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0-5 Hours 0 0%
6-10 Hours 0 0%
11-15 Hours 0 0%
16-20 Hours 0 0%
21-25 Hours 0 0%
26-35 Hours 1 2.27%
36-50 Hours 15 34.09%
51-75 Hours 27 61.36%
76-100 Hours 0 0%
100+ Hours 1 2.27%
Voters: 44. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Estimated Time to Platinum

Collected Estimated Platinum Length*

Voting Guidelines
  1. Voted time should be based on your own personal time spent working towards platinum.
  2. Do not vote based on "fastest possible run", but rather your own experience in playing the game.
  3. Voted time should be in-game time spent, from first starting game to achieving platinum.
  4. Do not vote unless you have played the game.
  5. Do not vote until you have dedicated a substantial amount of time towards the game.
  6. Vote with honesty and integrity.

Please feel free to elaborate on your own experiences by posting below.

*Collected time compiled using base average for each range (i.e. a vote for 0-5 hours = 2.5, 36-50=42.5, etc)

**I do not accept blank friend requests. **

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took me about 65 hours including MP. i had no major glitches. i did ALOT of walking. Spent hours just looking for those damn tunnel entrances too.(never again!).

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Guide Team
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Glad to see this taking off the ground Sweet. Hopefully it becomes as integral a feature as the difficulty polls!

Since one of the main reasons for these polls was to gain an average time and not just rely on the guide writers' time, all I can say is...I co-wrote the main guide, so my vote is pretty useless here

It took me between 50 and 60 hours, but a lot of that was replaying stuff and doing a lot of checking to write up trophies, so I'd say about 40 hours for the story and 5 for MP. So 36-50 is my answer.

Good luck

EDIT: I just accidentally clicked 26-35 hours by mistake When you take the avergae, remember to knock one off that and add 1 to "36-50 hours"!

EDIT 2: Got a Super to fix it for me, so don't worry

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Old 02-21-2013, 11:57 AM   #4
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My estimated time is "infinite" because I've been robbed off my platinum due to almanac pages glitch.
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I should have got the platinum at around 53 hours... glitched though.
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It took me about 40 hrs total. MP took me about 4 hrs doing wolf pack and making it to wave 19-25 each time and SP took around 35 hrs. I only had to replay a couple of missions over to get 100%.

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Old 02-21-2013, 09:06 PM   #7
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Took me a little over 60 hrs.
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Old 02-22-2013, 12:03 AM   #8
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Took me 50 hours for single player, maybe 5-10 for mp, so in the 51-75 hour range.
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Im pretty sure i completed it in 48hrs. Honestly it would have been a bit shorter than that but i was stuck hunting bobcat in blackcreek(for several hours) when they do not appear until you complete the mission for that area/animal.

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~60hrs, more precisely.
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