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Default thief reincarnation, skills

i'v just made my second reincarnation for thief, i use a gun but the next gun skill didn't come up on the evility skill list and i was just wondering way?
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Some tiers of thief and indeed most characters dont have new moves every time they re-incarnate, evilities are not always a given with each rank up from rank 1 through to 6, usually the very best move or evility for any character comes at tier 5.

With a thief you should do away with the gun and teach them BIG BANG, to be quite frank this should be a standard move for any character, it gives you a nice 3x3 area of destruction costs only 48,000 to teach to another character and once you have managers and statisticians is essential for easy levelling up.

Once you get the option to make a masked hero, do that as soon as you can, they run further and jump higher than a thief and unlike a thief they can pass through enemies meaning less move spaces required, get a few of them, teach them BIG BANG and just run through item world for fun.

BIG BANG is a move learned from a bouncer tier 4 i think or frienrich once he hits level 250 or something, maybe 500, not totally sure off top of my head

Masked hero becomes available after you have certain characters at certain levels, check the character list at disgaea wiki for a complete list fo characters and how to get them.

To aid in levelling make sure the user of big bang is leader of both the training gym and the mana pyramid then fill his equipmnt full of either statisticians or managers put lesser levelled characters in the spare places in the gym and pyramid and watch the magic happen.

Once you have a full set of managers (mana) and statisticians (level) in equipment and weapons then you know your on your way to breaking the game, make sure valvatorez levels first as he needs to be higher than whatever character you wish to steal and throw into a base panel, just make sure you can first actually make that character yourself, it just makes it faster than creating one and going through the levelling, just steal one at a high level from item world.

Hope any of this helps, sorry if its confusing, ask away if you need more help, also METAL JAWS who wrote the roadmap guide is a legend, he will definately help you out, we love him here!!!!

Anyone who platinums this game needs a medal for real!!!!! Such a grind
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Typically new skills only unlock on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th tier through reincarnations. What skills you get depends of teh class of character and their proficency with the weapon in question.

Personally i like using the gun with my thief as well, but your best equipemnt is shoes really. You want a highily mobile thief so you can bust out and steal from anyone on teh map. Having more than one helps a swell if a enemy has more than one good item to take. 4 of them is not a bad idea either.

Mark has some great tips on making a good power charcater too though. I fyou want a string front runner who can do massive damage and level the rest of your troops, he is on teh very correct path.

Thief is a kind of verstile class. You can either use him for various attack stratgeies, or exploit his primary function to its fullest. He is capable of both.
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