
Name something a groom might worry about on his wedding day. Vows to Read
Name the best place to be when your car breaks down? Home
Name a bad job for someone who's afraid of dogs. Dog Catcher
Name someone a bride asks to be her bridemaid. Sister
Tell me a reason why being a rock star might be a great job. Money
We asked 100 husbands: name something you wish your wife would do less of around the house. Clean
Name an exotic pizza topping that pizzerias probably get few requests for. Anchovies
Name a food that's served with crackers. Cheese
Name an advantage of being a senior citizen. Discounts
Name a food served with melted butter on it. (vegetables is not an answer, be more specific) Baked Potato
Name a food eaten at Hannukah. Potato Latkes
Name something about Wonder Woman the average woman might envy. Body
Name a physical sign of aging that many people try to cover up. Wrinkles
Name a job that requires steady hands. Surgeon
Tell me something you would do if your dinner date had food stuck in her teeth. Tell Her
Name something someone in a dark movie theater might accidentally step on. Feet
Name a city you recognize just by seeing a photo. New York City
Name something a dad might wear that would embarrass his family when company comes over. Underwear
Name something you need to make s'mores. Marshmallows
Name a circus act that requires a net. Trapeze Artist
Tell me another word for blemish. Zit
Instead of a white picket fence, what type of fence would you be surprised to find in someone's yard? Barbed Wire
Name something you wish people wouldn't do in an elevator. Smoke
Name something might have nuts in it. Candy
Name a magazine that usually has a photo of someone famous on the cover. People
Name something that's delivered. Pizza
Tell me how much you would pay a kid to mow your lawn. 1 Dollar
Name a fruit that's often served on top of cereal. Banana
Tell me something a store owner can't sell to a minor. Cigarettes
Name a movie that has been remade. King Kong
Name a reason why a baby might be cranky. Hungry
Tell me something people bring to the movies that you wish they'd leave at home. Cell Phone
Name an ingredient you'd find in trail mix. Peanuts
Name something medieval knights did. Joust
Name something little red riding hood suspected was different about her grandmother. (Be more specific than looks) Big Teeth
Name another word for motion picture. Movie
Name something a clown might be carrying. Balloons
Name something bad that a good actor could do to land in jail. Drugs
Name a famous male country-western singer living or dead. Garth Brooks
Name a cartoon character thats always chasing someone. Tom/Jerry
Name something you associate with sumo wrestling. Big Fat Guys
Name something people talk into. Phone
What do wives give their husbands when they say, "hold this for me." Purse
Besides hot dogs, name something you'd need for a weenie roast. Buns
Name something Florida is famous for. Oranges
Name a body part, below the neck, that you'd have a hard time 'pumping up' at the gym. Feet
Name something that might annoy a gardener. Bugs
Name something you'd probably never see a mother of a bride wear to her daughter's wedding. Black Dress
Name a specific button on a clock radio. Snooze
Name a TV show that might cause your family a lot of embarrassment if they saw you on it. Jerry Springer
If you could get rid of problems like you get rid of dust, how would you make problems disappear? Vacuum Them Away
Name something a waitress should never be without. Pen/Pencil
Name something people associate with chihuahuas. Taco Bell
Name something every tight rope walker needs to do their job. Pole
When it's not love, name a word used to describe strong romantic feelings. Lust
Name a term you'd use for someone who has a lot of money. Rich
Name a sea creature most people aren't afraid of. Dolphin
Name something that might ruin a ballerina's day while performing on stage. Fall
Name something that grandparents do to spoil their grandchildren. Buy Toys
Name an actress who goes by three names. Pamela Lee Anderson
Name a lie a woman might tell a man to let him know she's not interested in him. Fake Phone Number
Name something associated with Benjamin Franklin. Declaration
Name a phrase that starts with the word "prime." Prime Time
Name a famous past or present singing duo. Sonny and Cher
Name a holiday song with a fictional character. Red Nose Reindeer
Name something that might be given away as the grand prize in a raffle. Car
Name something public bathrooms are often out of. Toilet Paper
If you were in a forest camping out, name a sound that might keep you up all night. Bear Growling
Name a famous person who has way too much money. Bill Gates
Name something you might have to do if you got a speeding ticket. Pay
Name something a baseball player might be holding during a game. Bat
Name one of the gifts from the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" Partridge
Name something kids do when they get bored in class. Doodle/Draw
When taking a message, name a specific piece of information you might ask the caller. Their Name
Name a place some men have hair on their bodies that others don't. Chest
Name something most people do every New Year's Eve. Drink
Name something a kid might bring home from school that their parents would be proud of. Good Grades
Tell me a food that melts in your mouth. Chocolate
Besides a Delorean, what car would you use for a time machine? Corvette
Name something Ted Turner is known for. CNN
Name an instrument in an orchestra. Violin
Name something you find in a motor home that you wouldn't find in most cars. Bathroom
Name the actor who has taken the most diverse roles. Tom Hanks
Name a rule you get to break if you're an ambulance driver. Through Intersections
What part of your body gets tired when you swim? Arms
Name a product that might be disposable. Diapers
Besides your feet, name a part of your body you move while dancing. Hips
Name something some people do while on the phone that other people wouldn't. Use The Bathroom
Name a fruit that's often served at a salad bar. Strawberries
Name something a caveman might do to impress a cavewoman. Kill Dinosaur
Name a fancy word for "barber." Hair Stylist
Name another expression for "getting married." Hitched
Name something you'd see in a restaurant's kitchen. Pots and Pans
Name a member of the celebrity elite who is famous for no apparent reason. Paris Hilton
Name something a kid promises he'll do if he's allowed to get a dog. Feed It
Name something you miss about living at home with your parents. Home Cooking
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chitown mama 76
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Wink Puzzle Questions

name a job where you have to be good at math.

1. Accountant
2. Math Teacher
3. Engineer
4. Nuclear Scientist
5. Bank Teller
6. Programmer
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