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  1. Project Dark TGS Trailer revealed
  2. anyone else F***ing ticked off?
  3. New Title - "Dark Souls"
  4. Dark Souls Trailer and screen shots
  5. Dark Souls Details
  6. Dark Souls is NOT Demon's Souls 2 (Says The Developer)
  7. What you think by harder?
  8. What would you like to see?
  9. Gameplay Slideshow
  10. PvP
  11. Dummy Cover
  12. Edge Magazine Scans
  13. European box art revealed for Dark Souls
  14. Prepare to Die
  15. Dark Souls Confirmed for October Release
  16. Now THIS is how pre-order bonuses should be done!
  17. REQ : best way to pre-order japanese version ?
  18. Dark Souls Trailer - O dear Umbasa!
  19. 11 mins gameplay (NEW)
  20. Dark Souls To Torture Gamers On October 4
  21. Dark souls key
  22. E3 Dark Souls Gameplay. Minor Spoilers
  23. You Pre-ordered yet?
  24. favorite starting class so far
  25. Do you think the JP/NA/EU versions will stack like Demon's Souls?
  26. Gravelord
  27. I spent 3 days painting this shield only to miss the deadline.
  28. So is this game going to support voice chat?
  29. dark souls collectors edition question
  30. so i finally pre ordered dark souls...
  31. Gamescom Trailer
  32. Dark Soul's Collector edition asia version
  33. Darks Souls Will Not Have DLC
  34. 10 Classes
  35. I'm happy they brought Dragon Bone Smasher Back!
  36. Anyone check out the dark souls wiki?
  37. Someone should do a study...
  38. any weapons you want back?
  39. 20 minute Gamescom presentation
  40. Dark Souls CE asian version get physical gameguide?
  41. Achievement/Trophy List revealed!
  42. Those in the UK looking to pre-order this for less than 30
  43. Dengeki review score.
  44. Related to Demon's Souls?
  45. Servers will be region-locked like Demon's Souls?
  46. What is this game like?
  47. From Software sending lvl 145 Black Phantoms after early Dark Souls players
  48. Pictures of Japanese Collector's Edition
  49. Dark Soul(JP) Screen Freezing for old ps3 models?
  50. I got this last night and it's awesome!but..
  51. Regarding freezes
  52. Co-op mandatory for difficult fights or not?
  53. Last Boss Live Stream - Spoilers
  54. New Game Plus Info - SPOILERS
  55. Dark Souls Special Edition
  56. Not A Sequel, Right?
  57. Online Fixed new update!
  58. Epic new trailer
  59. about coop
  60. Co-op problems.
  61. tues night release
  62. It's almost here...
  63. Anyone able to redeem CE code?
  64. IGN Review
  65. Any midnight releases for this game?
  66. a question for matchmaking
  67. Which Covenant well you join? or already join
  68. first glitchy trophy?!
  69. How many will be looking for walkthrough/playing beyond Plat?
  70. Anyone know where to get this katana?
  71. Soul Duping Glitch?
  72. Glyph puzzle code
  73. Question!
  74. Controller issues!
  75. Full guide?
  76. anyone pre order from amazon?
  77. Problem in Undead parish
  78. Taurus demon boss fight vid + alot of others
  79. Dark Souls will own all this year
  80. Attn: People who want the CE but haven't pre-ordered.
  81. Co-op Partners Thread (Read First Post!)
  82. Should I buy this even if I haven't beaten demon souls?
  83. Best starting class recomendations
  84. Frame Rate Issues
  85. Co op with a friend, has anyone done it yet?
  86. How to beat the Taurus Demon EASILY (with weapons not falling)
  87. What are your initial thoughts on the toughness of the game?
  88. QuantumMercury's Dark Souls Boss Video Guide Thread
  89. easy souls at the begining
  90. Help with undead parish (dragon/bonfire)
  91. How to get speckled stoneplate ring early in the game
  92. 15 vids up, butterfly boss fight, how to get Gargoyle Tail Axe
  93. Crypts?
  94. There is one thing I hate about this game.
  95. Attunement slots
  96. Does this have 3 platinums ?
  97. Something wrong with the summoning system?
  98. Awesome sword and shield at the very start
  99. Shortcuts thread
  100. Are there Soundtrack Part 2 available for download?
  101. For those who have the guide
  102. question about world and character tendency?
  103. Collectors/limited editions available at Retail?
  104. New weapon animations
  105. Best UK deal for collectors edition & physical guide?
  106. Killing Red Hellkite Drake
  107. The Official Guide typo xD
  108. How to kill BIG RED DRAGON with 1 arrow
  109. Are Crystal Lizards involved with trophies?
  110. Getting around
  111. Crafting Material Drops & Farming
  112. Is anybody starting with the pendent?
  113. where can i get a bow and some arrows?
  114. Is Battle Axe worth upgrading? Or should I wait for slightly better weapon?
  115. how do you?
  116. Kindling
  117. Sunlight Medal?
  118. Anastchia *major spoiler*
  119. Help!!!!
  120. I killed the first trader... woops
  121. I have been....
  122. Are there two trophies list between JP version and US version?
  123. Help with boss please
  124. Co-op trouble?
  125. General questions!
  126. Is the collectors edition & strategy guide available at UK shops YES or No?
  127. what to do
  128. The Assassin
  129. Great Heavy Soul Arrow??
  130. Digital guide or strategy guide?
  131. Is anyone disappointed?
  132. Item Location Vids- Havel's Ring, Thief mask + Black leather gear, Silent ring
  133. Where do i find the halberd?(possible spoiler)
  134. Freezing....
  135. Soul/Item Duping Glitch [GAMEBREAKER!]
  136. tips for new players
  137. Flowchart/Map of Dark Souls World
  138. starting class you chose?
  139. Locking on
  140. Door next to sewer merchant
  141. Demons Souls and Dark Souls
  142. Snooooore!
  143. ceaselss discharge ;_;
  144. Fang boar helm.
  145. Question about 2 handed swords
  146. Breaking Grab Attacks
  147. Where is this guy located ?
  148. Logan #2 *major spoilers*
  149. Covenant Reputations
  150. Questions and complaints
  151. Cat covenant ring question
  152. Health Bars through walls
  153. Whatever you do, don't . . .
  154. Anyone seen a RED crystal lizard?
  155. Just played co-op with my buddy
  156. gear in igns videos?
  157. ATTN: Anyone who attacked a friendly NPC
  158. Knight Armor Location (Spoiler Alert)
  159. Dark Souls - Forest Soul Farming
  160. [SPOILER]WTH?! Fire Soul Keeper's Dead??
  161. Merchant at firelink shrine?
  162. help! lost
  163. Is it worth being unhollow ?
  164. Locking to enemies???
  165. Need Titanite CHUnks????
  166. Has anybody read the back of the hardcover guide?
  167. What class did you choose?
  168. wtf
  169. List of all rings, locations and effects
  170. Rare Weapon, Miracle and Magic Lists w/ Locations
  171. Hidden NPC/DarkKnight in beginning of Depths?
  172. Im kinda lost
  173. Cursed
  174. Help stuck in swamp
  175. Got Platinum , Ask away anything
  176. 2 questions about this game
  177. Could someone give me alittle guidence?
  178. They didn't think this game out very well?
  179. How to get.. Ending *major spoilers*
  180. Lost Pyromancy abilities?
  181. A few Dark Souls questions
  182. Guy with Red Robe....
  183. Orgasm souls
  184. Question about summoning
  185. Anyone know where all the merchants are?
  186. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  187. Items obtained through Covenants
  188. Notice on Firekeeper!
  189. Where I upgrade my Flasks apart from Anastacia? (Minor spoiler)
  190. Lock on problem solved for me.
  191. Boss Souls and Weapon Ascending. *potential spoilers*
  192. *Find Upgrade Material*
  193. Pyromancy Merchant in Blighttown
  194. said no to cat in the forest
  195. Upgrade help please
  196. How to upgrade flask when reinforcer dies?
  197. Where to find a bow
  198. Omfg!~!! find Blackknight respawn
  199. If you are summoned, help.
  200. Help: stuck with no humanity near blacksmith
  201. How to spare wolf boss Sif? (minor spoilers)
  202. The great wolf boss battle help?
  203. the white soapstone
  204. Soul of the Great Hero
  205. I've Angered the Red Dragon...
  206. Are there any Bonfires in sen's castle?
  207. Bonfire questions
  208. does the item duplication glitch work?
  209. Anor Londo Blacksmith
  210. Raising a cleric...need adviceive me some advice?
  211. Does anyone find this game easier than expected?
  212. questions on reinforcing
  213. How many humanities arew needed?
  214. I'm lost :(
  215. Should i start over as a mage?
  216. Good place for summoning
  217. What Covenant Are You In? (Spoilers)
  218. At a crossroad
  219. how many bosses
  220. Trophy Guide Help?
  221. Beating Taurus demon as knight = impossible
  222. Some n00b questions
  223. Worth starting over for the Master Key?
  224. weapon help
  225. The Drake (Sword)
  226. Anor Londo Humanity?
  227. Some questions plz help
  228. Weapon Upgrade Help
  229. Rare Weapons
  230. Where do you get the lord vessal?
  231. Egg Head
  232. How to EASILY beat the Hydra boss
  233. vexxed I spent 10 demon chunkc
  234. how do you?....In catacombs
  235. Melee or Ranged?
  236. NG+ question
  237. Old witch ring
  238. How to get back in Northern Undead Asylum
  239. Wtf?
  240. New to the Series
  241. Out of blighttown shortcut!
  242. Boss soul weapons
  243. Not sure where to go next
  244. The Golden Knight.
  245. Hitting NPC
  246. How do you get WARP?
  247. u can carry everything u want?
  248. What level are you?
  249. Demons Soul's Harder or Easier Then Dark Souls?
  250. Anybody pick "deprived" class?