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Mr Consisent- Threnzy. Finished every race in points except Canada (he wasn't even there lol) and Spa when he got taken out.
The Gentleman- Tbh I don't know, you are all clean and fair. But if I had to say anyone, I'd have to say LL. That's because we've had so many battles over these two seasons and he's always been clean when passing me (which is becoming a regular thing lol)
Mr Crash- Jamie of course. Me 2nd.
Pushing the Boundaries- (tied) Balding & Jamie. Balding for 50s in China and Jamie, erm, 110s in Abu Dhabi (well you can't get more than that without a DSQ, lol)
Zero To Hero- LL again. To nearly last in the pre-season race to 1st in Abu Dhabi. Vox is a close 2nd.
What?? Puncture??- Me at times lol, but seen as I can't vote for myself, I'll say Stevo. He's been really unlucky with all those D/C's.
$%#! You!- Remco.
Fernando is faster than you!- Ketch. Very gratious when letting others through.
The Comedian- Brrnout of course. LOL.
Rookie of the Year- Balding without a doubt.
Drive of the Season- I'm gonna say Stevo at Spa. A well deserved win. Bulk at India is 2nd best.
Overtaker- Q.

Btw sorry I haven't been online for practice since Monday, had things to do. Won't be on much at the weekend either. So don't except much from me Sunday, 50% or 100%

PS3T F1 League v5 Results

Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

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Glad I am doing something right in my races at least lol as it's not the driving Glad I can entertain even if I am still being over lapped 10 times a race .

No you did not scare me off but sometimes I either have stuff to do, I may have work, or I just stayed up to late and didn't get to bed till 4. You know 10 can seem awfully early when you pull that

But the main reason I actually don't show up very often is simply because it really sucks sucking . There is only so much dead last one can take. But I still come because you guys are a great crowd and it's good to sometimes race, even when I know the end result lol.

Cheers, Brrnout

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Woop, in the running for two awards xD

And I'll give my votes tonight, when I get onto the computer, gonna be difficult doing it on my phone xD

Hoping you can join us for the final race Brrnout, but I must warn you, It's going to be 100% race distance

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Mr. Consistent - threnzy- he was always on top of the podium or therabouts

The Gentleman - REMCO jks i wud say bulk

Mr. Crash - Jamie

Pushing the Boundaries - jamie based on abu dhabi

Zero to Hero - LL without doubt (takin over my crown from 2010 )

What?? Puncture?? - wud like to say me but i cant so i will say jamie again for his DNF's i no a few werent his fault

$%#! You! - he WAS a member im saying remco

Fernando is faster than you! - ketch

The comedian - couldnt really hear brrnout alot of the time so i will say LL

Rookie of the year award - Balding based on points

Drive of the Season - wish i cud say me but i know i cant so ill say LL at au dhabi getting his 1st win (even though it was by a penalty but the fact he was close enough to get 1st is really impressive)
im scruffy... the janitor

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practice @ 7:15 anyone
im scruffy... the janitor

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Can't be on for 7 Stevo because I have dinner any time soon. I'll try and be on for 7:30 if you're doing more than 1 race.

Mr. Consistent - Threnzy
The Gentleman - Threnzy - Perhaps sometimes too careful!
Mr. Crash - Jamie. Can always count on Jamie to find the barriers.
Pushing the Boundaries - Balding for corner cut penalties most races!
Zero to Hero - Vox definitely. Backmarker last year to front runner now.
What?? Puncture?? - Stevo, disconnected a lot earlier in the year.
$%#! You! - This is already decided! Remco all the way!
Fernando is faster than you! - Pagey, him and Ketch always very good at getting out of the way.
The comedian - Brrnout
Rookie of the year award - Has to be Balding.
Drive of the Season - Stevo at Spa, good race pace, right strategy and kept his cool at the end on very worn tyres.

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Mr Consistent - Threnzy, pretty obvious choice really. Has Threnzy finished outside of the podium positions this season, probably only when someone has taken him out.

The Gentleman - Robaldino, whenever we come across each other on the track Rob is always clean and fair even if it means losing a place. Fully enjoyed racing against you in a couple of races this season. The are others who could take a leaf out of his book.

Mr Crash - Jamie, again a pretty obvious choice after 9 DNFs in 15 races.

Pushing the Boundaries - None come to mind and I don't really remember anyone with excess penalties week in week out.

Zero to Hero - Leicester Lad, although LL started out as a midfield competitor I think he now is a race winning contender which has been proved in recent weeks, had he of started the season the way he has finished it then who knows what might have happened. Well done LL.

What??Puncture?? - Stevo, a lot of bad luck in the first half of the season again makes this a pretty easy decision.

$%#! You! - No one comes to mind on this one, everyone has probably had an incident somewhere along the line. If I was pushed to choose then it would be Perql who constantly hit me for a couple of races running, one of which of which was a blatant shove into the barriers on A long straight for no reason whatsoever.

Fernando is faster than you - don't qualify to comment on this one as I'm usually the one making room for threnzy on a weekly basis.

The Comedian - Balding, I love Baldings tourettes moments during the season, always makes me laugh. Noticed most are going with Brrnout but to be honest I rarely hear him on the headset for some reason.

Rookie of the year - Balding, well done Balding on securing 2nd in the championship in your first season, you are both fast and fair, Congratulations.

Drive of the season - Stevo, This was a tough one as there have been a few people that have had great results over the course of the year but I guess Stevo fully deserves it with his performance at Spa in changing weather conditions, Panda was a close second for me as in 1 race I remember him being in last place a few laps in and he stormed up the field to take 3rd/4th place. Might have been Montreal.
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Mr. Consistent - LL -I Think he's been pretty consistent throughout, can't remember any races he crashed or retired from right now.

The Gentleman - Q/LL - To be honest I haven't done as much racing as I would of liked this season, and it only really picked up at the end. Nevertheless everytime I faced these guys I could count on a fair and good fight.

Mr. Crash - Jamie - You have magnets on your car attracting you to barriers, there's nothing more to add.

Pushing the Boundaries - Balding - I remember him being pretty bad with these at the start of the season

Zero to Hero - LL - There has been a massive improvement in everyone over the season, But Ill vote LL for this since he's improved his speed without dampening his clean racing abilities.

What?? Puncture?? - Stevo - D/C's, SC glitches, everything goes against you =(

$%#! You! - HAHAHAHA

Fernando is faster than you! - Ketch/Pagey - I have had ZERO problems with back markers this season, they've been fantastic to me in every way.

The comedian - LL - He's the only guy I ever hear on the headset, I can't vote for anyone else =\

Rookie of the year award - Balding - Good pace all season, but got a bit aggressive last few races.

Drive of the Season - Stevo at Spa - was a crazy race, lots of safety cars, changeable conditions, he kept it cool and fully deserved that win.

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What a crap practice, couldn't qualify as they started without me.

As for the race, I got passed Pagey, then passed Balding and LL as they came together.

Balding passed me pretty easily, I didn't put up much of a fight.

I was then consistently within 3 seconds of Balding, started catching up when the tyres started going off. then everything fucked up, I lost control in turn 1, slamming into the wall, giving me a puncture and No wing, them Dust Storm came along during turn 2, I had to go wide as it was impossible to turn in, I thought he was gonna stay on the racing line, he thought I was gonna stay to the inside (which I couldn't as I could hardly turn left) we came together and we both flew off the track, he had his race ended by me which I was really unhappy about. I quit the race after that

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I don't have a good enough memory for this (that's why I've been keeping a personal record of my results) but here goes...

Mr. Consistent - Not much to say here. Threnzy init.

The Gentleman - This is pretty much a toss up between Panda and Pagey. Panda and I had some great racing in my first few races but then my attendance declined and I was no longer keeping up with him on track. For the rest of my season, Pagey has been there all the time and we had some fantastic battles around Japan and Korea, so I'll have to give it to him. Pagey

Mr. Crash - Admittedly, this is based on other peoples' votes, but I guess it must be Jamie.

Pushing the Boundaries - I have no idea who has had what penalties and when. Watching Ketch's video of Singapore, I have no idea how he didn't pick one up and I have nothing else to go by, so I'll have to say him. Ketch

Zero to Hero - I think Panda. It might only be fairly recently, but it sounds like he has done very well over the last few races, such as his podium at Abu Dhabi. Panda

What?? Puncture?? - Brrnout? I dunno. I guess you can't exactly call it unlucky when he stamps on the throttle every time at T3 of Korea, causing him to spin out, but he does have to make an effort to get to races and he seems to have a bad time quite a bit, lol. Brrnout

$%#! You! - Just to save some controversy, I'll say Perql (even though I have no idea who s/he is) for wiping me out (along with several others) at the very first corner of my favourite track - Valencia. Perql

Fernando is faster than you! - I don't think I ever lapped anybody other than Ketch, Pagey and Brrnout. The only issue I ever had with a back-marker was at Monaco with Ketch; Brrnout was usually in a wall or something, so it'll have to go to Pagey who is always very gracious. Pagey

The comedian - Honourable mention goes to Balding for his regular "FACK!" but Brrnout takes it just for this:

Kyle: Why does it say I'm 8th?
(brief pause)
Brrnout: Cos you're probably 8th.

Rookie of the year award - N/A (I wasn't here for 2010).

Drive of the Season - Even though I wasn't there, my two contenders for this both took place at Abu Dhabi. Once again, there was Panda's podium, but it seems wrong to exclude LL, as there would be no league without him -- even if there was, I can't imagine a better organiser and his win is definitely something. So he gets my drive of the season. LL


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