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Default Multiple profiles login?

So I'm here trying to play Castle Crashers at a friend's place and it doesn't seem like I can log in my PSN id as the second character to gain trophies or gain xp.

Any luck on your side?
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I could be wrong, but I believe that's never been possible on PS3.. Some games will allow you to log into another 'system user', but I have yet to see a PS3 game capable of having two different PSN IDs signed in at the same time on the same system, unless I missed the news that it was now possible.
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I was hoping it would allow for multiple system users but it doesn't seem to, at least at the moment.

There is a "petition" thread at their official forum that I would recommend that everyone post to:
The Behemoth Community Forums • View topic - Petition for PS3 version to have multiple PSN ID's logged in

At least they didn't lock the save but seriously - the lack of this feature is a BIG disappointment.

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PSN Mutliple PSN account sign in?

Greetings my Fellow PSN'ers...Im with you all on this topic...This is the 1 and ONLY function the Xbox 360 has over PS3 (Ability to sign in multiple online accounts and get individual credit for gameplay on a console other than their own)......despite popular belief...the Xbox 360 does NOT have more selling exclusive titles..they really only have 3-4

Xbox 360 (Halo, Gears of War, Forza, Fable)...

PS3 (God of War, Uncharted, Tekken, Metal Gear, Killzone, Tomb Raider, Infamous, Resistance, and more...)...and in Hardware...that goes without saying...I mean come on..they just got built-in WiFi (PS3 has had and more since (2006/7)

At this time it seems to me that PS3 will NOT see this function ANYTIME soon....however, the hardware does allow for it...but in all truth..they do have to leave something in store for the PS4...besides updated graphics.


Petition PS through the proper channels for ALL PSN'ers to receive this update..below here is a link/url address of a Petition I STARTED....REMEMBER GAMERS "Closed Mouths CAN NOT BE HEARD/THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE OIL"

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That's really disappointing. I just picked up Castle Crashers on PSN after my 360 failed, so I was checking as to why I couldn't use more than one PSN ID. Weak.
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ahh lame was hoping to at least sign in with 2 local accounts
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Sad that it didn't have multiple log in.
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I know this thread is old, but i just started playing Castle Crashers this week and yesterday was my first online gamethrough.

Too sad i found out that late about not being able to login muyltiple accounts, even those at same local PS3.
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