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  3. New level cap?
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  12. Pizzas
  13. extra storage deck upgrade
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  15. Do Pizzas, Oil Cans, Fish In Bag & Pants Pass Across
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  18. Starting point
  19. Question about the level cap
  20. Collectable Question
  21. not getting the hidden trophies??
  22. Claptrap trophies not unlocking
  23. Any one on Playthrough 2 that have not finish "Find Steele" and get the SDU in DLC?
  24. What does scorched snake canyon switch do?
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  26. MINAC farming
  27. Like Shootin' Rakk In A Barrel help needed
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  29. Do the collectibles count for both players in Co-Op?
  30. Tourist not unlocking
  31. do collectables carry over playthrus?
  32. How do you respawn the MINAC?
  33. Is it just me or did other people have this problem
  34. Unable to Check trophies
  35. just a quick Q about collectables
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  37. PS3 Freezing While Farming MINAC
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  43. Questions?
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  46. When to start this DLC
  47. Found a non-DLC trophy you can snag in here.
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