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  2. Teaser Trailer (And E3 Countdown..)
  3. Single Player: New Features
  4. Pegi
  5. Reactions to the delay?
  6. kinda like cheating
  7. Driver:San Francisco
  8. "has more lines of dialogue than Mass Effect 2"
  9. Anyone getting Driver San Francisco?
  10. Where is the outrage over UBI's Online pass program?
  11. Delayed again?
  12. Achievement List
  13. Demo up in PlayStation Store
  14. Vehicles Revealed!
  15. Just wondering how many hardcore Driver fans there are around here?
  16. IGN Gives Driver San Francisco an 8.0!!
  17. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  18. First Full Game Impressions
  19. how would u rate this game _/10 ?
  20. Ubisoft servers down?
  21. too many submissions
  22. Headsets
  23. Driver online
  24. worth a buy or just a rent?
  25. Official Ps3 Trophy List
  26. Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)
  27. Connoisseur trophy bugged?
  28. Are single and multiplayer totally independent?
  29. driver san francisco handbreak stop dare
  30. Has Anyone Completed The Story Yet?
  31. impulse help
  32. Best car/ramp for 250m jump?
  33. FYI: 'Lombard Streak' Trophy
  34. Fan Service Trophy/Blast from the Past Challenge Guide
  35. 139/140 Cars baught
  36. Smash 60 objects in alleyways and offroad.
  37. I wish you could use Film Director with multiplayer! (Also some Trophy info)
  38. Anyone else find Tag to be really buggy?
  39. Passport wont work!!
  40. ctf quitters!
  41. Missables?
  42. This is maybe a dumb question but
  43. how do you unlock "blast from past challange"
  44. Ramped up! trophy
  45. Trophy Pass the Torch
  46. level up
  47. 50 Overtakes in 60s
  48. Gamestop cars codes
  49. No trophy guide?
  50. Anyone want to get together for some Team Games?
  51. How long for all multiplayer trophies?
  52. turn 360 in the air?!
  53. Favourite vehicle?
  54. How Much WP For all 140 Vehicles
  55. trophies bugged not popping
  56. Has anyone noticed Web Trophies before?
  57. I'm on fire! trophy
  58. Driver: San Francisco ~ Trophy Guide & Road Map
  59. Pass the Torch and Tag easy to boost?
  60. Does anyone else's game freeze like all the time?
  61. Earning WP
  62. Guide link
  63. Free roam after story completion?
  64. Is shifting explained
  65. Downloadable content
  66. someone working on trophy guide?
  67. Driver: San Francisco Trophy Guide
  68. Lombard Streak trophy
  69. Any one playing online?
  70. Online trophy didn't popped.
  71. singleplayer fully complete 125/150 cars
  72. Ps3t Game Rating
  73. Driver: San Francisco: Trophy guide + Roadmap
  74. 150m Jump (Dare)
  75. Astral Projection? Causing Mayhem? "FU*K YEAH!" Says Yahtzee
  76. If I make a new PSN ID can I still use Uplay?
  77. Connoisseur didn't unlock
  78. ? about Connoiseur trophy
  79. Carry The Team Trophy??
  80. Stats being goofy - any thoughts?
  81. Anyone know anything about 'Driving Style'?
  82. Possible garage glitch? Input please.
  83. Anybody else's Driver Trophies not showing up on official PS3 profile?
  84. Boosting Methods?
  85. Online Code ?
  86. leveling up
  87. Connoiseur question
  88. The "Pass the Torch" trophy has actually ruined an entire Gamemode
  89. i can't change vehicles in multiplayer
  90. Has there been any hints for possible future DLC?
  91. What wrong with Driver's server!?
  92. What do you recommend as a default car?
  93. Online Trophies still doable?
  94. More than 1 Control Schemes?
  95. Earn 1500WP in 60s
  96. Custom audio?
  97. Struggling with online trophies
  98. Review this Game!
  99. Stuck on some dares
  100. Stuck on a few stupid dares help?
  101. Swap or Spawn into 20 Unique Vehicles (Public)
  102. Just a heads up...
  103. Worst online gaming
  104. Why's this game under Action & Adventure?
  105. Please help : Struggling with SP trophies!
  106. Online pass?
  107. Due For a Service Trophy
  108. No boost plat?
  109. Connoiseur my AZZZZZ
  110. Online active?
  111. Trailblazer trophy
  112. Ramped Up
  113. Original version save file working on Platinum version?
  114. 2 dares :(
  115. CTF trophy glitched!!!
  116. Professional Racer and Picking up the Pace Glitched?
  117. What are the movie tokens for?
  118. Is it just me, or is Ram useless in this game?
  119. I need help getting a movie token
  120. I lost 2 hours of gameplay progress!?
  121. Need help starting Blast From The Past challenge.
  122. This is starting to annoy me
  123. Easy "Ramped Up!" trophy tips.
  124. serious lag issue
  125. How many people for boost?
  126. Tag, You're It! question
  127. dlc trophies? or should I trade it in
  128. What is a performance vehicle?
  129. Troublesome clapboards
  130. Capture the flag
  131. CTF Trophy Glitched or not?
  132. Is the online pass worth it?
  133. game save to your profile?
  134. Online Trophies Problem...
  135. Trouble with save of game progress
  136. Estimated Time to Platinum
  137. Server maintenance
  138. How to boost this game?
  139. spawn tutorial tag confusion
  140. do disconnect wins in races count?