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  10. Philosophy
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  23. I'm unable to slide into cover at all - Good Training
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  25. The Chapter 12 helicopter/tower sequence on FUBAR...
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  27. need help
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  40. Adapt and overcome
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  47. Freezing
  48. Geez! FUBAR is a tough cookie...
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  50. Harder than BF3/Duke Nukem??..
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  52. FREE coop DLC released tomorrow
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  59. Favorite quotes.
  60. Sierra Hotel not unlocking?
  61. Patch 1.01
  62. Do NOT be afraid of FUBAR. It is not that bad as they say.
  63. You have died multiple times.....
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  65. What's your trophy percent so far?
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  84. be carefull (game breaking bug)
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