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Originally Posted by CogniVision View Post
Thing about in games people make the excuse "it's not against the rules." Because actually having common sense and any sportsmanship is gone. If there are no rules, or they can be bended people will do it. Shit... wish they say that to me while we play splitscreen. I'll put pepper spray in their face, win, and say it isn't against the rules when they complain. Sometimes people need a severe taste of their own medicine.

Very very true. Cheaters live by a double standard; they simply warp their own logic to suit their purposes so that they don't SEE how they're contradicting themselves...

But yea, Michelasso, THAT'S what I was saying. I was not limiting ANY part of my spil to "just video games"... I'm well aware 90% of all athletes are cheaters. As much as the sport bores me, it's the lack of being ABLE to cheat in Tennis that has it growing on me. I hate the douches who lack courteousy and sportsmanship, but the ones who have dignity AND manage to make it to the top are freaking heroes to me! *COUGH*NovakDjokovic*AHEM*!!! Scuze me... =)

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