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Originally Posted by A_Fairs View Post
I've just come off hunting for pigeons in GTA 4 which sucks way more than the collectibles on this.
Just wait until you've gone through every chapter twice and still have one chapter stuck on 99% of the orbs.
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Hardest game I've ever played.
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I'm only on Chapter 3.
My honest opinion is that the demo is very weak to the real game. I was quite unsure of puchasing this game because even though it had similar concepts as Uncharted, the camera and movement seemed a bit cumbersome and scripted. However, the real game is thankfully better and I've gotten used to everything nicely.

I'm playing on the hardest difficulty and you will die a reasonable amount (mainly cause I wasn't too sure on controls) along with not knowing how to defeat the *SPOILER* Demolition Mech boss at the end of Chapter 2.

Overall it's a fun game and I've gotten all treasures in both Uncharted games, all 1001 light seeds in PoP, all feathers in AC2, all sarcophagi in PoP: tFS so I don't think it will be that difficult to collect all orbs but also, more worthwhile.
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fun with the demo and is it fun
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I've enjoyed everything about this game. The combat is satisfying, and the story, graphics, and voice acting are all great.

This is one of my favorite games of the year.
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im very close to platinum on this and i gotta say i really enjoyed it. the frame rate isnt uncharted good but its easily bearable imho. its a good game and worth the $25 i spent on it. i do wish i had the preorder skin, would have made the hard play thru crazy easy, but other than that i have nothing but good to say.
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Although its not without its hard parts, enslaved is an easy platinum. The game is great, but once platinumed it has no replay value. You will come to know most levels inside out if you decide to platinum. It is a finely crafted video game though, itse for may be fun to play through a chapter. Sorry, ahem it may be fun to play through a chapter in the distant future.
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Loved the game and the ending but yes those orbs are a nightmare if going for the platinum!
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awful I quit at like the 2nd chapter. You can't explore without that girl with you dying, and the climbing sucked

What gripes me is I payed 56.99 for it on amazon and then the following week its 39.99, now its like 19.99. I'm still sick over it
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I felt that the controls felt a lil off, like there's a weight to Monkey especially on the turns. Other than that, brilliant game.

Amazing story and the apocalypse never looked so good. Come to think of it, has it ever rained in a post-apoc game? Fallout/ NV was just ugly greys, greens and blues.

Trip's partner AI is good and has never died on me unless you play bad or intentionally want her to get killed. All 3 characters have great voice acting and by the end, you really feel for them. The Stockholm syndrome thing was a bit eh but that aside, this game really deserve as much accolades as it should get. There should be more combos perhaps or a bit of polish on the combat and camera. I believe there was an attempt of emulating Batman's freeflow combat but with the wonky camera at times, you end up hitting air sometimes. The reported lacklustre sales doesnt look optimistic for NT and I sincerely hope for a sequel or more DLC as this game has a lot of promise.

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