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The controls were a little sloppy and more guns would have been nice. But definitely worth $10.
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Story: N/A

Gameplay: 8/10
Gameplay works well. Everything works how you expect it, and flows smoothly. Vehicle combat is fun and exciting, but the infinte ammo and weak tanks can make the game a bit frustrating after the 3rd time your tank is destroyed by a Rifle Grenade.

Controls: 9/10 Controls are pretty much standard FPS fare. Some players may have difficulty adapting to crouch being on the Joystick instead of

Graphics: 9/10
For a downloadable game the graphics are quite nice. Frostbite 1 is definitely a beautiful engine, even with BF3 and Frostbite 2 out and about, this game still looks quite nice, albeit cartoony.

Sound (Gameplay): 8.5/10
Like all Battlefield games this generation, sound is great. Everything is very clear, and you'll hear the whistle of bombs being dropped in the air.

Sound (Music):
6/10 The load screen/title music music is quite catchy, all though it is just the classic Battlefield theme, nothing new.

Wow Factor: 6/10 Not much wow if you've played other Battlefields, but the lush environments and expert level design
will wow you the first time around, but the few maps and similarity between them will make that feeling fade fast.

Replay Value:
7.5/10 Even today servers are still quite active, and the game is fun to play now and again. Its pretty unlikely you'll dedicate yourself to the game, but it is something to keep on the HDD for a round every now and again.

Multiplayer Experience: 9/10
The game is all multiplayer aside from the offline tutorial level. Its a top tier experience, especially for a PSN title.

Rent or Buy this Game?

Since its a PSN game, renting isn't an option. At the low price it has ($9.99 at time of writing) the game is definably worth checking out. If your unsure, there is a Trial available on PSN.

Your Personal Verdict & Your Final Rating: Use the Poll!

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It's a great game to me, i play it almost everyday.
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I got this game free for having battlefield 3. As a newcomer to this game these days, I have had a very frustrating experience. Almost everyone that still plays of course is a hardcore player.

Teams become unbalanced nearly every game. Getting killed after spawning instantly in this game is terrible too. I assume it's because everyone knows where the spawn points are for each base.

If you are going for the 100 games trophy, good look and hope you have a better experience with the game than I currently am.

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