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  1. Anyone else super bummed out about the unobtainable platinum?
  2. Estimated Time to Platinum
  3. Lost and Dammed and Ballad of Gay Tony
  4. The GTA IV Platinum is now unobtainable
  5. The online trophies for this game is still alive ?
  6. GTA IV Framerate and Texture Issue Resulting in Freezing
  7. Do I have time?
  8. Will Wanted be obtainable after May 31st?
  9. Need a boosting partner on GTA IV (Not episodes)
  10. Not Affected by GameSpy Server Closures
  11. Top the midnight club glitch?
  12. Can't get online?!?
  13. GTA 4, TLAD & TBOGT Online
  14. In which missions must I abandon my vehicle?
  15. After reading an email message, is there a way of going back to the messages screen?
  16. Can I bank my money?
  17. They took my guns.
  18. Auf Wiedershen Petrovic
  19. Wouldn't Wanted Trophy pop in this case?
  20. I can't view my stats on rockstar social club
  21. Awp trophy help asap!
  22. 100% Key to the City (yes again ;( )
  23. Looking for people that's trying to get the Wanted trophy.
  24. current status of multiplayer?
  25. Episodes From Liberty City disc unlock GTA: IV Trophies?
  26. QUB3D will be the death of me.
  27. quick question about 100% & Friends
  28. Question about 'Liberty City Minute' Trophy
  29. R* social club map legend checklist.
  30. just started and have a few misc questions
  31. Need help with something
  32. Probably a dumb question...about multiplayer games
  33. Question about choosing to kill certain characters.
  34. Need help for the Teamplayer trophy og GTA IV
  35. So can I rush through -
  36. In Memoriam of sjdb5
  37. Question on "Warm Coffee"
  38. random people for 100%
  39. question about 200k glitch
  40. GTA Co-op (PS3T leaderboard)
  41. GTAIV Instant Rank Up
  42. walk free & one man army
  43. Questions about my remaining online trophies
  44. Fly The Co-Op
  45. Happiness Island Deathmatch Glitch for Wanted Trophy Still Possible?
  46. Brucie activities
  47. Online questions
  48. GTA IV trophy boosting needed
  49. Just to be safe..
  50. Autosave help!
  51. jobs after finishing story
  52. romans taxi and other character trophies..
  53. No More Strangers
  54. A holland play...
  55. AWP Glitch
  56. I have completed all of GTA IV and the Episodes from Liberty City
  57. Let's Play GTA Sooo hard to watch
  58. AWP tips & tricks
  59. Cannonball Run & Free Race
  60. Need Boosting Partners for Team Games
  61. Help - How do I set up Boosting lobby for AWP?
  62. full edition savefile
  63. 50+ friends
  64. Are they going to shut down online servers?
  65. AWP partners for races and ranking
  66. trying to get a last decision save to work
  67. Bought GTA4/TBOGT/TLATD Pack on PSN...
  68. A quick question
  69. friend isn't receiving any invites?
  70. Complete edition trophy problem
  71. online trophies
  72. None of my trophies pop!
  73. Help requested! I can't rank
  74. Can A Normal GTA 4 connect to someone with GTA 4 Complete?
  75. question about random characters
  76. there is one objective mission I hate in this game
  77. Episodes from Liberty City = Other servers?
  78. Are the servers down?
  79. GTA IV Multiplayer
  80. "I hate men" - quote by some random pedestrian woman
  81. What have learned from GTA thread
  82. key to the city friends question
  83. Pigeon bug/glitches?
  84. fly the co op trophy
  85. Stevies Text
  86. Need help.
  87. GTA SA for PS3 on PSN - trophies?
  88. GTA IV Saved File HELP!
  89. Wanted and AWP boosting groups
  90. *removed*
  91. is there a montage of stunts in GTA on youtube?
  92. Rockstar Games Social Club
  93. Multiplayer connection problems?
  94. install time?
  95. Canceling first request with Michelle?
  96. You Won Trophy Didn't Pop
  97. Happiness island glitch help!!!
  98. Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic hope.
  99. cleaned the mean streets help
  100. need help on completing MANHUNT
  101. Multiplayer Question
  102. Trophy Boost?
  103. **Removed**
  104. Online with teleport and allies
  105. Can't check stats in multiplayer
  106. PS Store GTA IV Sale
  107. Need help setting up the BDB II Glitch
  108. should I
  109. Is GTA IV Worth Buying?
  110. Why won't AWP unlock ??? It's been 4 years :(
  111. Thinking about buying this back..
  112. motorcycle crew
  113. GTA IV boost
  114. GTA IV Sniper Glitch Bomb da base II october 30 2012
  115. no more missions
  116. GTA IV - gangnam style
  117. How to easily get the "Wanted" trophy. Read this thread.
  118. Teamplayer Trophy [Boosting Thread]
  119. What parts of AWP can I get with two consoles?
  120. Online trophies
  121. Safe House
  122. I'm stuck after "Diamonds are a girl's best friend"
  123. How Do You Get Your Ammo Back in Sniper Respawn Glitch?
  124. Wanted. Passing the time....
  125. multiplayer error
  126. Airport free mode giant ramp glitch
  127. Unable to join. You need GTA IV to enter...
  128. What to do with the money?
  129. How do you "WIN" dealbreaker?
  130. Any similar game?
  131. wtf?!
  132. Getting the platinum now?
  133. Servers still working or not ?
  134. Is there anyway
  135. **removed**
  136. Do cheats void 100%?
  137. Glitched Trophy
  138. "Online trophies on "Episodes from Liberty City
  139. Online players wanted
  140. [Video Guide] How To Maximize Your Noose Money
  141. Money help!!!
  142. Messed Up Glitch Plat Didn't Pop!
  143. GTA IV PS3 multiplayer dead?
  144. Roman's Taxi Glitch?
  145. In-Game Leaderboard Icons?
  146. Who has Episodes From Liberty City disc?
  147. Gracie Ancelloti.
  148. Very Easy One Man Army Trophy
  149. How Do You Shoot Faster/Longer in Annihilator?
  150. 1 Question...
  151. Can I get some help with Fly The Co-op?
  152. Favorite Grand Theft Auto IV Quotes
  153. Cheaters in TDM
  154. Key To The City Mini Guide/FAQ
  155. 100% complete trophy
  156. Key to the city
  157. Trophies don't pop
  158. No Main missions after ''Photo Shoot''...
  159. AWP trophy Not pop why
  160. Does using cheats stop the Chain Reaction Trophy?
  161. Liberty City (5)
  162. Unlock Roman's Taxi.... (Spoiler)
  163. Teamplayer Trophy
  164. Take your "KEY to the City" AND SHOOVE it!!!
  165. Online Servers not Registering
  166. question for stats on cops and crooks gamemode..
  167. Question about checking for stats for multiplayer
  168. Roll Over Trophy
  169. several Questions ( mainly about "Key to the City" / 100% )
  170. New police tactic?
  171. AWP Question
  172. will i still get 100%?
  173. help urgent
  174. Liberty city stories
  175. AWP Question
  176. Possibly the best way to get to rank 10?
  177. This... Is... So stupid! Hate you R*
  178. Liberty City Minute - New Game
  179. Two questions *probably asked often*
  180. **request removed**
  181. Best way to boost rank 10th [tips]
  182. GTA4 question
  183. Grand theft Auto Chinatown wars?
  184. Fly the Co-Op Help
  185. Online
  186. Will I get the under 30 hours trophy?
  187. Wanted gta race way
  188. Officially giving up on Key to Liberty City
  189. The most funniest game on ps3?
  190. GTA 4 online trophies on DLC
  191. How long for online trophies?
  192. GTA IV Multiplayer Trophy Help!
  193. Anyone else think 'GTA Race' is a pointless game mode?
  194. Grand Thef auto 4
  195. Mr. And Mrs. Bellic
  196. Top of Midnight Club won't pop
  197. Liberty City Minute / 100%
  198. GTA Episodes from Liberty city's graphics
  199. I was a big fan of the GTA games
  200. Ballad of Gay Tony vs The Lost and Damned
  201. Who makes the most in sniper glitch
  202. Genetically Superior not popping?
  203. Trophies not poping!! HELP
  204. AWP No Boosting Club
  205. Help Wanted
  206. Online Free Mode Dec 2011
  207. server problems?
  208. Trophy Glitch ?
  209. Grand Theft Auto In-Game Stat Issues
  210. Is the pool game broken?
  211. Falling through floor - Help!
  212. Bomb the Base 2 freezing
  213. Does Anybody Still Play Multiplayer?
  214. Both sides on Cops N Robbers?
  215. Leaderboards not working?
  216. There are some things I need to cover up in multiplayer that I don't why it happens
  217. GTA IV trophies will not unlock help...
  218. When Friends dislike you?
  219. Would anyone like to have some matches (NON-BOOST)?
  220. Shameless Promotion: The Grand Theft Auto IV Platinum Players Group!
  221. The REAL reason why AWP is virtually impossible...
  222. WANTED question.
  223. complete edition
  224. Any tips for getting an FIB Buffalo?
  225. Is it true that....
  226. Online Event Today!
  227. Dare Devil - Need help!
  228. Question about the Patch
  229. Will I finish under 30hrs?
  230. GTA IV MP Behavior Guide
  231. GTA4 Fastest NOOSE times
  232. GTA HD Collection
  233. GTA IV - WANTED (ONLY) Boosting
  234. GTA III 10-year Anniversary
  235. Stunt Jumps
  236. GTA4 missing save
  237. Is the Online Still Busy Enough For a Newcomer?
  238. Walk Free & One Man Army Trophy
  239. Ice Cream Van Madness Tournament!!:D
  240. Can you use cheats with Liberty City Minute?
  241. Team player trophy
  242. Deal Breaker - What's your fastest time?
  243. GTA IV Youtube Video, We Need Players!
  244. Challenge Gtamen!
  245. Liberty City (5) Trophy Prevention *PLEASE HELP*
  246. GTA4 100% Game Save question...
  247. Just a few questions
  248. Fly the co op
  249. GTA IV connectivity issues.
  250. Grand Theft Auto: IV Tournament!