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  1. The DLC price is ridiculous. Any sale ever?
  2. *Official* Time Travel Will Tell Parterners Thread
  3. Date night trophy help
  4. Executive Order on Veteran help!
  5. need help
  6. call of the dead or moon ?
  7. Cod black ops 1 1v1 tournament (ps3)
  8. How Long To Get All Online/Zombies Trophies?
  9. BOII 2XP - Oct 25th 10am PT to Nov 1st.
  10. Can't join wager matches for the trophy?
  11. Server Not Responding...
  12. keep crashing constantly (help needed)
  13. Easter egg shangrila black ops 1.
  14. Looking for DER RIESE players!!
  15. Are the trophies still glitched?
  16. Sacrificial Lamb Boosting
  17. mp activity
  18. I'm 6 ranks away from my first time prestiegeing
  19. In The Money Trophy
  20. so what is the current population of Black Ops
  21. RC-XD's
  22. There was this one time....
  23. I played Black Ops all day and never once Nuketown map came up to play in
  24. What's with PS users that has this "KSA" in their PS id?
  25. Online Pass
  26. Easy Sacrificial Lamb Strategy - No Glitch
  27. Veteran - Rebirth - Last Part Infinite Spawn?
  28. *removed*
  29. *removed*
  30. Is this platinum still do-able solo?
  31. *Removed*
  32. Connection Issues
  33. Is this a good entry game for a CoD series noob?
  34. How well do you play Black Ops?, share your greatest moments
  35. Join a black ops group?
  36. Need help, trophy not activating!
  37. Spare map pack codes anyone?
  38. Dead or Alive?
  39. Technical help
  40. Ready for deployment trophy glitch
  41. Call of Duty - PS3T Clan
  42. Black Ops DLC prices have been reduced
  43. Is anyone going to play Black Ops to get ready?
  44. Double xp live
  45. Can you play combat training on DLC maps?
  46. Question about matchmaking
  47. Zombie Records
  48. Question regarding computer terminal
  49. *Request Removed*
  50. **Removed**
  51. Easiest and Hardest Zombie Maps
  52. So wtf happened to black ops?
  53. **Removed**
  54. How many different guns have you PaPed in one game?
  55. Radios / Blinking Light Solution
  56. Dead Ops Arcade shooting problem
  57. trophy question
  58. Black Ops Game Data Utility Size
  59. Moon DLC Free?
  60. Zombies.. Moon.. Excavators...
  61. black ops host problem
  62. World at War guns....
  63. Black Ops Beginner Question
  64. Zombie Modifications...
  65. Zombies 4 Fun!
  66. DLC sale now on in EU Store.
  67. Add PSN: *Removed*
  68. (eXe)cution Recruiting
  69. want to play
  70. anybody?
  71. Mule Kick...
  72. Easter Eggs!!! desperate for help...
  73. Zombies split-screen
  74. DLC is ridiculously expensive!!!
  75. Server not available at this time
  76. Ballistic Knife
  77. Date Night bugged
  78. Do I need to start Veteran again?
  79. Do trophies still glitch??
  80. ZOMBIES here to play
  81. ZOMBIES here to play
  82. Zombie Trophies
  83. No trophy popped up ?
  84. Anyone For Zombies?
  85. Your last trophy before the platinum
  86. Multiplayer zombies
  87. zombies
  88. Executive order with xbow explosive
  89. I can't go online
  90. What's your favorite gun(s) to use in Black Ops?
  91. COD Zombies, multiplayer and survival clan!
  92. Please Help!!
  93. Platinum Trophy
  94. Sacrificial Lamb Trophy Help
  95. Vechicular Slaughter Trophy......HELP!!!
  96. Joining friends not working
  97. Problem with Nuketown
  98. I lost my friend because of Black Ops
  99. Black Ops - Date night trophy
  100. Would you play Black Ops 2?
  101. The "JFK" scene
  102. Black Ops not starting
  103. B Ops is WAY BETTER then MW3!!!
  104. Do you think it's likely...
  105. is the rumour true
  106. Zombies Games
  107. I did a full Prestige without killing anyone
  108. Problem with Date Night Trophy
  109. Hacked? - BO Disc not appearing in XMB
  110. An idea for Combat Training in the next CoD
  111. Game seems really laggy now
  112. Date night
  113. Black Ops makes me want to kill myself
  114. invite problem
  115. Trophy: Black ops master
  116. Help? Stuck on rebirth island
  117. moon hacking device
  118. up for some hunting
  119. Black ops crashes when I select multiplayer
  120. Review this Game!
  121. How many of you went back to Black Ops?
  122. Just A Heads Up.
  123. A gun for hire
  124. Favorite Zombie level
  125. Looking for good palyers to unlock all easter eggs
  126. Anyone disappointed with Black ops?
  127. At which wave there are more than 25 zombies spawning?
  128. 3D is awesome
  129. "Time Travel Will Tell" Trophy PLAYERS NEEDED!!
  130. PSN Store. BLACK OPS 59.95,-
  131. Sometimes I hear other family members being picked up on the mic from other players
  132. Host Migration - this happens all the time
  133. Which zombie map has the worst/most convoluted Easter Egg?
  134. Multiplayer - Boosting
  135. Black Ops Design Director Admits to ?F$&king-Up? by Including Second Chance
  136. COD Zombies Rap "Never forgotten"
  137. final (or ongoing) stats
  138. required trophies for plat
  139. Help With Certain Trophies
  140. Do you report people in Black Ops?
  141. Players sharing the same name tag and seeing the same PSuser name
  142. How many of you are going to put Black Ops down when Modern Warfare 3 comes out?
  143. Passive Aggression.
  144. Will you still play this?
  145. Black ops on PSN?
  146. I just finish reading a thread titled "Top ten worst players on COD"
  147. Of all the games I have, I have been playing nothing but Black Ops
  148. "Date Night" Trophy Anyone
  149. Click Here If You Love Zombies
  150. Of all the games I have in my collection, I've been playing nothing but Black Ops
  151. double xp weekend this weekend
  152. Double xp weekend question
  153. Why Do People Send Requests?
  154. Best CoD Song Ever?
  155. Lobby leader board makes playing new zombie maps impossible
  156. What's your favorite Easter Egg song?
  157. Favorite wonder weapon and perk combo?
  158. Sacrificial lamb trophy
  159. Does the moon dlc....
  160. Will there be a GOTY edition?
  161. Who do you hate most?
  162. Zombie Chalenges
  163. Need 1 Player for Sacrificial Lamb Trophy [EU]
  164. dlc trophies
  165. Map packs
  166. any suggestions
  167. Hands of the Merchandise Trophy
  168. First zombie trophies?
  169. Muel Kick on every map
  170. Easy Way To Get One Giant Leap!
  171. new perk in all zombies maps
  172. Can you...
  173. Black Ops Master trophy glitch
  174. Zombie scrapers
  175. need help read please
  176. Final Mission
  177. Anyone NOT played single player?
  178. THE most EPIC zombies game ever + Challenge
  179. Game session no longer available?
  180. Call of Duty: Elite Impressions
  181. What is your favorite Call of Duty zombie map?
  182. Where is the Big Bang Theory Trophy??????
  183. Dlc maps
  184. update 1.13
  185. Rate my Win/Loss ratio.
  186. Black Ops is Awesome!
  187. WTF? Dam zombie hackers
  188. 30+ Zombie Marathon
  189. Ideas for new maps
  190. Offering help: Campaign, Zombies or Multiplayer.
  191. What internet speed do I need to host?
  192. The Zombies trailer you never saw...
  193. Treyarch Reveals The Black Ops Multiplayer You Never Saw
  194. Activision Sells 18 Million Black Ops Map Packs; Gamers Spend Average of $76 Per Copy
  195. Double XP Weekend Starts Tomorrow
  196. They are going THROUGH help
  197. Weird Glitch!
  198. They're going through is glitched
  199. Certain maps won't load
  200. game crash
  201. Veteran Trophy Glitch Fixed?
  202. i need some help please...
  203. Problem with Hotel Map (Serious)
  204. What do you think of express?
  205. Theater problem.
  206. We FINALLY get to *see* Samantha Maxis! (Pic included!) (Spoiler-ish)
  207. Campain levels completed on which difficulty?
  208. The map won't load.
  209. Black Ops will get an 'Express' mode.
  210. Question on trophies
  211. Complete edition?
  212. CTF Medals
  213. Zombies Host ended Game
  214. Sacrificial Lamb= UNFAIR
  215. Funny mockery/parody of Zombie Easter Eggs - a MUST READ for Zombie enthusiasts!
  216. High Price to Pay
  217. Do u think G11 should be Nerfed?
  218. Treyarch Sucks at COD
  219. Having trouble connecting online?
  220. Sacrificial Lamb question
  221. question about 2 trophies
  222. Nazi Zombies - Funny connections....
  223. Mw2 and black ops
  224. Zombies NON-BOOSTING Thread
  225. Check out this glitch/hack my friend found
  226. Black Ops Rezurrection Map Pack!
  227. Closer Analysis possible glitch help
  228. Hypothetical
  229. Can exp be boosted?
  230. map pack 4 officially announced
  231. Veteran trophy question...
  232. Sangri La Zombies
  233. Connectivity
  234. What is your Look Sensitivity?
  235. Looking for pub team mates!
  236. Time Travel will tell Trophy?
  237. Time Travel Will Tell?
  238. Well done Treyarch
  239. Zombie Trophy question
  240. All I want is...
  241. Gunship hacked?
  242. What's your Clan Tag?
  243. Jamming upon start up
  244. NAT automatically changed?
  245. 4th BO Map Pack
  246. Shangri-La Easter Egg Team?
  247. Any good spawn trappers here
  248. Sick of Zombie DLC Trophies
  249. Patch 1.11
  250. Update on black ops? (Patch 1.11)