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  1. 3D Dot Game Heroes
  2. Anyone else got this?
  3. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  4. Don't Import This
  5. Release days
  6. Anybody else who just can't wait for this game?
  7. Does the American Versian Have Trophies
  8. Trophy List
  9. Bestiary question
  10. Most Interesting Man In The World Spoof
  11. So should I.....
  12. Just bought my copy
  13. Dash Race Question
  14. EASY "Defeated the Queen Bee!" Trophy
  15. Well?
  16. Share your custom heroes!
  17. Bestiary?
  18. lol, demons souls
  19. Zelda Reference
  20. Me VS *possible spoilers*
  21. beating bosses without getting hit
  22. How Do I Get To Dungeon 3
  23. 3D Dot Heros for $33.90 + Free Shipping
  24. Where do you find the Bestairy book???
  25. If your are having trouble
  26. Do You Like Making CharacterS?
  27. New Game+ question
  28. Reviving bosses?
  29. Do you need to clear all Block Defence mini-games for plat?
  30. Have you made Link yet?
  31. Want to Play as Link in 3D Dot Game Heroes?
  32. 3D Dot Game Heroes @ Newegg
  33. World Map?
  34. is downloading characters without a usb drive possible?
  35. What's this game about?
  36. Bestiary help
  37. How long is it?
  38. Anyone working on a guide?
  39. Giga Sword? (possible spoilers)
  40. Farming Gol
  41. a certain enemy question. Bestiary. SPOILERS
  42. Trophy Guide (In Progress)
  43. Have a Nice Night? Trophy (spoilers)
  44. This game does not appear on our Playstation.com profiles
  45. Can't find Fire Sage
  46. R Any Trophies Missable
  47. This game is actually a lot of fun
  48. Life Is Precious + Master Magician Trophy ques.
  49. Easy "Eelagon"
  50. Photos of Heros (A Quick How to)
  51. Tips and strategies for the mini games?
  52. refighting bosses...
  53. is this game as awesome as it looks?
  54. for the disgaea fans
  55. Blue Dragons
  56. 3D Dot Game Star Wars
  57. Around the world trophy help?
  58. Poison swamps
  59. Crystal Slime
  60. Life is precious glitch?
  61. Offline Platinum?
  62. Changing character model after starting?
  63. Do the Mini-Games ever close? + Spelunker Question
  64. Wheres the Blacksmith?
  65. 3D Dot Game Heroes - Trophy Guide and Road Map
  66. so if I take the princess to the inn
  67. Efficiency Guide (no spoilers)
  68. Sign quest help
  69. The worst trophy design ever!!!
  70. Where do i get the grapple hook from?
  71. Some questions.
  72. The likelihood of DLC for this game?
  73. Help needed with flame temple
  74. Tsubo-Tsubo's Cheats {Spoilers Possible?}
  75. Custom Hero (Artistic Help)
  76. Dash Circuit....
  77. Am I doing something wrong?
  78. Dash Circuit 1 Strategy
  79. Post Your Dash Circuit Times!
  80. Character Template "luck"
  81. mini game question (with regards to life bar)
  82. Dash Circuit 2 Strategy
  83. Booking Monsters in the Bestiary
  84. Dark King Onyx
  85. must read! about life shards
  86. Is Events list complete??
  87. Hall Of Heroes
  88. "Its in the house?"
  89. Undefeated Boss Trophies
  90. the truth about the giga sword upgrade
  91. Missing key to enter Kraken
  92. SWORDS.. BLOCKS.. 3rd Playthrough
  93. All Swords
  94. Review this Game!
  95. god damnit
  96. How to kill the White Knight near the Anchor Rod?
  97. About those missable events...
  98. Boss Fight Trophies: Do Rematches Count?
  99. Powering up swords...potential?
  100. Bestairy question!
  101. I'm missing Around the World trophy, where to check?
  102. Question about not-dying trophy
  103. How do I change the screen size while in dungeons?
  104. Game randomly freezes
  105. Is this like an old style RPG
  106. Sound files
  107. How to buy the EU version?
  108. How long?
  109. A Fun Fact about the JP Version - Inheriting Swords
  110. Gold and Silver rings stackable?
  111. Question? (concerning max life/magic ups)
  112. Question 'bout 2nd playthrough and no-dying trophy
  113. Damn it all! (dash circuit rant)
  114. Gold Farming Tip for FROM Mode
  115. You're a Survivor! trophy question
  116. Your first Playthrough
  117. Easter egg! Haha!
  118. Can't reach the fairy cave of Ali
  119. What exactly is the point in installing this game?
  120. Bestiary Help
  121. how do you get to desert?
  122. Your Custom Heroes?
  123. Cant save during Booking last two bosses?
  124. No damage query.
  125. Hero Shield
  126. help
  127. All Swords Obtained! Question.
  128. water temple boss
  129. Is it worth it?
  130. Small Blocks and Dash Circuit question.
  131. How hard is it?
  132. Hero Shield on Spelunker?
  133. flame temple
  134. Didn't get the Ancient Sword, wtf ?
  135. booking question
  136. Wow. I just realized I did something so stupid
  137. How does this compare to Demon's Souls trophies
  138. copy protected?
  139. all swords question?
  140. Beastiary and from mode question
  141. What to do next?
  142. the dash circuit..stop,n,go
  143. Playthrough #1 - Anything Missable? Speed Playthrough?
  144. What is the deal with the loading screens art?
  145. Using the Super Key
  146. Would it matter if I didn't rescue the princess on my 2nd playthrough?
  147. Multiple playthrough question
  148. Question about how items carry over to new games
  149. Anyone going for this platinum more than once?
  150. 3D dot game heroes
  151. Spa lady help
  152. Sword Guide and Location List.
  153. Well, I'm slightly irritated.
  154. Incoming EU patch :D
  155. Character downloading
  156. Disable walkanimation, disables trophies?
  157. Sackboy Invades The Kingdom Of Dotnia
  158. v1.01 Swords
  159. Dash Circuit Update with v1.01
  160. patch
  161. cant get the light orb help!
  162. need help
  163. Spelunker Mode and The Dark Tower
  164. Starting SPELUNKER mode
  165. Worth Getting?
  166. I have a lot of questions about this game
  167. ? about swords and new game+
  168. what's the point in waiting to find fairies?
  169. help with a character
  170. Ancient Sword - Can you lose it?
  171. Any news about an EU patch?
  172. Blockout Help!
  173. Help
  174. Request for a save file
  175. there is only one word to describe this game..
  176. does beating the game in from or spelunker
  177. Monaca Dash Circuit Video Question
  178. No bestiary complete ???
  179. Is this game worth it?
  180. Quick Question
  181. So I've got a few questions.
  182. Small Block Farming
  183. Funny Custom Characters
  184. Spelunker mode - Small blocks question
  185. Anyone else have this issue?
  186. Clarification regarding "All Swords Obtained!" trophy
  187. mini games glitched?
  188. Clarification on "events" and basic steps for the playthrus...
  189. Poofpoof?!?!?
  190. The #%&!*$ dash courses
  191. Woooooooooooooooooow
  192. Order of playthroughs after the patch?
  193. this game....
  194. Seperate Trophies ?
  195. Dash Circuits - easy method/win
  196. Giga Sword
  197. Any easy way not to get hit?
  198. did i miss something
  199. So what carries over in New Game+?
  200. To Those Who Completed the 60 Second Monaca DC
  201. Dark Tower No Damage/Book Bosses?
  202. NTSC-version on EU-Account [NEED HELP]
  203. looking for a strategy guide
  204. Question before starting FROM mode
  205. FU Spelunker! FU!
  206. Where to buy this game cheap?
  207. How long does 1 playthrough take?
  208. European Patch 1.01
  209. **** SouthPeak Games
  210. Which mini game is hardest ?
  211. what swords are kept at completetion?
  212. Block circuit question.
  213. How do I get FROM mode?
  214. How to obtain moon sword.
  215. No Ancient Sword... wtf...
  216. ultima book?
  217. Freeze spell
  218. Booking - 1st Playthrough.
  219. How to correctly purchase from the right region?
  220. What makes this game a 7.5?
  221. German players! Need a quick response!
  222. Just started. A few questions!
  223. What the heck?
  224. Custom Isaac Clarke!
  225. Where to buy the EU version?
  226. How many used a walk through to beat the game?
  227. Life is precious
  228. Am I missing something?
  229. Which versions have the patch?
  230. 25.02 seconds?!
  231. Question about the Flawless Hero Trophy
  232. Never again!
  233. is it worth it
  234. Dark Tower bosses respawnable?
  235. "Would you like... the poofpoof?"
  236. "Around The World!" and "Flawless Hero!" missed?
  237. Ancient Sword gone?
  238. Dash Circuit w/ Patch Question
  239. Mech Game Event
  240. Review this Game!
  241. found the 10 signs WTF just happened...
  242. Spelunker Mode is really getting to me
  243. Blockout Stage 5
  244. Flawless Hero...the most useless type of trophy?
  245. Can you still get adventure continues trophy if you rescued the faeries
  246. New Game Plus Question
  247. Question about NG+
  248. A question about the character builder.
  249. does getting better shields help on spelunker?
  250. all swords obtained missable?