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Default Dead Space 3 - Hardcore Guide & Encyclopedia

This thread will contain links to all known strategies, exploits, applicable DLC info, enemy guide, chapter breakdown etc etc.

Last Updated: February 21, 2013

All Content & Images contained herein are properties of the author(s) and/or PS3T.Org unless otherwise noted/credited. Copying and editing of any part of these objects without explicitly asking for the author's permission is NOT allowed in any way, and will be dealt with accordingly!

Table of Contents
1.0. Basic Survival Guide
- 1.1: Survival basics
- 1.2: Weapons Crafting
- 1.3: Bonus Unlockables, DLCs and Completion Rewards

2.0. Known Exploits
- 2.1: Unlock Devil's Horns for use in All Game Modes
- 2.2: Invisible Door/Elevator Barrier
- 2.3: Retaining your Hardcore progress even after dying
- 2.4: Infinite Ammo
- 2.5: Infinite Resources

3.0. Necromorph Analysis (Enemy Guide)

4.0. Chapter Breakdown

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1.0. Survival Guide

1.1 Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q: Can I continue collecting collectibles that I previously missed in New Game+ and get the related trophies?
A: No. You will need to collect everything on the same save file. Collectible progress records do not carry over to New Game+, you will start from zero again.

Q: How does Auto-Saving work?
A: The game will autosave your progress periodically at major checkpoints and minor checkpoints. The player can also initiate an autosave by choosing "Save and Quit" in the menu anytime.

In the event that you die while playing you will restart at the last Minor checkpoint (except for Hardcore you have to start all over) and your inventory is reverted to that point of time. However if you quit or leave the game and resume later, you will restart at the last Major checkpoint but you get to retain all your inventory items from before you quit/left the game.

You will also retain your last saved inventory (from before you last quit/left the game) when using Chapter Select.

Q: What stuff carries over between Classic, Pure Survival and Hardcore mode?

A: The details are as follows.:
  • Limited Edition Online Pass bonus: Usable in all game modes
  • Dead Space 2 & Mass Effect 3 save file bonus: Usable in all game modes.
  • For completing Standard Campaign: Dead Space Legends suit (Ishimura Engineer Suit) will be usable in ALL modes.
  • For completing Pure Survival: Unlocks MK-II Overclocked Parts (Weapon Parts) and Mega Resources deposit reward for use in ALL game modes
  • For completing Classic Mode: Unlocks Devil Horns are only usable in Standard Campaign or Classic Mode. Devil's Horns can be used in all other game modes if you have not installed any patches. You may delete the patches if you previously had them and it will appear in your respective save files.
  • For completing Hardcore: Only retro mode (graphics filter), no other rewards.
  • Purchased DLC using Real-Life Currency: Usable in ALL modes.
  • Purchased DLC using Ration Seals: Usable only in the save file the purchase was made in.
Q: In what order should I attempt the New Game+ modes?
A: All game modes are unlocked upon completing the Standard Campaign once. The most efficient path is to complete Classic (for the Devil's Horns if you choose to use the exploit), Pure Survival then Hardcore in that order. The freedom of choice is still up to you.

Q: Should I attempt the Optional and Co-op Missions for Classic/Pure Survival/Hardcore modes?
A: Only if you want a particular weapon part or circuit from that mission. Otherwise, there is no significant benefit that will tip the scales heavily in your favor - avoid them.

Q: Is it easier to play these modes in Co-op?
A: That depends on the skill of you and your partner, and your individual playstyles. There are more enemies that spawn when playing in Co-op, and you may find yourself chomping down consumables and resources very quickly if the partnership is poor. On the other hand, it is always good to have somewhat have guard your back and some social interaction never hurts.

Q: How does saving work in Hardcore Co-op?
A1: Each player maintains his individual save file. You may join another player who is playing on a Chapter that you have not reached, but will not be credited for completing chapters that you have skipped. You can use chapter select to return and complete the chapters you have skipped.

A2: If your partner dies while you are still alive (or you were unable to revive him before he died), his save file is wiped clean and he will have to start all over again. Your progress is not affected. If both of you die, then both of your save files are wiped clean.

1.2 - Basics:
1. RIG Upgrades - As an alternative to using medkits, upgrading your RIG in ANY aspect (even upgrading Air) at a Suit Kiosk will replenish your health. Make it a point to upgrade your Health and Armor whenever you have the necessary resources. With full upgrades, enemies will have to hit you at least 4 times to kill.

2. Stasis Packs - Stasis is now more important than ever. Upgrading Stasis Duration is a MUST due to the more action orientated direction of the game and because enemies are now faster (almost 1.5 ~ 2.0x) than previous instalments and the only thing stopping them from swarming all over you is your weapon and Stasis.

3. Resources - Credits, which used to function as currency in previous games, have now been replaced with Resources - Tungsten, Semiconductor, Scrap Metal, Somatic Gel and Transducers. These resources are acquired by killing enemies, exploration, using Scavenger Bots or purchasing Resource Pack (DLC) using real-life currency or Ration Seals or at the workbench.

4. Scavenger Bots & Ration Seals - You will first acquire a Scavenger Bot in Chapter 5, and two more bots later in the game. Place the Scavenger Bot at any location and it will return to the workbench after some time, along with a boost of resources. Placing it at a resource point will increase the number of resources acquired.

In addition to the normal resources, Scavenger Bots also give you Ration Seals upon their return. These Ration Seals can be used to purchase Resource Packs (DLC) at the workbench instead of using real-life currency.

5. Weapons Crafting, Weapon Parts and Circuits - The Weapons Crafting system is a new introduction in the series. Isaac can now craft weapons and modify them with parts and circuits that found via exploration in-game (refer to the Collectible Guide) or crafted by the player with the right resources.
  • Frames determine the number of Tools that can be equipped and the number of Circuit slots available. Most frames can accommodate two Tool parts.
  • Tool parts will produce the basic design of the weapon (i.e Force Gun, SMG, Explosives Launcher). If the frame allows for two Tool parts, you may craft a weapon that combines two weapon styles such as Pulse Rifle + Rocket Launcher.
  • Tip parts will modify the way the weapon handles such as changing an SMG into a Seeker (Sniper) Rifle or Pulse (Assault) Rifle. Each Tool part can be modified with its own Tip to produce unique specialized effects.
  • Attachments will give the weapon special perks, such as Fire damage or slowing down enemies.
  • Circuits will boost the stats of the weapon in one or two out of four aspects: Damage, Reload Speed, Clip Size and Rate of Fire. Use these to compensate or strengthen the stats of the weapon.
You should take some time to experiment with the new weapons crafting system, have a feel for each weapon tool, tips and attachments. This can be done in the Weapons Crafting Arena in the Campaign Menu without costing any resources. Now that the classic weapons can now be combined into a single deadly arsenal, there are many different combinations that can be tweaked to suit your tastes.

6. Kinesis Grab/Impale - Kinesis is present in the game but the damage has been nerfed somewhat. Nevertheless it is still an important tool, especially in the final chapters of the game where there are Amplifier Pads that allow you to grab the limbs off enemies without having to dismember them first.

For those new to the game, this is basically grabbing any sharp object such as Poles, Axes, Necromorph limbs with Kinesis ( + ) and firing them at enemies to do damage. It takes about 2-3 hits to kill an enemy with Kinesis Impale.

On rare occasions you will also see Stasis cylinders (blue) and Flammable cylinders (red) that you can fire at enemies to either slow or damage them. This also works for Grenades and Rockets fired by enemy soldiers.

7. Managing your inventory - Assuming you have the maximum 25 slots of inventory space, you should have at least 6 medkits (Medium & Small) and 6 stacks of ammo with you at all times. That's 50% of your inventory space.

Resources do not take up any inventory space, only consumable items, weapon parts and circuits do. Any excess items can be sold for resources, which can then be used to craft other items.

8. Know your enemy, know yourself - While not entirely necessary due to the new autosave system and the availability of USB drive backups, it is still good to know what's ahead when entering a new area. Necromorph ambushes are part and parcel of the Dead Space experience. Know your safe spots, know what type of enemies to expect, know how many enemies are there. These are informations that can help you plan ahead. Either good memory or Video Walkthroughs will help you with this.

9. Is it dead? - Some enemies tend to fake-deaths and lie on the floor waiting for you to approach. If the body can't be Kinesis Grabbed, then it's still alive.

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1.3 - Weapons Crafting Refer to the Collectible Guide for locations of Weapon Parts, or craft your own.

Compact Frame
+ Plasma Core = Plasma Cutter
+ Tesla Core = Arc Welder
+ Military Engine = Submachine Gun
+ Pneumatic Torch = Blowtorch
+ Rip Core = Ripper
+ Telemetry Spike = Rivet Gun
+ Hydraulic Engine [Lower Tool only] = Knife

Heavy Frame
+ Plasma Core = Force Gun
+ Tesla Core = Line Gun
+ Military Engine = Carbine
+ Pneumatic Torch = Flamethrower
+ Rip Core = Ripper
+ Telemetry Spike = Javelin Gun
+ Survey Charge = Launcher
+ Hydraulic Engine [Lower Tool only] = Eviscerator
+ Electrocution Module [Lower Tool only] = Electric damage buff on Upper Tool

1.4 - Bonus Unlockables, Downloadable Content (DLCs) and Completion Rewards

Bonus Unlockables
[Available from the first time you gain access to the Workbench/Suit Kiosk in Chapter 3]
  1. Dead Space 2 Save File
    • Compact Elite Frame Plasma Cutter with Planet Cracker and Rotator Cuff Module (8 Circuit Slots)
  2. Mass Effect 3 Save File
    • N7 Suit (Maximum all 25 inventory slots)
  3. Limited Edition Online Pass
    • Witness Suit (Maximum all 25 inventory slots)
    • First Contact Suit (Maximum all 25 inventory slots)
    • Evangelizer Weapon (Carbine + Shotgun with Unique Evangelizer Tips)
    • Negotiator Weapon (Tesla Beam + Line Gun)
Downloadable Content
  1. Bot Capacity Upgrade ($4.99) - Increases the amount of resources acquired through Scavenger Bots.
  2. Bot Personality Pack ($4.99) - Programs the Scavenger Bot with a voice and personality profile (i.e Borderlands/Portal).
  3. First Contact Pack (Free) - Contains First Contact suit and Negotiator weapon [Tesla Beam + Line Gun].
  4. Marauder Pack ($4.99) - Contains the Marauder Suit and AL-9 Clearcutter weapon [Pulse Rifle + Hydraulic Knife].
  5. Sharpshooter Pack ($4.99) - Contains Sharpshooter Suit and SMP-90 weapon [Seeker Rifle + Line Gun].
  6. Tundra Recon Pack ($4.99) - Contains Tundra Recon Suit and Aegis VII Survivalist weapon [Plasma Cutter + Ripper].
  7. Witness the Truth Pack ($4.99) - Contains Witness Suit and Evangelizer weapon [Carbine + Shotgun].
  8. Bot Accelerator ($4.99)- Increases the speed at which Scavenger Bots gather resources and return to the player.
  9. Epic Weapon & Resource Pack ($4.99) - Contains 240 Tungsten, 800 Semiconductors, 2000 Scrap Metal, 400 Somatic Gel, 200 Transducer, two MK-V Weapon Parts and another 50% chance for a 3rd part.
  10. Ultra Weapon & Resource Pack ($4.99) - Contains 120 Tungsten, 400 Semiconductors, 1000 Scrap Metal, 200 Somatic Gel, 100 Transducer, one MK-V Weapon Parts and another 50% chance for a 2nd part.
  11. Resource Pack ($0.99) - Contains 60 Tungsten, 200 Semiconductors, 500 Scrap Metal, 100 Somatic Gel and 50 Transducers.

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2.0. Known Exploits

2.1 - Unlock Devil's Horns for use in Pure Survival & Hardcore modes.

Original Source:
Devil's Horns in All Game Modes (Credits to Trent424)

The Devil's Horns, also known as Foam Fingers, is a completion reward for completing Classic Mode. It's an instant-kill weapon that uses minimal ammo.

To use this exploit you must NOT install the Awakening DLC. Unless you want to go through a lengthy process detailed below by Bounty V

2. Delete your game data if you have Patch 1.01 or higher.
3. Backup your save files to a USB drive to be safe.
4. Re-download any DLC that you purchased from the PSN Store EXCEPT for Awakening DLC or you won't be able to proceed
5. Load the game, but do NOT install any patches. Load your Classic Mode save file so that the game detects that you've completed it
6. Select New Game+ from your Classic Mode save file and choose to start either Pure Survival or Hardcore, or load up your existing Pure Survival or Hardcore save files.
7. You will get a message saying Devil's Horn have been unlocked.
8. Play Pure Survival or Hardcore up to Chapter 3 or resume from your last save file, check the first workbench you come to and look at your inventory for the Devil's Horn. Equip them then save and quit.
9. If you wish to continue playing Co-op, re-download your Online Pass from the PSN store then reinstall the patch. Doing this will not remove the Devil's Horns.

Alternate Method if you have installed Awakening DLC (Credits to Bounty V)
  1. Defeat Classic Mode without deleting/reinstalling anything.
  2. Once you beat Classic Mode, back up your save file, then delete your Dead Space 3 GAME DATA*.
  3. Load up the game offline (decline to install patches), and create a brand new save. Play through the game on any difficulty (Casual recommended as it goes the quickest) to unlock Hardcore and Pure Survival Modes; you will have access to the Devil's Horns for this step.
  4. Create Hardcore and Pure Survival Mode saves, reach chapter 3, then access your Devil's Horns from the safe and equip them. Save & quit, back up your save(s).
  5. Go redownload any DLC you had (except Awakening), then reload the game and install the patches. You now have Devil's Horns in Hardcore and Pure Survival!
*: If you own a digital copy, you must delete the game and redownload it (yes, all 11GB) as well for this to work.

Note: You can create a blueprint of the Devil's Horns, but it CANNOT be shared.

Video: HappyThumbsGaming

2.2 - Invisible Door/Elevator Barrier

Most (but not all) doors and elevators serve as a Invisible Barrier that serves as a no-pass zone for all Necromorphs. What this means is that enemies will retreat back into hiding if you were to step back into a door or elevator, waiting to spawn as soon as you leave this safe zone. By exploiting this, you can draw the Necromorphs out, take out a few of them and quickly retreat back into a doorway or elevator.

Exceptions to this, however, are lockdown rooms and chase sequences, e.g. the one in Chapter 5 with the Regenerator, and the lockdown rooms in the Optional Mission: Conning Tower where you cannot leave the room. In addition you will often be revisiting the same building over the course of a few chapters, sometimes (due to story events) what was a safe zone earlier may not be a safe zone anymore in later chapters (e.g: Chapter 14, the metal walkway leading to Geology Building is a safe zone, but it's no longer a safe zone on Chapter 16).

2.3 - Retaining your Hardcore progress even after dying.

Original Source:
How to beat Hardcore (Credits to Duck360)
Video: Harry94

The game will autosave periodically and players who need a break may save and quit, then resume the game from their last save, provided they did not die. With the implementation of autosaves, coupled with the fact that the save files are not locked, this allows you to manually backup your save files to a USB drives and restore them to your PS3 in the event you die. As long as you make it a habit of backing up your save files frequently, you will lose little progress even if you die.

1. Plug in a USB drive into your PS3. It must be FAT32 formatted, not NTFS - use any PC to format it.
2. On the XMB, select Saved Data Utility.
3. Locate your Dead Space 3 Hardcore save file, press and select copy to USB drive.

2.4 - Infinite Ammo

Original Source:
Dead Space 3 Infinite Ammo (Credits to colin19872003)
Video: Harry94

Notes: Delete any patches you have installed if you wish to use this. This exploit is automatically disabled and does not work on Chapters 17-19 (Credits Halon50). To be fair, you will get plenty of scrap metal in the game that can be crafted into ammo just by playing the game normally.

2.5 - Infinite Resources

Whenever you leave an area and return (if a door takes some time to open and has the "In Progress" meaning you are entering a different section), you find that all resources have respawned in that area. The same can also be said if you save and quit then reload the game again.

Video: NextGenWalkthroughs

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3.0 Necromorph Analysis:

Taken from my Dead Space 2 Guide and adapted to suit Dead Space 3.

Feeder/Enhanced Feeder (NEW ENEMY!)

- Location: Chapter 9 and 14-16
- Feature: Blind, detects players if in close proximity or player aims directly (thus shining light on) at it. More Feeders will spawn once player is detected, and quickly swarm over you.
- Movement: Very Fast
- Weakpoint: Head
- Strategy: Avoid detection whenever possible. A fast firing weapon combined with crowd control capabilities such as a Pulse Rifle with Rocket Launcher + Stasis Coating attachment is necessary once engaged. Feeders can quickly surround you leaving no gap to move around, thus leading to quick deaths.

Waster/Elite Waster (NEW ENEMY!)

- Location: Every chapter, prominently after Chapter 8.
- Feature: Looks like normal human but equipped with two melee weapon and has red eyes. Very versatile enemy, will transform into something like a Lurker if both legs or arms are dismembered. Can burrow in snow.
- Weakpoint: None
- Strategy: You'll need to dismember both legs and/or arms, then dismember another two limbs once it has transformed into the Lurker variant.

Snowbeast (MID-BOSS)

- Location: Chapter 9, 11, 13
- Feature: Spider shaped, charges at player when a limb is dismembered.
- Weakpoint: Dismember all 3 limbs above the body, then pop the yellow sacs that appear from its mouth. Repeat 2-3 times.
- Strategy: In every fight, there is always a obstacle in the middle of the area that can serve as your shield. Dismember the limbs and roll to the side or run around the obstacle as the Snowbeast charges as you. Repeat for all 3 limbs then pop the weakspots in the mouth until he flees.

Slasher/Spitter/Enhanced Slasher

- Location: This is the game's version of common rank & file soldiers a.k.a everywhere.
- Feature: Has two extra arm-blades behind shoulders. A variant the "Spitter" can shoot long range projectiles but only appears once in the game (Chapter 14). Can burrow itself in snow.
- Movement: Fast (Very Fast for Enhanced Slasher).
- Weakpoint: Dismember both arms to confirm-kill. Dismembering legs will make it crawl.
- Strategy: Just dismember them.

Puker (L) / Enhanced Puker (R)

- Location: Found sporadically among mixed enemy groups
- Feature: Spits long rage projectile that slow you down (no damage), Short-range vomit that deals very high damage (almost instant-kill for Dark Spitter).
- Movement: Normal (Very fast for Dark Spitter)
- Weakpoint: Dismember both arms to confirm-kill. Dismembering legs will make it crawl.
- Strategy: Get rid A.S.A.P as the long-range projectile's slow effect is very annoying and can disrupt your rhythm especially when faced with other Necromorphs. The Puker's short-range vomit is also highly dangerous and must be avoided at all costs.

Leaper/Enhanced Leaper

- Location: Chapter 4, 5, 11, 13, 16, 19 and in Optional Missions.
- Feature: Yellowish skin, has long hook-tail instead of legs.
- Movement: Leaps very long distances and slashes you at the same time and quickly stabs you with tail upon landing, very dangerous. Can climb walls & ceilings.
- Weakpoint: Dismember both arms and/or tail to confirm-kill.
- Strategy: You've got to take them off before they have the chance to jump at you. Use Stasis.


- Location: Chapter 4, 11, 13, 14
- Feature: Has exploding sac on one arm, will attempt kamikaze by hitting you with the sac.
- Movement: Average speed
- Weakpoint: Shoot the sac from afar or you'll take a lot of damage from the sac though not enough to die.
- Strategy: Any as long as you target the sac from safe position. Force Gun will dismember/kill it at a short range without detonating the sac.

Lurker/Dark Lurker

- Location: Chapter 4, 5, 11, 13-16
- Feature: Infant size, extends three tentacles that shoot projectiles
- Movement: Can climb up walls and ceilings, tends to stay at long distance. Can appear in Space.
- Weakpoint: Dismember 2 tentacles for a confirmed kill
- Strategy: Kinetic-Impale (one-hit), Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle/Bullpup


- Location: Chapter 10 to 16
- Feature: Giant Ostrich
- Movement: Runs and hides from cover-to-cover, may attempt to flank player if given space. Will extend head outwards to "peek" at players, giving away their location and possible attacking path.
- Weakpoint: Legs
- Strategy: You can constantly prod forward then retreat back to a safe spot to flush them out and take them down, or wait patiently until they charge at you then stasis them.


- Location: Chapter 5, 14
- Feature: Big round belly with thin arms, explodes and releases Parasites if not killed properly.
- Movement: Average speed but will run upon spotting player.
- Weakpoint: Dismember both arms.
- Most Effective weapons: Plasma Cutter
- Strategy: Do NOT aim at the belly. Stasis if you need to aim and break off the arms as precisely as possible.


- Location: Very rare
- Feature: Instant-kills player with tentacles when within range if not taken down; Spits out Infectors that transform corpses into Necromorphs.
- Movement: None
- Weakpoint: Sever all tentacles extending from the belly that is attached to the four corners of the wall.
- Strategy: Take down from afar A.S.A.P to prevent ammo wastage on Infected Corpses.


- Location: Chapter 5-6
- Feature: Looks like a more buffed-up Slasher. Very strong and has ability to regenerate limbs, immortal.
- Movement: Faster than regular Slasher.
- Weakpoint: None
- Strategy: Cut off the legs or all limbs, stasis it then run off or do whatever you have to do.


- Location: Chapter 4-5
- Feature: Can transform dead human corpses into Gun-wielding necromorphs. Infectors can repeatedly infect the same corpse unless the corpse is dismembered.
- Movement: Slow
- Strategy: Always dismember any corpses you come across, thereby depriving Infectors of raw material and forcing them to come after you. You can shake them off with and they hardly do any damage at all.


- Location: Chapter 14
- Feature: Round, fires highly damaging explosive forwards upon detecting approaching object.
- Movement: None
- Weakpoint: None
- Strategy: Shoot it from a distance.


- Location: Chapter 4, 6, 12
- Feature: Looks like a Giant Cyst; Upon closer inspection, reveals a tentacle that shoots homing projectiles.
- Movement: None
- Weakpoint: 3 Glowing sacs on the inner tentacle.
- Strategy: Use to boost yourself out of the way of incoming projectiles. Stasis the tentacle, shoot all 3 sacs with the Cutter or 1 mine with the Detonator.

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4.0 Chapter Breakdown
Recommended Save Backup Points:

Chapter 5 - Before attempting Optional Mission: Conning Tower (if you choose to do it).
Chapter 6 - After refuelling the ship.
Chapter 8 - While on your way to Waystation.
Chapter 9 - After the scene with Ellie/Carver, before the Snowbeast fight.
Chapter 10 - Before the Drill Room.
Chapter 11 - After gathering all 3 Probe Parts, before the Snowbeast fight
Chapter 11 - Before taking the cage to enter the belly of the monster with your probe.
Chapter 13 - After scaling up the cliff walls twice and the conversation. with Ellie about Norton, before climbing the first Kinesis-activated ladder.
Chapter 13 - Before activating the winch to raise the elevator.
Chapter 14 - Before collecting the second Rosetta Piece in the Palaeontology building.
Chapter 15 - After entering the burning building, but before you exit the door in the room with viewing monitors.
Chapter 18 - After going up an elevator, before you align the power sources by spinning the towers..
Chapter 19 - Start of the chapter.

Hardcore Walkthrough

Video Playlist by Duck360Gaming2 -

Note: I am only providing a quick walkthrough for the chapters I consider tricky below. Always make use of the the Invisible Barrier exploit and you'll be in a good position to deliver death to your enemies.

Chapter 10
Once you reach the Drill Room, use Stasis and get rid of the drill immediately, using the time in between waves to get rid of the Necromorphs. Always aim for the drill as soon as you are able to.

When you take the elevator up to power up the Furnace, grab and throw the Power Cell with Kinesis towards the far end to spawn the Necromorphs. There are 3x Leapers and 2x Wasters here. Once you climb up the ladder, deal with another 3x Wasters. Put in the Power Cell and another Waster will barge in via the window next to the Circuit Box.

Chapter 11-12
After speaking with Santos, stock up on all meds and ammo as much as you can. There's going to be a few Stalker battles in this chapter and a Boss Battle coming up, with no workbenches in between. Against the Stalkers always watch your flanks, retreat into the rotating doors that serve as a Safe Zone if necessary. The Snowbeast boss will come to play again in the wide open area where you battled the Stalkers after you've gathered all the Probe parts.

Stock up on meds and ammo again before you enter the cage. You're going to be facing a lot of Enhanced Feeders inside the monster's belly. The Cage is NOT a safe area. You can camp in there for the first wave, but camping in there for there second wave is SUICIDE. What I would recommend is running down the right passage, kill the first few Necromorphs that spawn and turn around to face the cage and mow down the enemies with a high fire-rate weapon. Do not hesitate to use Stasis and Medkits if your health drops to yellow because if you get grappled by Feeders, by the time you're done with the Quick-Time Event you can easily find yourself surrounded and swarmed.

Stock up on meds and ammo again after you exit the cage because the next boss battle - The Hive Mind, comes immediately when you exit the facility. Refer to the Intestinal Fortitude trophy.

Chapter 13
** Be wary of the smaller falling rocks as you are scaling the walls, these can injure you and will eat away at your medkits, the larger slabs will kill you outright if you don't dodge in time **

After climbing up the ladder that is activated by Kinesis, you're about to face 3x Enhanced Slashers, 3x Wasters, 2x Slashers in that order. Saving before this is recommended.

After unlatching the first cage, when the music changes, stop and look across to the cave on the right, spot 2x Leapers. If you retreat back to just before the handrails on the side of the cliffs, the scorpions will just hang around that area where they spawned and you can shoot from afar safely.

As you approach the flag on a pole ahead, 1x Slasher + 1x Waster ahead of you, 1x Slasher behind you, and later 1x Waster appears from the ground. 2x Leapers will then appear from the cave again like the ones before. You can retreat back to before the handrail again.

In the next cave, 4x Lurkers appear as you are climbing the walls and beware the loose pieces of rock, they can hurt you.

Next cave area, once you start hearing Necromorph noises, quickly shoot the 2x Exploders and 1x Enhanced Slashers in front of you and turn back the way you came to tackle the 1 Elite Slasher + 1 exploder coming from that direction. Dispose of them and run back to where got off the climber then turn around and deal with another 1x Enhanced Slasher + 2x Exploders.

Make sure to have enough Ammo and Health packs at the workbench as you exit the cave, the Snowbeast boss fight coming up after the next climbing section.

The next climbing section is tricky. You will want to use Stasis on the slab as you are climbing the right side, quickly jump over to the left. Another stone slab will start to come down on the left, DON'T rush your way up. Stasis that stone slab as well and wait for the first slab you Stasised earlier to fall away, then jump back to the right and wait for the second slab to drop. Now climb up and watch for another rock boulder (which instant kills you if not dodged). Once that is past, Stasis the swinging cage and climb your way up.

For the final Snowbeast battle, refer to the Hydra trophy.

Chapter 14
As you enter the biology building at the start of the chapter, linger enough near the inner door to draw the enemies then retreat towards the winding entrance/exit door and kill the 4x Wasters in safety. Repeat.

Geology Building
After the metal walkway, 1x wave of Stalkers
Up the slope with ice cubes, beware of Stalkers flanking you from the sides. Retreat to the lift for safety. There will also be 1x Twitcher (Super-Fast Slasher) + 1x Elite Slasher.

In the room with the Rosetta Piece, stomp on the corpses to dismember it. This'll prevent the Infectors that appear after you grab the Rosetta Piece from transforming it.

Beware of Unitologist ambush as you return to the previous room with a workbench.

Biology Building
Beware of 2x Fodders after activating the power for the pumps, another 1x Fodders when you take the lift to the top.

In the room with the Rosetta Piece, grab and fling it over the panels. Go back a little to draw the necros out, then immediately run back and make your stand near where you grab the Rosetta Piece. You should have ample space to kill the 6x Fodders as they'll come out 1 by 1.

Palaeontology Building
This place WILL be your death if you don't know what's coming. In the first room with the feeders, avoid them and get to the cargo lift then use this lift to go up and down until you've killed all of them. If you're confident, you can avoid a fight and try to get the Rosetta Piece while solving the puzzle but I wouldn't take the risk.

In the second room with Feeders, you want to stay at the door and take them out, retreat to the previous room for safety when the feeders swarm in. This fight CANNNOT be avoided. After you've delivered the Rosetta Piece, be wary of the exit door because immediately behind that is a Pregnant. Once you open that door, the room immediately spawns an Elite Slasher and 2x Lurkers at the same time.

Once you slip past the gunship, you're up against 4x Twitchers. Stasis is an absolute must, along with quick & efficient weapons.

Chapter 15
Be VERY careful after entering the burning building. You'll come to a large open space with hanging bodies and a vehicle in the middle. 4x Elite Slashers will spawn plus Enemy Soldiers. Deal with the Slashers quickly then go right from the door you exited and hide behind the cube. Deal with the soldiers 1 by 1. Now the hard part comes - as you approach the EEI panel, 2x soldiers with rocket launchers spawn on the building roof where you came from, and 4x Twitchers appear to harass you. Take out one Rocket Launcher quickly, then one Twitcher, then stasis the Twitchers and lure them into the path of the rockets. Make sure you yourself are shielding from the blast by sticking close to the vehicle or rolling away.

Chapter 16
Having a weapon with Stasis Coating or rocket launcher makes an ideal case against the Necromorphs that appear while you are scaling down the walls, especially against the exploding ticks, leapers and the Alien Necromorphs.

As you start the second climbing section, I would recommend delaying your climb until the elevator where Danik is on has gone, so that you don't have to spend time dodging bullets from the soldiers.

Beware of the rotating fan hazard in the final climbing section, don't forget the Quick-Time event.

Chapter 17
In the area where you first come across the first Amplifier Pad of the game, you will take a cargo lift up to the top and use Kinesis to move the tentacle-like things. Remember this cargo lift and the platform above. This is a SAFE ZONE. You'll be coming back here in Chapter 18. Play it safe as you advance through Alien ruins, always retreat to the door if enemies rush you head on.

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Chapter 18
While rotating the alien pillars, Enhanced Slashers and Exploders will spawn. Make full use of the Amplifier Pads by grabbing the limbs and throwing them back at them. Avoid getting bunched up into a corner at all costs. As you make your way back after aligning the pillars, there'll be a part where you come up against 5-6 Alien Necromorphs. You'll only have time to kill 1 or 2 while you're own the Amplifier Pad. Do that and quickly retreat into the door you're entered to utilize the Invisible Barrier trick.

When you return to the very first Amplifier Pad and cargo lift. Do not linger but instead immediately run to the lift and take it up to the platform above, then rain metal down on the enemies below you.


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Don't think the LE suits give 25 slots.
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@arcana75 LE suits give the max inventory slots from the get go.

@yewjhin I can confirm that both the infinite resources and infinite ammo exploits work on bothclassic and pure survival, not sure yet about hardcore but I'm getting to the first bench in a couple of minutes

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A quick warning/heads-up for people who are going to use the infinite ammo glitch: make sure you carry plenty of ammo during the final few chapters (17-19), because the glitch resets itself at checkpoints through these chapters.
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