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Post River Delta: Marksman/Experience/Journal Guide

Level 3. Pretty straight forward. The map is pretty linear so just keep looking back and forth with hunter sense and I will do my best to guide you.

NOTE: The Marksman targets are BEEHIVES and the Experience Items are Water Buffalo HORNS. Turn hunter sense on classic if you haven't done so already.

-Marksman #1 is right at the beginning. Instead of going down the path, turn around and there is a beehive across the river. Its just to the right of the Buffalo standing there.

-Journal #1, right near the shredded backpack after the first save point. Easy pickens.

-Marksman #2, you come to a fork in the path. Take the left fork and there is a large tree and a small dead one on the left side after the puddle of water. The beehive is on the small dead one.

Nothing is in the first gator area, just find your quickest way through.

-Experience #1 is right before you get to the cabin. Look on th eleft side and there is a little inlet you can walk down. There's the first horn.

-Journal #2 is at the end of the dock at the cabin.

-Marksman #3 is on a little tree beside the cabin. It is easily seen at the end of the dock.

-Marksman #4 is seen right as you come into the area with the snakes in the grass. On a dead tree in the middle of the horizon. Scope it and blast it!

Ok it really opens up here, so pay attention to my bearings.

-Experience #2 is right in the middle of the path, Easy

-Experience #3 is left of the beehive over near the water's edge. Just follow it around and you will see it.

Go past the dead horse thing

-Expereince #4 is found by hugging the right sid eof the border all the way around to the little water source on the right of the cheetahs. Use hunter sense to illuminate it on the ground

-Expereince #5 work you way to the left of the open area by the rusty car just past it near the water is another horn between two rocks just back from the water.

-Marksman #5 is a 180 degree turn from Experience #5. Its in the tree there.

-Marksman #6 is the farthest left tree when you are facing the first part of the broken boat. It is in the tree across the river.

-Experience #6 is inside the cave in the gator area.

-Journal #3 is also inside the cave.

-Experience #7, you come to a fork in the road after the gator area, take the left one, and hug the left side as you go up. There is a horn in the weeds a little ways up on the left behind a bush overlooking the gator area.

-Marksman #7 is after you dodge the stampeding things. Get pass the first group then look to where you have to go down the path. Turn on hunter sense and you should see the beehive illuminated in the trees in the direction you have to go.

-Experience #8 is found by taking all the right forks, as you get close to the water it will be right in the path.

-Experience #9 is right in the path after you trak down near the water, just after a puddle. Hard to miss.

-Marksman #8 is right before you get to the boat to get the radio, right as it bends to the left. Its hanging off a log sticking up in the ground.

Marksman 8/8
Experience 9/9
Journal 3/3

1st Platnium: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

10th Platnium: Fallout 3

20th Platnium: The Saboteur
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is a video guide possible?
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