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  1. trophies?
  2. who else is pumped
  3. which is your favorite colossus
  4. GameStop says....
  5. Last Guardian and Team ICO collection delayed
  6. Japanese Limited Box trailer
  7. E3: September release confirmed
  8. how many trophies will be do you think??
  9. blue-ray or on the store?
  10. Official Trophy List
  11. "Reign Over Me"
  12. Psn?
  13. orrrrrrhh!!
  14. so blue ray disk...
  15. Finding the Lizards and Fruit
  16. Final Box Art Revealed
  17. How long to Platinum each game?
  18. also on psn??
  19. Agro Circus?
  20. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  21. Is this on PSN?
  22. Ico collection PSN voucher?
  23. Anyone else notice a general increase in difficulty?
  24. Slippery Ride - questions
  25. Controls?
  26. Hang Glider spot
  27. ICO Collection: Shadow of the Colossus ~ Trophy Guide and Road Map
  28. Lizards and fruit locations.
  29. Quick question about Time Trial rewards...
  30. Cornucopia
  31. Flash arrows and blue tail lizzards
  32. Which colossus do you dislike the most?
  33. HD review of shadow of the colossus + Last guardian preview
  34. Shining Lizard Guide
  35. Meticulous Collector[ hard diff. time attack]
  36. The forbidden fruits
  37. shining lizard questions
  38. Tower of Prayer
  39. lizards and fruit please help ?
  40. Iv just started, and.... Im lost.
  41. iv just started, and.... big ass creatures proving a bitch
  42. Mighty Wander
  43. cant find shining lizard in main temple
  44. Favortie Unused Colossus
  45. Time Attack Available in All Subsequent Playthroughs?
  46. SotC impact on games
  47. Colossus No. 3,15,16 help
  48. Colossus #3 HTA
  49. Time attack #6
  50. Normal and Hard Time Attack Guide or Videos?
  51. Need help with 4 Lizards
  52. Special Items?
  53. Climber Trophy
  54. Just stand still so I can kill you!!!
  55. hard time attack impossible...
  56. Shadow of the Colossus: Roar of the Earth
  57. Travel Guide to The Forbidden Land
  58. Argus #15 chest trick!
  59. Special items glitch
  60. Need help with #16 NTA!!!
  61. HTA #12 strategy
  62. Hta video walkthroughs
  63. otrebul, please explain the sword jump to braclet...pleeease!!
  64. How to do Colossus 3 on time attack
  65. perfect grip?
  66. hta colossus #3
  67. Now SOTC looks like...
  68. Is there a way to turn this stressfull music off???
  69. simple question
  70. Normal time attack complete but not getting the final 3 special items?
  71. any other difficult time attacks???
  72. item problems
  73. Shadow of The Colossus Trophy Guide & Roadmap
  74. grrrrrrrr shining lizards!
  75. awesome little anime
  76. Easiest way to beat HTA #3 :)
  77. HTA #3 Questions
  78. Agro's "I" mark question!
  79. HTA completed
  80. I give up on HTA #3, can you use HTA items in HTA?
  81. Worst attempt ever
  82. simple quistion about Mighty Wander & Climber trophies
  83. HTA #15 help?
  84. Can fruits on a tree be permanently destroyed with the exploding arrow?
  85. Which is worth more stamina?
  86. SOTC 1.01 patch
  87. I beat HTA #3...
  88. HTA #3 (yet again)
  89. Secret Garden Forbidden Fruit locations (found here)
  90. Question about Collector and Meticulous Collector...
  91. Yet another HTA 3 Failure.
  92. How do you "Perfect Grip" Colossus 3 on HTA
  93. Screw it. I'm done. HTA 3 wins.
  94. Tower of Prayer
  95. They have broken the damn already quite broken game
  96. Beat HTA 3....Some advice to those struggling.
  97. Question about items
  98. Dream
  99. Automated Running!
  100. How exactly does the lizard exploit work?
  101. How good of a chance do you think I have?
  102. Yes!!! Finally beat gaius!
  103. a question about stamina
  104. Is it necessary to clean up the rest trophies only on NTA?
  105. I am a bit confused regarding how many playthroughs are needed for max stamina?
  106. Question about Shadow of the colossus Geckos
  107. Quick question about Lizards & Fruits
  108. Patch needed
  109. Review this Game!
  110. HTA 3- no jump?
  111. Whats max stam and hp look like?
  112. Question about stamina and health in Time Attack
  113. Jump correction camera??? Which setting worked better for you?
  114. "psMOVE"Shoulda, Coulda!?
  115. HTA15 Question
  116. Tips for platina
  117. What's your opnion about SOTC Platinum?
  118. HTA #3 Solved: Perfect Strategy for Gaius Mid-section Vital.
  119. Question about max HP and max Stamina
  120. 11th Colossus--Don't go to him
  121. Is it worth redoing NTA?
  122. The PS3 Version of this game...
  123. six playthroughs?
  124. A couple of questions from someone who just started playing this
  125. Retail game save with PSN version?
  126. Few Questions
  127. question about time mode trophy
  128. Time Trials
  129. Lizard question
  130. How to get NTA items in next playthrough
  131. HTA#15 head and chest entirely fucking based on luck???!!!
  132. C6 Lizard help
  133. Save Temple Glitch
  134. Colossi 14 glitch
  135. Agro Circus Not Unlocking
  136. Tips
  137. Fruit trees at C6
  138. shining lizard video guide?
  139. I want to buy this game but...
  140. Sword jump HTA#3 (Gaius) tips please
  141. How do I start time attack?
  142. white tail lizards not appearing?
  143. Get what items for what playthrough
  144. Differences between the PS2 and PS3 versions
  145. Where are my items?
  146. Endangered Lizards Trophy video guide (all 77 lizards)
  147. Crashing Credits
  148. HTA#3 for noobs
  149. About agro...
  150. Time Attacks on one playthrough question
  151. Does fruit disappear when it falls or you eat it?
  152. Vita Crossplay
  153. Post your time Attack Times
  154. cornucopia temple garden help
  155. Colossus 15...I hate you...
  156. Small Piece Of Advice For Time Attacks
  157. Hesitant to play this game
  158. Oh sweet Lord, the camera... (another HTA3 rant)
  159. HTA #2 help please
  160. With Fruit Map Enabled. Are all the fruits revealed on your map instantly?
  161. Question about the items gained from NTA/HTA
  162. Question about saves/time attack items?
  163. Free PS3 Theme Giveaway
  164. Yeehaaaa! Finally! :D
  165. PS+ Deal
  166. Trophies in New Game +?
  167. The Sony Conspiracy of Boosting DualShock3 Sales Part One
  168. (New?) Tip that helps on HTA 3+15
  169. Stamina guage completely invisible?
  170. Hard Mode, Bullshit?
  171. last 3 lizards
  172. How Ico And Shadow of the Colossus Are Connected (spoilers for both)
  173. HTA Colossus 15
  174. Did I just spoil the game for myself?
  175. Time Attack Glitches?
  176. How to beat HTA#3 with an easier and effective method...
  177. Climber
  178. Can I gain max HP from just defeating colossus?
  179. HTA #3: I wish I would have known...(Awesome Tips)
  180. Max stamina trophy
  181. Come on guys, it's not THAT hard [tips for HTA 3 and 15]
  182. does the playstation network version have trophies
  183. I don't remember this game being so frustrating
  184. What is this, some kind of goddamn joke?
  185. About Stalwart/Mighty Wander...
  186. I give up!!
  187. Meticulous Collector trophy question
  188. Estimated Time to Platinum
  189. Thoughts on this game
  190. People who complain about the horse AI
  191. i did it.....!!!