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Default Fallout 3 DLC reason for freezes.. can I delete them?

I've played FO3 twice a while ago (before they had trophies for the game) and had absolutely no problem whatsoever with game lag or freezes (ZERO!!). So I got the new trophy packs and also bought the GOTY version and noticed right away the game is glitchy and freezes on me a few times when I fast travel. So I'm pretty sure the DLCs are causing the freezes.

Are there ways to delete the DLCs without messing up my current game? The DLCs came on the GOTY disc. Right now I keep freezing when I fast travel to megaton and its really annoying.. if I'm forced to, I'll just remove all DLC and get the platinum and be done with the game. But I'm about 1/4 into the game and don't want to start over..
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Since you have the GOTY edition there is no way to remove the DLCs so I'm afraid you'll just have to live with the freezing and start over.

The problems with the GOTY are numerous and well documented.

To reduce the amount of freezing you get do the following:

-Turn off the Auto Saves.
-Don't play for more than 3-4hrs at a time.
-Don't save over your saves, make a new one every time.
-Use the Cache clear code at the start of every session (Hold L2, R2 and Square after the trophies load and keep holding them until the main menu appears. You'll know if it's worked as the Press Start text will disappear.)
-If the game starts to lag, stand still and wait until the HDD light stops flashing.

Even if you could remove the DLCs, you'd corrupt your save files in the process and would have to start over any way.
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thats f3 worst feature the dreaded freeze!! still its an amazing game & most of the dlc's r great aswell! stick with it!!
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I have the same problems, it really sucks. happens when there is a lot of action too. End of the DLC missions is the worst
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