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  1. Artorias of the Abyss
  2. Dragon head glitch (again...sorry)
  3. Estimated Time to Platinum
  4. Question regarding Knight's Honor
  5. EU Digital Copy (not CE). Do I need to download the 3 free desks?
  6. I lost a PvP and I've got a massive amount of souls? o.0
  7. need good equipment or souls
  8. Help with Set of Thorns
  9. co-op help please
  10. Big Hat Logan question
  11. Need some advice
  12. Paladin leeroy
  13. Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight Question?
  14. Saving Rhea.
  15. A couple tips for a bit more success
  16. Trading weapons, got invaded now all weapons are lost!!
  17. Can I Borrow all the Rare Weapons?
  18. Four kings did not drop soul?
  19. Quick and stupid question?
  20. Anyone got DLC gear to trade?
  21. Method to get Knight's Honor?
  22. From Dark souls PTD to Dark souls glitch
  23. Looking for best guide to the plat :)
  24. So I don't get Covenants...
  25. Japanese Dark Souls
  26. PST - I need your help/opinion
  27. It had to get cheap
  28. DLC problem
  29. Weapon after Drake Sword
  30. I'm going in!!!
  31. Prepare to Die Questions
  32. HELP!! Cursed Artorias Sword
  33. Save corrupted then fixed itself?
  34. Is the Lock on better?
  35. Is there item duping glitch?
  36. Great lightning spear and sunlight spear
  37. Quick question about the DLC
  38. Quick question for those who already finished this game
  39. PvP again
  40. Oolacile Sanctury multiple guardians
  41. Games like Dark Souls?
  42. PVP sucks
  43. Possible to load a save game?
  44. Does getting over 9,000 souls gives you one humanity?
  45. Dark Souls online. Can I be able to get other players in the game to help me?
  46. This DLC available ...
  47. Reinforcing Estus Flask / modifying weapons
  48. What is it about Dark Souls that we love so much that we come back for more....
  49. Quelaana of Izalith
  50. "the end of the line" to this game....
  51. Pyromancy spells
  52. Demon's Souls VS Dark Souls
  53. Iron Golum + I made it to Anor Londo
  54. Sen's Fortress
  55. Limited versions of the game
  56. Chaos Witch Quelaag
  57. Heard great things of this game
  58. What is one thing Dark Souls and Castlevania on the NES have in common?
  59. No death exploit
  60. Leveling up your HP to the maximum
  61. Blighttown Shortcut...doesn't work for me
  62. help needed to get through Blighttown
  63. Best path through ng+
  64. can the Hellkite dragon be killed?
  65. Beyond the Crest key door in Darkroot Garden?
  66. I didn't get my revival.
  67. Bosses' Soul didn't drop…
  68. Question about Quelaag + stats
  69. DLC Question
  70. I am in trouble, please help. I got cursed by some giant frogs below The Depths
  71. Dlc stuff
  72. anyone has any tips or advice before I continue my Journey through the Depths?
  73. has anyone tried this? - cheating death code
  74. How do I report hackers?
  75. Stupid Question (DLC)
  76. help needed on Capra Demon
  77. there is something I'm missing just before I fight the gargoyles guarding the bell
  78. I want to share with you my Dark Souls progress
  79. this game is quite obsessive than I thought
  80. important lesson you must learn
  81. I'm back.........I'm giving this game another chance after a year went by
  82. I lost boss souls as I got to ng+...
  83. Forest PVP Level?
  84. How do I sign up for dark souls 2 beta?
  85. 5 twinkling T in exchange for either a red T chunk or a T chunk
  86. Your fastest walkthrough in Dark Souls
  87. Royally screwed in Queslaags lair. :l
  88. Fire Tempest spell
  89. Darkwraith convenant
  90. If you need help with any bosses.....
  91. Feel like I've missed a trick.
  92. Divine upgrade
  93. Pyromancies trophy not popping
  94. 4 kings co-op
  95. how is coop compared to Demon's?
  96. Help with Ornstein & Smough battle in NG+
  97. online pass
  98. Can someone drop me a Black Knight Greatsword?
  99. Save data question
  100. Is this game still notoriously brutally hard?
  101. All miracles achievement
  102. Question on Seigmeyer Storyline
  103. What I should do with my character
  104. A couple of nooby questions
  105. Killing NCP's ?
  106. All covenants in one playthrough & save backups?
  107. Dark Souls bug (Atorias)
  108. Siegmeyer quest broken?
  109. Dark souls region bug? 1.09
  110. Fury Sword and humanity
  111. Serpent Frampt and Lord Vessel
  112. Why So Hard ???? New to the Game.
  113. path of the dragon
  114. signed in during offline play question
  115. Hacked arrow?
  116. Red Summon...
  117. Should I buy this?
  118. Removed
  119. With patch 1.09, are there any item duplicating glitch still?
  120. Patch 1.09 released
  121. Worth getting for £6.99 from PSN ???
  122. For some reason my friend can't summon me in new londo ruins.
  123. Fucking rolling skeletons killed vamos
  124. New to game: Question on Black Knight Greatsword
  125. Please can anyone help me?
  126. Greatsword of Artorias
  127. Flickering Glitch is Invading Again
  128. World's 1st Smough & Ornstein Plunge Attack
  129. World's Fastest Speedrun? (22min)
  130. Best spot to Join others' games?
  131. World's First Kalameet 1HKO? & Kalameet Plunge Attack Tutorial
  132. Can I delete the downloaded patch and still keep my current character save?
  133. Do I get more souls per kill in NG+?
  134. about the artorias DLC
  135. Patch Question
  136. Dex/CMW PvP Question
  137. What's the biggest difference in SL players can meet if any ?
  138. Weapon trading ?
  139. Your last trophy before Platinum
  140. What happens if I update the game after playing with a char ?
  141. Items not dropping from bosses :s
  142. NG+ 4 kings
  143. Some build advice?
  144. I want to do PvP but...
  145. Forever Alone with no Co-op in Dark Souls?
  146. Final Boss video.
  147. Possible dumb question...
  148. Platinum in one playthrough (requires PS+).
  149. DLC is 50% off tomorrow on PSN
  150. Question about Prepare to Die edition.
  151. Platinum in playthrough via backupsave + trading?
  152. Which takes longer: NG+ or NG (second playthough)?
  153. Cut down playthroughs by trading?
  154. Petition for DLC trophies?
  155. What build next?
  156. Few questions to understand a few important (un-obvious) things..
  157. *Removed*
  158. Help With Seths Tail
  159. Favorite Character Builds
  160. You've played a lot of Dark Souls when...
  161. anyone wanna help me "boost" a few trophies?
  162. trophies that require joining covenant question
  163. Oscar Problem
  164. just booted up the game again after a long rest, need help :)
  165. Dark Souls Platinum Walkthrough ( Text & Videos )
  166. The game is easier after the last patch?
  167. Knight's Honor (post AotA)
  168. Dark Souls 2 [Confirmed]
  169. Getting ready, advice
  170. The DLC equipment
  171. help knight honor
  172. step by step guide
  173. strange graphic bug in dlc
  174. Versions
  175. Can i use grant with just 34 str/40 faith?
  176. your highest new game +?
  177. Does the BB glitch not work with patch 1.06?
  178. What the...?!
  179. Where Do You Rank the New Bosses?
  180. Easy Way To Beat The Optional DLC Boss......
  181. It became too easy?
  182. Do save files and trophies carry over to 'Prepare to Die' Edition?
  183. Problems summoning people post 1.06?
  184. Pvp arena
  185. faith dex or strength build?
  186. Well lads, how is it?
  187. Access Point for new DLC
  188. Artorias of the Abyss DLC 100 Kb???
  189. No trophies in dlc?
  190. **Removed**
  191. dark souls = farmville
  192. Npc fight!!!
  193. I'm playing this too much!
  194. NG vs NG+ ( and NG++ and more)
  195. Artorias of the Abyss Disc?
  196. I think I may have made a grave mistake.
  197. Advice for co op.
  198. Dark souls prepare to die edition
  199. Channelers trident wtffff???!
  200. Which is the best platinum video guide?
  201. Save File Corrupted
  202. Disasters are gone!
  203. Bottomless Box Glitch Platinum?
  204. Co-op Platinum
  205. Darkwraith covenant
  206. How to View Roadmap?
  207. omg....seriously?
  208. Video Walkthrough
  209. What is this enemy/creature?!?!
  210. Dark Souls director considering easy mode
  211. armor
  212. Logan's vs. Tin Crystallization Catalyst (& weapons!)
  213. Any advice for an older gamer? (NG+ Four Kings)
  214. Prepare to Die Edition content (Artorias of the Abyss DLC)
  215. Greatsword of Artorias (uncursed)
  216. Should I download 1.05 patch ?
  217. Artorias of the Abyss guide to DLC
  218. Boxed Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition heads to consoles in Europe, Australasia
  219. pure mage build
  220. black knight shield question
  221. New area of prepare to die play through
  222. Knight's Honor trophy question
  223. Prepare to Die Edition on Steam
  224. Darkmoon Blade Covenant glitch?
  225. co op summoning
  226. Dark Souls / Demon Souls
  227. hum, problem...
  228. New Prepare to Die Edition footage.
  229. will matchmaking be patched in?
  230. Souvenir of Reprisal
  231. Crossbreed Priscilla's Tail
  232. Crystal Butterfly and the Blue Titanite Slab
  233. Different ways of Defeating Lord Gwyn
  234. Feeling disconnected from certain aspects
  235. Most Damaging Weapon unbuffed?
  236. beginner pyromancer help
  237. Return of the Dragon Head Glitch (works on patch 1.05)
  238. Activity?
  239. Playing with friends...as of today?
  240. Where to use White Soapstone
  241. Dark Souls Movie
  242. Dark Souls speed run?
  243. What i'm missing??
  244. Backstabbing...
  245. Platinum Road Map Questions
  246. Will I like this game?
  247. Grr, Japan gets retail disc for DLC ver + bonuses
  248. Help me please!
  249. Anyone else notice that Sif looks like...
  250. Some Dark Souls DLC ;D