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Dead Space 2
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Originally Posted by bloodvayne View Post
can anyone else make any sense of this? :/

I get he's wanting coverage between the games, but I'm 99% sure everything important has been covered in other media.
I couldn't understand most of his "points" to catch anything specific tho
ItHe is pretty much wanting a better explanation about the period of time between Isaac leaving the Ishimura and arriving at Aegis 7 as well as saying that the construction of the marker doesn't seem realistic in 3 years time.

For that, we are talking about technology than can rip rocks apart from planets, fire ion beams and additions to suits that can measure your health levels (aka: Resource Integration Gear, although we do have technology like that now it's nowhere near the exact nature as shown in the game).

3 years time to build the marker that big isn't long, this is a civilization of humanity far removed from our current construction technology as well. What takes us years to build would likely only take them weeks. Plus, they have the funding of Sciento... er... Unitoligy behind them which already is suggested to have greater influence over the CEC and EarthGov than originally suspected. The result of this is the funding, manpower and religious zeal to make a marker the size of a planet if they wished it.

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Old February 27th, 2011, 07:03 AM   #42
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I think the marker in Dead Space Martyr was just built in a few days time
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Old February 27th, 2011, 05:38 PM   #43
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Default just a thought

sorry, never wanted to cause any confusion it's just my imagination, i understand about stuff bieng much easier in the future yet in every science or even sc-fi programme to reach a different star and its planatary system well obviosly takes X hundred thousand/millions of light years which maybe one day we will achieve, so i can 'buy' a ishimura size ship bieng there but not a shuttle sized one ... i know its a game but after the devs got 'mocked' in ds1 regarding the flamethrower effect in a vacuum and bothering to 'fix' this i'd of liked to see them answer my wonderings not just cos i'm into science etc but as i reckon it would of made a better opening to ds2 ...... even more so now i finished extraction and it 'seems' issac is arriving in his 'little' ship just as lex and co are cuttin off so i'd really love to know where/how did he come from and escape 2 i just can't see issac 'givin' in to tiedman either so some story about that in dlc would be nice too .. i do hope i've not made myself even more unintelligible
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Old February 27th, 2011, 08:32 PM   #44
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Default edit

ah just found text/log in extraction about 'shockpoint' drive so this must be how such massive distances are reached in so little time it (shockpoint drive ) must be some sort of turbo charged nitroused up 'warp 10' kind of propulsion system ... so that's my query answered then .... on little anomalies in games etc has anyone here had the 'misfortune' to play vanquish, as i could'nt understand how the inferior soviet empire could use robots to battle but the united states of 'the rest of the world' (haha) had to use real people to die for them (know its different game etc) yet i seem to pick up on little things like that (is where i'm comin from is all) and (vanquish) would/could of been a good game if there was some blood+guts rather than sparks ... even if the 'good guys' had some robots of their own fighting alongside of them.. sorry to use a different game to make my point ... detail, the stuff that changes avarage into good.
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Old February 27th, 2011, 10:42 PM   #45
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Default definitively the last edit

so sorry to post 'again' but just want to clarify the build marker in 3 years easy post above i meant first be rescued at end of ds1 then 'somehow' end up waking up (after bieng 'out' for long time according to jonas, dana,) yet distance from aegis to jupiter ? time spent doing the 4 steps to get info on how to make marker and then the 'easy' part the building of the .. 13 innit? markers ... i feel may have been explained at least in some little way in order for the likes of me/others? to be able to understand and enjoy ds2 even more .... but i thought i'd allready said most of that in my 1st post .... if i was a marine lifeform i'd probably reside in bottom of marianious trench (haha) .. never mind .. just bring me lots of ds2 dlc and i'll be happy with that ..... laters.
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Old March 3rd, 2011, 04:59 PM   #46
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You sure you've got nothing left to say?
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Default haha

Originally Posted by Bassclef6 View Post
You sure you've got nothing left to say?
depends ... as for severed .. dissapointing (imo) ...
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