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Angry Totally Stupid!

if anyone else has 100% on this this game then let me know as i've tried my best and it's turning into a Switchball/BZB/Super Startdust game for me.

At first glance via the demo i was very impressed at how fun this games was.
Luckily my friend bought it and i was able to game share with him & at 11.99 i personally thought the price was too high.

I started playing Tackle Alley and got stuck on Challenge 13, Wave 3.
I did eventually get past it, but it was down to pure luck.

When i got to Vengeance mode i was happy that it didn't seem as hard as Tackle Alley and was basically breezing through the challenges UNTIL i got to the last challenge. Which is an absolute nightmare, so far i can get to wave 3 and that's on a good day.

If anyone has been able to 100% this game or just get past the last Vengeance challenge, please let me know how it's done.

I've seen only a few video's on youtube for Tackle Alley stuff and a few easy trophies within the Tackle Alley mode. I've looked all over the web and there is not 1 single trophy guide and now i know why.

If your looking for a tough game, then get this as you will be pulling your hair and teeth out. I can deal with trophies and games that require you to get better at a game before you earn them, but levels and trophies that are down to pure luck really piss me off (see Late Boomer trophy on Super Stardust HD)

I'd like for someone to wish me good luck, but it just won't happen...

edit: just completed all 10 Supremacy challenges & they were the easiest of all 3 modes, just one damn Vengeance challenge left before my 100%

edit 2: just found a video via youtube after searching for about 10 minutes & this tells you how to do challenge 20. the video is good but it's still a bitch to do, hopefully this will help others who got stuck like i did.


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