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Call of Duty: Black Ops
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Old January 2nd, 2012, 11:14 PM   #1
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Old January 2nd, 2012, 11:18 PM   #2
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Story: 7.0 out of 10. It was interesting.
Gameplay: 8.0 out of 10. Fast, smooth and sweet.
Graphics: 6 out of 10. Meh i was decent. No uncharted omg image zombies with an uncharted engine. :O
Sound: 7 out of 10.
Wow Factor: 10 out of 10,...uhmm ZOMBIES!
Replay Value: 10 OUT OF 100...UHMM ZOMBIES!
Multiplayer Experience: 7 out of 10. Its alright but I couldn't get into it.
Rent Or Buy This Game? buy..why because of ZOMBIES!!!
Your Personal Verdict & Your Final Rating: Use the Poll
10 OUT OF 10 BECAuse of zombies. if you love zombies its a must buy. PLus all the DLC. awesome sacue.

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Old January 5th, 2012, 01:58 AM   #3
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Story: Decent. Nothing interesting. 7/10
Gameplay: Same old, but diving is great.
Controls: Same old.
Graphics: Worse than MW2.
Sound: Don't care.
Wow Factor: Zombies
Replay Value: Single player - None; Zombies - High; Multiplayer - Very High.
Multiplayer Experience: - COD money system is uberly great. You can get the best killstreaks (blackbirds and dogs) as soon as level 10, and best perks as soon as when you can unlock custom class. Theater mode is amazing. I learned and improved alot from watching old vids. Stats screens are cool, especially you can see other stats too so that you know when a lot of noobs are on your team.
Rent Or Buy This Game? Buy
Your Personal Verdict & Your Final Rating: 9/10
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Old January 5th, 2012, 02:22 AM   #4
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Story:Well CoD fans this is finally the story you have been waiting for. It is probably the best of the series.

Gameplay:The standard CoD gameplay here everything works just how it should and of course they have added a few new elements since W@W.

Controls:CoD is the industry standard for controlls.

Graphics:Bearing in mind that this game came out over a year ago now it looks great.

Sound:Again this has to be the lowest mark of the game.

Wow Factor:Treyarch learned how to add the wow we all know and love from infinity ward. This game has great moments if you love the MW series than you will love this too.

Replay Value:Campain not so much, however thats not really what you are here for is it? Personally I dislike the Zombies mode however this adds near endless replayablity to the game. Not to mention the newly added "Dead Ops arcade" then of course there is "Combat Training" if you are tired of stupid ass campers glitchers and cheaters why not play multiplayer the way it was ment to be played. Of course i mean that the bots dont do any of that shit and you can adjust the difficulty based on your skill level.

Multiplayer Experience:Lots of new features added to this years game if you loved the past you will love this one too. They have added several new game modes and killstreak rewards to change things up.

Rent Or Buy This Game?Like almost every other FPS if you are here just for the story then rent it. If you love fast action killing online or co-op killing zombie freaks then this is a buy.

Your Personal Verdict & Your Final Rating: 9 Treyarch finally has a winner, sure its not quite as good as the MW series but they have made significant progess and i am sure they will continue to improve with their next episode which will be due Nov '12

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Old January 7th, 2012, 09:21 AM   #5
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Story: Hands down the best in the CoD Franchise (including MW3). But it is still predictable, and overfilled with explosions. Compared to other games in the industry it is still sub-par. 6/10

Same old CoD game play. If you've played any other CoD, you already know how to play this. No major improvements, but this CoD definitely has the "slowest pace" to it, and to me, makes your movements more tactical. 7/10

CoD basically is the default for console controls. Pretty much anyone can pick up and play, and if your like me and think is a dumb button for crouch/prone (IT IS), then there is plenty of layout options to suit you. 10/10

A bit Meh. Not a major step up if any from any other CoD. The color palette is definitely a bit "grittier" then other CoDs. 6/10

To me, CoD sound design has always been a bit laughable. But after playing MW3, Black Ops definitely has the better sound. While still arcadey, Black Ops is louder (in a good way), and just sounds "better" then other CoD games. 6.5/10

Wow Factor:
Nothing about CoD can really "wow." Each game is more of the same with a different name. The only "wow" to me was how much the end of the campaign made me . 2/10

Replay Value:
If your a CoD multiplayer fan, then you probably moved onto MW3. Many of my friends are actually moving back to Blops because MW3 was too "easy" and "noob friendly." Zombies is the real reason for Treyarc to have handling on their own CoD game, and will keep replay value very high with that "just need to get to the next round" feeling that MW3's Spec Ops survival doesn't quite deliver. 8/10

Multiplayer Experience:
Black Ops feels like a CoD game. Its a fast paced, twitch shooter. Its probably the slowest of the CoDs, but it is still fast. It has the most balanced of the killstreak systems, none of them being completely game breaking (and fairly easy to counter at that), and you can succeed with pretty much any setup. Alot of people criticize this CoD for not being as fun, but I would say just as many say its the best, because it is far more skill based then MW2 where one killstreak leads into the next and so on, and MW3 where camping runs rampant. Blops base maps are designed against camping (and therefore real sniping), but the quickscoping BS from MW2 is gone, which is a + for many (though still possible). If your up to paying $15 a pack, Escalation and Annihilation are the two map packs you want most for multiplayer, and contain good sniping maps. First Strike is worth it for the Zombies map, but the MP maps are passable. 7.5/10

Rent Or Buy This Game?
At this point in time, I would rent the game. The multiplayer is no longer as active as it was when Blops was the current year of CoD. Still active of course (at least 100,000 people online), but certain playlists (mainly barebones and higher ante wager matches) are a bit dead. Most CoD fans have probably moved onto MW3, and only a few of us stayed behind with Blops. Personally, I have more fun in Blops then MW3, and glad I only rented MW3.

OVERALL: 6.4/10*

*This review was written after I had already played MW3, so I saw it fit to compare it with Sledgehammer's franchise successor. Before MW3, my review score for this game would of been marginally lower.


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Old January 8th, 2012, 03:18 AM   #6
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Story: I liked the story a lot in this game. It's really interesting to see a conspiracy theory plot roll out in a video game. However, it was still kinda predictable, but it was entertaining none the less. I give the story a 9/10

Gameplay: The gameplay has been the same ever since CoD 4, so it's the same ol' same ol', which can be a good thing if you love the fast-paced shooting. I do love the addition of diving to prone or "dolphin dives" in this game, though. I give the gameplay a 8/10

Controls: The controls, like the gameplay, have been the same for the most part, and you have plenty of options of how the control layout is. I like the default the best personally, as it is easy to use. I give controls a 10/10

Graphics: The graphics, like the above two, have also been the more or less the same. I have only really played World at War and Black Ops extensively enough to notice the graphics, and there is a jump, albeit a small one, between the two in terms of graphics. Besides, it looks at least somewhat nice and doesn't look like a last-gen game, so I'm happy with it. I give graphics a 8/10

Sound: The sound in Black Ops sounds pretty good, with some offbeat things here and there, but never enough to distract from the game. There isn't much more to say on this so I give sound a 9/10

Wow Factor: The Wow Factor in this game should go beyond 10. There are so many awesome things about this game, such as the thrilling campaign, the never-ending zombies action, and the multiplayer, now with added Combat Training so you can play MP with bots and pwn them XD But in all seriousness, this game has many things that were amaxing to me. I give the Wow Factor for this game a 10/10

Replay Value: The replay value for Black Ops is WAY too high lolz. The campaign won't last you long, but then you have got the multiplayer aspect of Black Ops. That alone should keep you going for a while. If MP ain't your thing, there is always zombies. The zombies mode has at least 10 maps last I checked (if you get all the DLC that is), so there is an endless amount of playing time and fun for you built into the game, even on just ONE map in zombies. I give the Replay Value a 10/10

Multiplayer Experience: I only played the MP of this game to get the Prestige Token for MW3, but the multiplayer in this game is actually quite good in my opinion. There isn't really any problems with campers, the maps are fun to play, you can use pretty much any gun in this game and still do at least half decent, and I just enjoyed playing it overall. There were some things however that I did not like about the MP, specifically how long it takes to get into a match, but the MP is still good despite that. I give the Multiplayer Experience a 9/10

Rent Or Buy This Game?: If you like to play zombies and/or multiplayer, this is a for sure buy. If you just want to get the trophies and be done with it, this might be a rent for you. I personally think it's worth 2 buys XD

Your Personal Verdict & Your Final Rating: This game is overall good and very fun and will last a long time in my long years of gaming ahead of me I give this game a 9/10 overalll.
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Old January 8th, 2012, 02:44 PM   #7
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Thumbs up

Story: I like the story of this game, is very interesting and has a lots of history. 8/10

Gameplay: The same of the COD franchise. 7/10

Controls: The same of other COD'S. 8/10

Graphics: I think that the graphics are good, despite of other people that say that are the worst of COD franchise, for me, better graphics than MW2. 8/10

Sound: For me very good. 7.5/10

Wow Factor: Zombies and the history. 8/10

Replay Value: Very high, zombies and multiplayer. 8/10

Multiplayer Experience: Great if you are a good player and have a good connection, I like the face paints and all those things that can you personalize, but definitively I hate campers. 7.5/10

Rent Or Buy This Game? Buy

OVERALL: 7.7/10

PS: Sorry for my English, but is not my native language
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Story: The story was short and can easily be beaten on Recruit difficulty in about 5-6 hours. Overall, the story was great and had some suspense. The story very different than other Call of Duty games. I would say that this game has the best story out of all the other Call of Duty games. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 comes in 2nd. 8/10
Gameplay: There are a lot of modes in this game. Treyarch brings Zombies mode back in this game. You start of with one large and amazing map. After you complete the campaign or use a certain cheat code, you unlock another map which is also amazing. Zombies mode is just awesome, and the best part of the game. Upgrading weapons, dog rounds, and buying weapons through a mystery box, all brings this mode to a complete, nice mini-game. Another feature that was added was Dead Ops Arcade. This is a nice bird's-eye view shooter that is loads of fun. There are special abilities in this mini-game that makes it even better! 9/10
Controls: The controls in this game are just like any other Call of Duty game. There's nothing different this time. The controls are a lot better than some other shooters I've played, though. 7/10
Graphics: This game has terrible graphics! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has better graphics than this game. Call of Duty: Black Ops also has countless amount of graphics glitches. In Zombies mode, on the map Five, you can jump onto a table and not get hit by any zombies! That makes the survival aspect of the game pointless. In the campaign, I've experienced walking through walls, not being able to pick up the enemy's weapon, seeing dead bodies try to walk while they're lying on the ground, and enemies still standing after I've shot them a billion times. In one mission where you have to shoot down 2 helicopters at the end, one of them gets stuck halfway through a small mountain in the middle of a lake. 4/10
Sound (Gameplay): The sound matches the action, and there aren't any problem. Most sounds are realistic, while some are way off. 8/10
Sound (Music): The background music is great, and matches the game. Also, in Zombies mode, in one of the maps, there's an Easter egg where if you shoot all three special rocks, a really nice song starts playing. 8/10
Wow Factor: There's nothing "wow" about this game, as it is basically the exact same game as the other Call of Duty games. These games are just sad excuses to get money off addicted Call of Duty players. 1/10
Replay Value: There's lots of replayability in this game. You can always play online, Zombies mode, or a new mode called Combat Training, where it is exactly like online multiplayer except you are playing with ghost AI from your friends list. You can even choose the difficulty. There's also collecting intel, but that's only worth doing if you're after the platinum trophy in this game. After a while though, it all gets boring. 7/10
Multiplayer Experience: The mulitplayer in this game is horrible, compared to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. At least there are a few new modes, such as Wager mode and Combat Training. Wager mode is an excellent addition to the game, except for the part where you can easily get "In The Money" (top 3 of the round) while hiding in a corner. Combat Training is a great way to hone your skills for online. You can play on all available online maps, and select from 4 difficulty settings, which include: Recruit, Regular, Hardened, or Veteran. In this mode, you play just like online multiplayer, except again ghost AI from your friends list. 6/10
Rent or Buy this Game? This game is definitely a buy. You can play Zombies mode all day long, and still not get bored.
Your Personal Verdict & Your Final Rating: 6/10

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Story: 9 : Absolutely amazing as far as a COD game
Gameplay: 10 : really good
Controls: 9 : also very good easy to get used to
Graphics: 10 : very clear graphics
Sound (Gameplay): 10 : very good it is easy to hear even the most subtle of sounds like someone walking up from behind you
Sound (Music): 8 : pretty good music
Wow Factor: 7 : it's a pretty awesome game
Replay Value: 10 : the replay value on this game is insane between the 15 prestige levels in multiplayer and zombies you can enjoy this game every day for months and not get sick of it
Multiplayer Experience: 10 : AMAZING!!
Rent or Buy this Game? definitely buy
Your Personal Verdict & Your Final Rating: 9.5
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No numbered ratings, just my thoughts...

Story: A lot of people raved about this story, but it was totally predictable and the same idea has been done to death. Plus seeing them so shamelessly rip off a great movie like The Deer Hunter was painful.

Gameplay: The gameplay in all the CoD games is really bad in my opinion. You spend 90% of your time cowering behind an object, peeking out just a tiny bit to shoot someone, then immediately cowering down again. Also, it's extremely luck based for the most part, you just do things over and over and hope you don't die by grenade or stray bullet in the process. Plus the respawning enemies are just a pain in the ass. It's not enjoyable or satisfying gameplay, you don't master the game, you just grind away until you get lucky at the fifth or fiftieth attempt .

Controls: The controls are pretty good.

Graphics: The graphics are good too, however they're unappealing. If you like grey and brown though this just might be the game for you

Sound: The voice acting and dialogue is cheesy and cliche. The music though is pretty good, gotta love listening to Sympathy for the Devil while blowing shit up in your gunboat

Replay Value: There's a lot of replay value if you're into the online or zombies.

Multiplayer Experience: I can derive no enjoyment from the multiplayer in this. The killstreaks just break the game, plain and simple, where's the logic in giving the leading player a load of cheap kills via a helicopter? Most of the prominent people I've come across online are the type that I'd actively avoid in real life, constantly talking crap into their mics and generally just acting the bollocks, so I have no real desire to spend time with these people online either.

Rent or Buy this Game? Neither

Your Personal Verdict & Your Final Rating: I'll be honest, I hated this game. I'm no fanboy and I'm not hating on it just because it's popular and it's the fashionable thing to do. I just think it's a very weak game. Give it a pass.
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