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  1. Here's to hoping we don't get Homecoming 2
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  4. so this story isn't following the original?
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  21. Delayed Till 2012
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  32. Already almost pissed myself..
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  35. Help me!
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  37. Pretty neat!
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  39. Lol....a cameo.
  40. 10 Prisoner Juggernauts.
  41. Well that's a first..
  42. Hope they patch the lagging
  43. Is auto-save the only way to save in this game?
  44. Kinda stuck...
  45. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  46. Anyone who's finished the game...
  47. Murphy's Route 95 Hoodie and Dark Jeans?
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  49. Point Of No Return? New Game +? Free Roam After Beating It?
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  51. Awesome Silent Hill Historical Society Glitch!
  52. Hook and Ladder
  53. Good Idea, Bad Idea?
  54. Stuck at st. Mary's
  55. code for cell block b (spoiler)
  56. Confused Tunnel System (minor spoilers)
  57. D= Glitched... unable to progress.
  58. AARGGHH...Please help!
  59. Born Free and other real songs/poems.
  60. Silent Hill Downpour
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  62. Art Appreciation Sidequest
  63. Where is the shotgun ...? [Spoiler]
  64. Order of bells
  65. Quick question
  66. Are they planning on patching the frame rate issues?
  67. This game is good
  68. help me please
  69. Will work for food :: Normal Mode
  70. Where is Brite st?
  71. sewer crap
  72. Busted elevator panel: Centennial building
  73. Killing and incapacitating
  74. Helpful Health Tip
  75. Need your honest opinion.
  76. You can get Endings A-D in one playthrough (Spoilers)
  77. "Silent Children" Film Reel not showing up?
  78. Do you have to do all the sidequests in one run?
  79. So how scary is this game?
  80. enemies running from me
  81. UK Release Date?
  82. How the game its boring or so cool ??
  83. Did I miss something? Deleted content *Spoilers*
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  85. Game isn't as bad as it's made out to be.
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  88. cloud save
  89. flashlight
  90. Incapcitating enemies.
  91. Can you get back into the Diner ?
  92. "kill not many"
  93. prison juggernauts???
  94. Help!!!!
  95. silent hill downpour
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  97. Getting Multiple Endings on One Playthrough via PS Plus
  98. The Last Silent Game?
  99. 3 or 2 playthroughs?
  100. Endings B and D
  101. the boogeyman easy?
  102. good behaviour
  103. I have problems ??
  104. Question About Auto Saves
  105. Fight or Flight? Help
  106. Art Appreciation Side Quest Glitch?
  107. I put this game on my wish list because I like the horror athmosphere
  108. Safe puzzle
  109. Having troubles finding this game.
  110. Extra Slides from Centennial?
  111. First Impressions: This is DEFINITELY no longer Silent Hill...
  112. Hypochondriac Glitched
  113. Does this game have a patch yet?
  114. Centennial Building Great skip #SPOILER#
  115. A question about ending B and D
  116. Endings - may contain spoilers
  117. Object Highlight - BEWARE THIS OPTION!!!!!
  118. Anyone have name of song. (At St Marias) Spoiler!?
  119. Post your favorite tracks from Downpour
  120. Quick Question About Puzzle Master Trophy
  121. Can somebody fully explain this riddle?
  122. Be aware of this 'Birdman' side quest glitch!
  123. Help , Peniteniary ,Safe puzzle ?
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  125. St. Marias Monastery Bell Tower Skip
  126. Good Behaviour trophy question
  127. Question about multi-region patches...
  128. Question about speedrunning Ending E
  129. Is it still possible to return to the parking of Centennial Building?
  130. Gun Control, Good Behavior and Playthroughs
  131. Started 2nd playthrough but no candles lit for Useless Trinkets
  132. Timesaving Maps
  133. Review this game! (may contain major spoilers)
  134. EASY Pinata Party Trophy! (10 Weeping Bats)
  135. Useless Trinkets Help
  136. Puzzle Master refuses to pop...
  137. Normal/Normal indicated on savefiles when I'm on Hard/Hard
  138. advice, any good?
  139. Fishing Rod: Why it doesn't appear?
  140. What's the function of fishing rod
  141. WTF? Can't Get Endings B & D!
  142. how do I delete the patch
  143. Bad choices without killing enemies
  144. Game run needed
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  146. Estimated Time to Platinum
  147. Help glitched Shadow Play side quest/trophy