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  1. Estimated Time to Platinum
  2. AH map pack
  3. Assault Horizons/TM T-Flight Hotas X joystick mapping issue
  4. have something to ask (non trophy question)
  5. Shooting down the ICBM
  6. Struggling
  7. Patch 1.02
  8. Online activity
  9. how the F@*$
  10. Warwolf Squadron Trophy Glitch?
  11. 50 hours glitch?
  12. How do I get rank A on Lock and Load mission?
  13. Last Mission = Bulls**t!!!!
  14. DLC at Half Price
  15. Tips for Hurricane A Rank Mission?
  16. Are co-op and competitive counted separately?
  17. Are there other players online here?
  18. Review this Game!
  19. Easy method of Akula A rank (vid)
  20. New maps...
  21. How to boost with randoms (veteran trophy-50 hours)
  22. Veteran Pilot Trophy Glitched???
  23. Using weaker aircraft in competitive online
  24. For the 50 hours online...
  25. Coop 50hours question
  26. Coop skills
  27. Question about the online.
  28. FREE DLC CODE-F-16C Patriot sin (gamespot beta)
  29. Need ICBM help
  30. Check campaign difficulty
  31. lock and load help
  32. I played the demo
  33. Tekken Plane Skins DLC announced
  34. List of Unlockables
  35. How to unlock the multirole and fighter skill
  36. How to get an A rank on ICBM Base co-op
  37. Has anyone heard about this new game called Ace Combat Assault horizon?
  38. (rant) DLC released today (USA)
  39. AC-130 armor bonus?
  40. Anyone Else hate aicraft selection?
  41. Bombers online?
  42. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon: Trophy Guide & Roadmap
  43. Anyone Else having online issues?
  44. Are all online trophies boostable?
  45. Helicopters... are awesome!
  46. Aces of Aces difficulty?
  47. Unlock item for getting an Armor bonus in all free missions
  48. The Collector Trophy?
  49. First DLC pack announced!
  50. Your favorite fighter jet on all Ace Combat Series?
  51. Best QTE Ever?
  52. *SPOILERS* Colonel's monologue at the end
  53. A Few Questions
  54. Has anyone gotten an A rank on the final mission on elite or under?
  55. Pursuit Master Help
  56. How to get Nice Save
  57. Speed Demon Help
  58. Coloured missile smoke
  59. No First Person Invert?
  60. Speed Demon Help?
  61. What am I doing wrong?
  62. How I got Chain Master!
  63. Not a popular enough game...
  64. How to get 'Calamity'
  65. Speed Demon trophy
  66. Checking in trophy
  67. "Bomber Master" trophy glitched?
  68. Theme Song: "Gotta Stay, Fly!"
  69. What we know about getting A ranks on free missions
  70. No Difficulty Trophies
  71. Anyone getting As on free missions?
  72. 'World Tour' trophy glitched?
  73. Aircraft discussion
  74. Assault Chain and Hidden trophies
  75. Free DLC? Yes!
  76. WoW!!
  77. Difficulty Level/Trophies
  78. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  79. Trophy Boosting/Co-Op Thread (Read First Post!)
  80. Any other reviewers here?
  81. Pre-order bonuses
  82. Anyone want to pair up for some online?
  83. is what you expected??
  84. it has different BLES-codes..
  85. Seriously?
  86. Assault Horizon Demo
  87. Limited edition has changed slightly for the worse...
  88. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Achievement List
  89. Expectations for Trophies?
  90. Music
  91. Who's looking forward to this?