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Some of these trophies are... yeah.

I can see why this game has a 9.5 in the Platinum Difficulty rating... I'd rather try to get the full version of Shunkoku in Arcana Heart 3 (all 101 hits of it) without a turbo than try the You Want Me To WHAT? trophy...
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Hey great guide -- with due respect though,

The strategy part 1 doesn't mention anything about the lose / win or the story paths. -- (nor on main "trophy guide" part of ps3t)

this got me on my first play through. a bit confusing till I figured out the forums and did my research. now it totally makes sense.

just thought i'd mention, it might confuse / put some people off!

also there's a part where it says find the link here. but then there's no link to your story line path thread...

might be good to update

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I don't understand how parrying works... can you explain that please?
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This looks harder than SSF4.
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I'm not sure if anyone looks at this thread anymore, but if so, I have a question.

In trying to get Coyori's Cat Storm for 25 hits, I seem to be maxing out at 22. Does heat up increase the number of hits? Does a higher heat level help? I have tried this a bunch of time, to no avail.
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I gave up on this game a while ago, so I can't remember well, I do believe that heating up makes her faster, with more moves, but I cannot be certain. I really won't be checking this guide much. I do remember, her character is more or less trial and error. Mostly repeating yourself over and over again. Keep trying the default combo, if that doesn't work try to innovate your own moves because she has so many that string together. Really the best tip is keep trying the same combo until it hits, heating up either makes it happen or ruins the whole attempt. I pretty sure it is necessary.

You need the two extra bars for super moves so do not heat up more than one level.

I hoped that helped a little... I am officially retired from this guide. Thanks everyone for love and help. Just because I'm done with it, doesn't mean the thread has to stop. I'm not the best, so there is always a chance someone has a better strategy. Just look at all the helpful stuff on the Story Guide! Great things happen when there are more minds to learn from!

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Great guide pal... starting it today and will be very helpful! Thanks
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Does very easy matter in story mode? And If you use specials in story mode NOT to finish somebody off does it change the story path?

edit: In other words, if you're playing marco's story mode, can you not USE dynarush at all, or can you not FINISH your opponent off with dynarush?

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Does anyone have easymode strategies/tricks to beat very hard arcade like in some other fighting games? (Lariat = SSFIV/SFxT, Beginner mode tager = BB, Simple mode Kira = AH3, etc.)
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Dunno if it's been mentioned but one thing I came upon that I don't see in the guide is that you need to beat Arcade in Normal, Hard and Very Hard separately for some of the gallery images. I skipped to Very Hard for the trophies (and Very Easy for the endings) so was stuck at 95% (with 100% for everyone on Story and all character endings, plus all trophies sans the Player Matches ones and You want me to WHAT?) until I read on another site about this.

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