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  1. Trophy List
  2. Anyone else looking forward to this?
  3. Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)
  4. Is this game any good?
  5. Trophy Difficulty Rating
  6. Where is it?
  7. Almost got 100%...
  8. Hows This Set Up?
  9. North America ?
  10. Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West - Trophy Guide
  11. How many players playing it?
  12. Voice/Chat Support?
  13. Force Multiplier Trophy Glitched?
  14. Force Multiplier: "Developer comment"
  15. Lewis and Clark problem
  16. Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West - Road Map
  17. So is Force Multiplier still glitched?
  18. Number of player's
  19. Big News!
  20. Anyone else downloading this through PS+ this week
  21. I love the way the Lead and Gold trophies look
  22. i dont get it
  23. Patch 1.01...
  24. Rank?
  25. Crashes/freezes
  26. Question About Barrage Trophy
  27. Information Regarding Force Multiplier Trophy Glitch
  28. One Step Ahead Trophy Won't Unlock
  29. Is Force Multiplier Still Glitched in the UK?
  30. This game is bull
  31. Patch 1.02
  32. Best map/mode to boost wins?
  33. 99% Sure Trophy is still GLITCHED
  34. CONFIRMED!!! 100% Force Multipler is FIXED!!!
  35. Way to check how many wins you have?
  36. Can Someone Explain To Me...
  37. help about force multiplier.
  38. How Is Barrage Possible?
  39. Holy shit people suck at this game
  40. Fish In A Barrel In Gold Rush?
  41. Best advice for 100 WINS trophy...please add to mine to help the newbs
  42. Is It Worth It?
  43. Force Multiplier Question
  44. Save file corrupted
  45. Will this game ever go on sale?
  46. question about boosting
  47. Does anyone still play this game?
  48. Estimated Time to 100%