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Default Dog Chase

I would appreciate hints as to how to complete this on hard please. Already on try 43 and i think at about 100 i'll break the disk. I really liked the game so far, but this is just plain user unfriendly - the cloud is close to impossible to steer in any controlled way.

Anyway, since most ppl do not seem to have that much of a problem, i thought there might be something i am missing.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. As for information: I take the left most route and miss at least one and at most three speed ups. Cant seem to improve on that much, it's just too wonky.

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did you ever manage to get it? i see this post is almost a year old. i think i went left and then cut to the right where the orbs are, then came back to left for that last ramp.
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Got it yet? It's pretty hard, but you'll get it if you hit every single blue boost and tap circle super early.
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I lost count on how many tries this one took but if I had to guess it would probably be around 60 lol.

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I see the OP got platinum on it so way to go brother not giving up.

Tips for other people:
Got it 18th try last night, don't give up eventually you'll get better and better and your precision on hitting the boost will improve....for me I kept on getting so close at the end before the last blue speed boost and Trip kept getting eaten. All I had to do was hit that last one and two and spam the circle button to jump on its back. You can miss a few like 1 or 2 blue speed boosts at the beginning and middle parts, but make sure you do not miss the last 5 or 6 at the end those are the ones that will make or break your completion of hard difficulty.

I just kept to the left all the time, people said they been going right a few times but when I look over there it looks like its all full of mines. SO I just stay away from them.

Edit: One more thing just finished the Rhino chase a few mins ago also, only took 3 tries. Pretty much if you can get past this Dog Chase the Rhino chase is cake walk compared.

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