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Default Frog Bog - Swamp Gas

Hey guys!

How to get 590 points? I landed every flower and every mushroom one time per round...So, need to hit mushrooms every fly or what? Tell me guys how to get 590 points and give me some tips. Thanks!

Ps. Last challenge for platinum
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I calculated it should be 290 points for perfect game but is it this fucking EU version or is it really 590 points to get?? If it is 590 to get it??
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dont quote me on this, but its the only challenge i need for all frog bogs, myself b4 i stopped playing i did a lil adding and if i recall correctly u must land on every bounce pad with each frog b4 going for the center of the pads this will give you an extra 40 points per frog and and extra 240 points total to be added to your total score
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This is a total BS challenge.

Flower values (center of lily pad):

1x 80 points (straight back, slightly to the left behind a tree)
2x 40 points (very left side and back right corner)
4x 20 points (the other four in the middle-ish that are easy to access)

That only adds up to 240 points.

Now, if you were to hit every single bounce pad with every frog, that's an additional 50 points per frog, and at seven frogs that adds up to 350 extra points.

Adding that all together, you get to your 590.

You just have to figure out what path through all five lily pads will get you into a position to then land in the flower in the middle of a lily pad. The hardest ones are the front ones because it's extremely hard to get the frog to go backwards again to land on those front ones, while also avoiding the gas bubbles which you can't see because, even when you're going backwards, the screen doesn't adjust that way to show you where you're going (it will only ever face that one direction). You kind of just have to guess.
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