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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
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Gold Trophy Secret Trophies

Planet Destroyer (silver)
Achieve the #1 in Destruction Attack in Super Battle Trial
Just fly around the level with your rush attack and use your smash attack to smack the CPU into buildings. This is pretty easy to do.
Galactic Ruler (gold)
Achieve the #1 ranking in Extreme Battle in Super Battle Trial
I found the only challenge to be Vegeta, not the top slot of Goku. I would recommend just putting a whole wack of ultimate attack upgrades on, along with health as well. Just take it slow and charge when you can. Stay very far back, their attacks in the later levels are deadly.
Collector of the Dragon Balls (bronze)
Collect 7 Dragon Balls in Super Battle Trial
Get third or greater on any of the challenges, get first in a team battle or complete just one extreme challenge to unlock a dragonball fight.
Ultimate Tag Team (bronze)
Unlock all of the teams in Team Battle in Super Battle Trial
Beat the other challenges, this will unlock. Simply play with your best and give 'er! There are ten pages of team battles for the record. You do not have to beat them all, but if you're a completionist like me you will get the high scores on all of them.
First Win in Extreme Battle (bronze)
Win once in Extreme Battle in Super Battle Trial
Beat the snot out of your power level of 30 challenge. There shouldn't be too many troubles here.
Strong Arm Champ (bronze)
Achieve the #1 ranking in Punching Machine in Super Battle Trial
I found the best thing to do was to undershoot the mark if anything. Press square prior to the bar reaching the bottom, repeat until you're done. I didn't have any troubles here.
In the Same Class as Hercule?! (silver)
Get a record of 137 points on Punching Machine in Super Battle Trial
Oddly enough this was a trophy, but not completing all the team battles for whatever reason. This shouldn't be too hard to get, after Gale22 pointed it out to me, I finished it my second try. Thanks a lot Gale22, all the credit goes to you!

Just give me a shout on the PSN if you want to play!

PSN ID: Linglingzors
If you are wondering, the picture is something my fiancee drew from Dead Space.

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The last secret trophy is getting 137 points (exactly) on the punching machine and the trophy is called *In the same class as Hercule?* or something like that. Its a silver trophy.
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