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Default Bionic Commando Rearmed - Road Map and Trophy Guide

Estimated trophy difficulty:
Offline: 12 (1 , 4 , 7)
Online: 0
Estimated amount of time to 100%: 6+ hours(varies with skill)
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
Number of missable trophies: 0
Glitched trophies: None
Do cheat codes disable trophies? None available


This is not a game for someone who is looking to get a quick 100%. This game is hard and will take quite some time to get 100%. You can completely ignore the multiplayer part of the game if you only want the trophies. You'll have to complete the story two times. The first on medium and by completing it on medium you should get every trophy except the Elite Commando, H4><0rz, and Faster Than a Speeding bullet (unless you grind). While you play the story you should also try to clear every challenge room; you’ll find it less painful this way.

Step 1-Story Mode(Medium)
You should start this game on medium because it isn’t much different than easy. You'll still get infinite lives like on easy, so it'll be easier to adjust to the controls in this game. In this playthrough try to go for these trophies: Meet with annihilation, The Emperor's New Clothes, Clean as a whistle, Pacifist Pride, Cat burglar, Private Arsenal, One Dozen Yashichis and Intel Collector; basically 75% of the trophies in this game can be gotten on medium.

Step 2-Story Mode(Super Hard)
Now you should just have three story related trophies left.
So just finish the story(again) to get the Elite Commando. Try to use your bionic arm to dodge bullets so you can get Faster Than a Speeding Bullet and finally, hack every house to get H4><0rz.

Step3-Clean up and Challenge rooms
If you still have any trophies left to do go back to the story mode and get them. You can choose the Area you want to go to at any time so it shouldn’t be a problem.
Like I said in the introduction, you should start doing challenge rooms as soon as you can, so hopefully by this time you already have 100% in this game.

Trophy Guide

Meet with annihilation
Kill all foot soldiers and enemy trucks on a Meet With Enemy sequence.

Very easy to do and probably the first trophy you’ll get. When your helicopter lands on the same square where a truck is, the “Meet with the enemy” level will start.
For the foot soldiers use your regular gun, for the trucks use the grenade.
Note: You don’t need to kill the enemies on motorcycles, so once you defeat all trucks and foot soldiers, use your grenades to destroy the big truck with the big gun in the back.

The Emperor's New Clothes
Obtain the Shin Guards, the Bulletproof Vest and the Helmet.

You get the Shin Guards after clearing Area 08.
The Helmet can be found in the secret tunnel connecting Area 15 with Area 18.
And you get the Bulletproof vest after clearing Area 11.

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
Block 100 projectiles using the claw.

This will come eventually, just keep blocking whenever the enemy shoots.

Clean as a whistle
Clear Area 02 without touching a slime blob.

This one can take some time, only because at first you might not know from where the slime blobs come from. While they don’t attack and merely follow you, you still can't touch them.
They come from the sewer pipes, so watch out. Look out for the ones right before the boss door. You don’t want to restart after getting that far, now do you?

Pacifist Pride
Clear any of Area 1 - 12 without firing your gun.

Easy to do in Area 5. Just continue to go up until you get to the boss room. When you get there you’ll only need to throw grenades to the boss’ feet. After that just wait for him to chase you and hit the platforms. When he does that use your arm to unscrew him. Do this 3 times and the trophy will pop.

Cat burglar
Get to the boss of Area 05 within one minute and thirty seconds.

This trophy isn’t too bad, and can be gotten with Pacifist Pride. If you keep going up you’ll get there with plenty of time. Although I do recommend trying this after you have some upgrades like the Iron Boots, so the enemies are easier to kill. And remember that you just need to contact the H.Q once, so I'd suggest contacting the H.Q in the last house. You don’t even need to see the whole conversation or hack the system.

Hack through all the hacking games on Hard.

This can be done on Super Hard. If you fail to complete a hacking game more guards will appear. If you do succeed you'll get rewarded with points and health.
Here are how many houses you can hack in each Area:

Area 01: 2
Area 02: 1
Area 03: 1
Area 04: 1
Area 05: 2
Area 06: 1
Area 07: 1
Area 08: 2
Area 09: 1
Area 10: 1
Area 11: 1
Area 12: 1

Private Arsenal
Obtain every weapon and weapon upgrade.

Below is a list of the weapons and their upgrades, and the area where you find them.

Revolver (just start the game)
Revolver upgrade (Area 00)

Grenades (Complete Area 01)
Grenade upgrade (Area 02)

Plasma Rifle (Complete Area 04)
Plasma Rifle upgrade (Area 06)

Bazooka (Complete Area 05)
Bazooka upgrade (It’s the last upgrade and it will be given to you in the last level)

Shotgun (Complete Area 02)
Shotgun upgrade (Area 08)

Vector Cannon (Complete Area 09)
Vector Cannon upgrade (Area 10)

Joe’s Machine gun (Rescue Joe and go to Area 18, talk to one of the soldiers that is close to a door)
Joe’s Machine Gun upgrade (Area 07)

Thanks to Axnollouse for the video!
One Dozen Yashichis
Collect all twelve hidden Yashichis - one from each of Area 01 - 12.

Here are the Yashichis locations:
Thanks to OmnipotusX for this video!(Area 01 to Area 10 and Area 12)
Thanks to Hudech165 for this video!(Area 11)
Intel Collector
Acquire all database logs.

Just by beating the story on medium you'll get most of them. If you still have some logs missing just repeat the levels until you find what's missing. The only ones I was missing after completing the story were: The dossier (found on a tunnel connecting Area 14 and Area 17) and the prototype weapon found in the Albatross level.

Here's what I'm talking about:
Thanks to Hudech165 for both videos!
Elite Commando
Clear the game on Super Hard.

Bosses are tougher and Areas that were easy can now be a pain.
You have finite lives, enemies will respawn even when you are still alive and you only get 2 HP and that’s it. The enemies will have more HP (normal soldiers take about 10 hits from the Revolver), normal soldiers and others can be killed with a hit from the rocket launcher, while the melee soldiers can be killed with 2 hits and bombers are better dealt with a Revolver.

You should start in Area 00 to get the Revolver Upgrade. Then go to Area 05 to get the rocket launcher, it will help you a lot with defeating bosses; after that go to Area 01 to get the grenades.

That is how I started. You get the best weapons of the game first and then proceed normally. Always remember getting the weapon upgrades; they are very helpful. Also try to get extra lives. Those can be found in the FSA camps or in the Areas; or even in the Meet With The Enemy sequence.

When you finally get access to the latter Areas, try to get the Bulletproof Vest, Helmet, the Shin Guards and the Health Upgrade.

A Real Challenge
Acquire at least one star in each of the Challenge Rooms 1 - 56.

To unlock the Challenge Rooms you'll need to find them in the FSA Camps. After that start doing them in order and every time you get stuck in one move to the next.
You have 30 seconds in the first ones so you can take your time to do them.
You don't need to Eagle the rooms; simply beat them on time.

Here's a youtube channel that has every challenge room:
YouTube - BCReagleGuide's Channel
[EarthWorm Jim HD Trophy Guide]
[Bionic Commando Rearmed Trophy Guide]
[MushroomWars Online DLC Trophy Guide]
[Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Trophy Guide]

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Too many games to write a list apparently :/

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Well its pretty much done, but i still have to search for grammar errors.
[EarthWorm Jim HD Trophy Guide]
[Bionic Commando Rearmed Trophy Guide]
[MushroomWars Online DLC Trophy Guide]
[Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Trophy Guide]

Dont send me blank friend requests please!
Too many games to write a list apparently :/

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*guide stuck*
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great guide

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I think getting "Faster than a speeding bullet" might be 100x easier during a meet the enemy section. You can spin your claw in a circle and block many shots at once.
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Great guide, I just beat the final level on super hard & got my elite commando trophy (Holy Hell was that a bitch, the boss of area 11 & the leader infuriated me so much!!) Now all that remains for 100% is challenge mode which I'm sure will be hard as well, but after what I've already been through I'm not stopping now

--Top 3 100% Games--
1. Prototype
2. Bionic Commando: Rearmed
3. Max Payne 3
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