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Default Blight Queller - Ultimate Edition question

I know this has been asked numerous times, and I tried looking through them, but no one seem to mention what I am about to ask. Two things:
1. Everyone keeps referring to a counter for how many darkspawn you have killed. Where is it? The Heroic Accomplishments section is the only thing I can find with a counter on it, but it only counts total kills (of all enemies), and only for the character you are using, not for all of your characters.
2. Is the trophy still not popping even with the ultimate edition. I have played all origin stories, completed the game once, and am about 84% through a second run, have done all DLC, but have not yet done Awakenings. Any way to tell how far I need to go, and do I still need to erase my game data and play offline to get it? If it helps, Master Warden (500 kills) popped for me just fine quite awhile ago.
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I've got the same problem. Got Master Warden fine, but not Blight Queller. From what I've read, all 1000 have to be in one playthrough, so you nay have to save before the final battle and reload a few times. Also, post-patch all darkspawn kills have to be with the Warden.

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Hey, I know you've seen me post a couple of times before, but just thought I would mention that I was also playing using the Ultimate Edition which I only bought recently so I'm going to assume I also had whatever patches were released that screwed up the kill counters. I didn't erase any game data. I used the Awakening glitch mentioned in the Blight Queller sticky and it did eventually pop, so if you haven't gotten it yet try that!
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