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  1. Heartbleed
  2. Zz-Supremacy-zZ's Site Suggestions
  3. Unofficial meet up thread?
  4. How games are listed.
  5. Thanks to the staff!
  6. Embedding Instagram/Vine/etc
  7. Mods / Admins please forgive me ...
  8. Suggestion for the Custom Trophy List Leaderboards
  9. Games List Mistake
  10. Bargain Bin (Request)
  11. Trophy list error
  12. Anime News Thread
  13. problem with this site on my Internet Explorer for some reason
  14. Rating Scores
  15. My Sessions
  16. Mobile adverts that block typing..
  17. Suggestion: Game Night Parity
  18. How is trophy guide selected?
  19. New Thread Category
  20. Question
  21. Friends Are Nowhere To Be Found (Hide Friends Feature)!
  22. Youtube links
  23. Adding PS4 games to trophy cases?
  24. A small recommendation
  25. Idea for the site
  26. Inappropriate post
  27. Difficulty loading the site...
  28. Suggestion: Move PS+ and IGC discussion threads
  29. Suggestion: "My Conversations"
  30. Suggestion: Make Anti+bitching threads sticky?
  31. An idea for polls
  32. PS4/Vita games are bunched but PS3 games are broken down into own sections on site?
  33. Can't rate games
  34. Trophies breakdown: Base Game + DLC
  35. Would you like to see new smilies? Have any ideas?
  36. To the last post button
  37. Trophy Tile border change!
  38. Checklists not saving/deleting trophies
  39. Why you add every region in list?
  40. Live Chat Function
  41. An idea for the site
  42. PS3 Cod Ghosts Checklist broken
  43. Hard Copy of Trophey Guides
  44. Threads marking as read
  45. An idea about Members Profile section
  46. Seperate Boosting threads for base game / DLC
  47. new post 1
  48. PS4 Trophy guide links
  49. Simplified text versions for PS vita game collectible guides.
  50. Why does it say I need 10 posts to edit my profile?
  51. Questionable advert
  52. Pop Up Ad Report
  53. Below the banner ad, box advert issues
  54. BF4 China Rising Trophies not saving
  55. mention system and quote notifications (suggestion)
  56. PST Hall of Fame idea!
  57. naming and shaming
  58. Games missing from the 100% Club list on the user profile page
  59. "like" ( yah I know ) or rather a Thumbs Up / Down button
  60. Gettin this feeling ...
  61. Alphabetizing Issue in Games Lists
  62. I can't thank everyone enough!!
  63. PS3T Complaint about contradictory rules
  64. Idea for those who use the Checklist function on the site
  65. An Update Button
  66. Username change ?
  67. Automotive related section
  68. Main page taking forever to load
  69. Thank you ED's for a great PS4 gaming month!
  70. Can't rate games
  71. Just a big Thank You!
  72. automatic spoiler option when creating a post.
  73. Issue With Linking Youtube Videos
  74. "Current Events, News, & Articles" sub-forum idea
  75. Spambot Attacks
  76. Adding a folder deleted my others.
  77. I couldn't quote.
  78. Two Suggestions for improvement
  79. The 'rating' slide is no longer functioning.
  80. Thread Status Icons - Idea
  81. What about a health subsection
  82. Playstation trophy leaders?
  83. Thank You!!!
  84. Forum Leaders
  85. Could not register using Crome for Android
  86. Thought for Checklists
  87. PS3 Sub-forum under games dissussion?
  88. How long will the old URL redirect?
  89. love the new look, good job guys
  90. Future THL idea....
  91. My Profile: Editing 100% Clubs
  92. Upgraded Site
  93. New Site/New Look - Report any bugs or fixes needed here
  94. Maintenance in progress?
  95. New member 10 post
  96. PS3T game user ratings award?
  97. PS3T Custom Trophy List Trophy Guide?
  98. a couple of ideas/suggestions
  99. Award showcase is displaying different award than what is being expected.
  100. Should the award showcase be expanded?
  101. List of PlayStation move compatible/ exclusive games?
  102. we need a list for disc based games that psn copy wont work
  103. Fitness - Health - Mind
  104. Answer notification
  105. Site Video Issue
  106. PS3, PS4 and Vita forums for same titled games
  107. addition to the "about me" section of the user profile
  108. Redirecting goes to the start page.
  109. New stickied thread suggestion
  110. Guide Writer's Lounge
  111. Leader board forums
  112. Possible future ideas for custom trophy list 3
  113. Site Award Idea for Member of the Month & Staff Clubs
  114. PS3T, Thanks for a great year. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
  115. Plat Difficulty is not Consisten Needs a Scale.
  116. Trophy lists not updating
  117. New idea regarding Patch notes and updates
  118. The ability to add pictures you've got saved on your phone?
  119. Game helpers
  120. Where do I post to report users and PSN accounts?
  121. Reporting results in Incorrect Username error
  122. game raiting
  123. No individual roadmaps?
  124. Images not showing First time.
  125. Problem opening my profile page
  126. ads on this site are annoying
  127. Did the site-design just change?
  128. Did the site just go back in time or something?
  129. A web app that makes collectible guides a lot easier to follow
  130. Possibility of change to My Checklist Features
  131. X360A v.s PS3T Custom trophy list competition?
  132. Custom Achievement/Trophy List
  133. Booster blacklist.
  134. Can u?
  135. Site has been slow on certain times the pas three days.
  136. flOw Vita?
  137. New Boosting Threads for PS4 only Needed
  138. New site award idea
  139. Just a small issue
  140. Remove bottom of page ad.
  141. Tell authors why "another guide was chosen"
  142. Sound Shapes (Vita) trophies won't save
  143. Putting preasure on publishers
  144. How about an app?
  145. trophies folder categories
  146. Exporting trophies needed list to Kindle.
  147. Bioshock Infinite Trophies
  148. PSTrophies.org?
  149. Waiting activacion
  150. removing thread entirely?
  151. Having the "is user online" indicator closer to their name?
  152. problem and suggestions
  153. "Search this forum" feature finnicky
  154. Site running slow, pages not loading
  155. Guides not up to par
  156. The waiting time for Platinum clubs is way too long
  157. Guides that are/aren't chosen
  158. Something about post count...
  159. Chrome Malware Warning - No Further Confirmation Needed, Thanks
  160. Website Name Change?
  161. Roll-Over Ads
  162. Site background
  163. Invizimals boards
  164. Mods or staff... I need your help please for a guide.
  165. don't want to nit-pick
  166. Νew awards
  167. PS4Trophies.org
  168. THL rules change for new PS4 accounts?
  169. FAQ improvement?
  170. Suggestion: Platinum/Complete Club award
  171. Chat room?
  172. About me section
  173. Halloween PS3T
  174. Urgent warning: Troll in my guide post ! Mods please respond !
  175. News forum!
  176. Suggestion: List of Changed Names
  177. The PS3Trophies.org database has encountered a problem.
  178. Suggestion: Raffles/ Silent Auctions
  179. Suggestion: Links to selected clubs in trophy guides
  180. Separate Social Media (Twitter/Facebook/Etc.) for site events?
  181. Amazed
  182. Clan Director role
  183. Missable trophy guide
  184. Custom trophy list award
  185. Bargain Bin
  186. Suggestion: Stickied thread for maintenance
  187. Forum has Changed it's Purpose?
  188. Add Friends In Common Field
  189. Suggestion: Series Discussion Section
  190. Unable to edit signature.
  191. Place to donate?
  192. Reverse Feedback: Upcoming Games
  193. Slight avatar increase from 100x100 to 150x150
  194. Forum Search Causes Database Error
  195. Upgrading vBulletin version / Switching to CKEditor
  196. Date Format Option?
  197. Add games without trophies to the games list/wishlist
  198. Option of more than 2 colours for background?
  199. Get rid of the site's own video player
  200. Post count rank titles
  201. DanceStar Party/Everybody Dance games suggestions
  202. Posts requirements
  203. Business company
  204. Rewards system
  205. PS3T Obituary
  206. I can't Edit Options in User CP.
  207. Separate Thread for Boosting Stackable Games
  208. Custom Trophy List Ps Vita
  209. Automatically Closing Threads?
  210. A-Z Forums
  211. Missing Site Registration Link
  212. PM didn't work
  213. A (zero count) "What Game Should I Get?" Subforum
  214. Stickies Duplication
  215. Old online Meet Ups
  216. The Monthly Desktop
  217. Tapatalk app
  218. Overall game rating threads
  219. reporting suggestion
  220. Idea for Notification/Tagging System.
  221. Member profiles a no post count forum?
  222. Separate Threads for DLC Boosting
  223. Custom List idea
  224. Sub-forum idea
  225. Praise during increased traffic.
  226. Weird login issue
  227. Bargain Bin rules reconsideration
  228. Site Running Slow?
  229. Thread for spoiler-tag-free story discussion thread requests?
  230. Server Status: Shut down thread.
  231. Random redirects to virus ads
  232. My Trophies Suggestion
  233. The light that blinds!!!
  234. New Layout Suggestion
  235. Bargain bin question
  236. Name changing
  237. Too many stickes?
  238. Suggestion: Average Playthrough Time poll
  239. Don't like the new format for the main forums
  240. Main Site Trophies/Guides Section Suggestions
  241. Assassin's creed PS3T forum section.
  242. A trophy/guide ideal
  243. Would you recommend this to a friend?
  244. Vita 100% Clubs in MyProfile
  245. Email notifications for Visitor Messages
  246. Member clubs?
  247. gif avatar not uploading
  248. Idea for a "Total Polls Cast" counter for profile
  249. Suggestions for the ''Ignore List'' feature.
  250. Progress Status % Bar