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  1. Estimated Time to Platinum
  2. Can you Still earn "Socialite Gold"?
  3. "You did not earn a trophy"
  4. Buzz Player?
  5. Servers goin down! August 2nd 2013!
  6. mybuzzquiz.com not working?
  7. my sofa
  8. Controller sync problem ... or is it?
  9. Two questions about that game.
  10. Create 20 different quizes
  11. Would this work?
  12. Is This Plat Still Possible
  13. Do My Buzz questions count toward multiplayer trophies?
  14. Random Game Freeze
  15. Help Please
  16. Does anyone still play online?
  17. Glitch still works as of Oct 3rd 2010...or does it?
  18. Trophy not unlocking :(
  19. Does Trophy Glitch styill work with v.2.0?
  20. Doing the glitch, does it even seem "rewarding"?
  21. Trophy cheat/glitch help
  22. Help please!
  23. Glitch Need Help.
  24. DAMN DAMN DAMN help please
  25. glitch question
  26. Trophy glitch question, Please Reply!
  27. Casting Agent - Elvis keeps freezing
  28. 1.20
  29. How do i check how many online wins i have
  30. Does Buzz Quiz TV Glitch Still Work??
  31. Buzz! Quiz TV Trophy Guide
  32. Creating a MyBuzz!?
  33. Anyone selling this game?
  34. Can You Play This Game Without the Buzzers?
  35. Buzz Quiz Tv Glitch HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
  36. Buzz server dropping wins?
  37. Socialite Gold & MyBuzz Enthusiast Gold
  38. Why is Flawless Round not unlocking??
  39. I'm legit with a question
  40. After using the glitch...
  41. Playing with all characters help
  42. He's on Fire!
  43. Sofa Vs. Sofa
  44. Cannot play online against others
  45. Does the cheat work on the special edition?
  46. My Buzz? Create Quiz
  47. Trophies won't unlock?
  48. Will the trophy cheat work if I do this....
  49. Local multiplayer broken
  50. buzz controller
  51. help sofa
  52. Multiplayer Trophies
  53. need help, little question
  54. MyBuzz Quiz Trophies (All Games)
  55. looking for a wee bit help
  56. buzz quiz tv friend want to help out lol :)
  57. Sofa Surfer Gold not unlocking
  58. MyBuzz Quiz creation help
  59. Online Community
  60. multiplayer question
  61. will the glitch work if....
  62. BUZZ Sofa Subjugator Gold trophy
  63. lightning fast and 5k points not unlocking
  64. Won more than 50 sofa v sofa games no trophy???
  65. Buzz or Trivial Pursuit?
  66. Home Space
  67. My first Platinum!
  68. Channel Hopper
  69. Buzz! Quiz TV Road Map
  70. Ps3t.org quiz!
  71. General opinions
  72. Sofa vs Sofa versions
  73. Different languages, the game works the same?
  74. Sofa vs Sofa Question
  75. Sofa vs. Sofa
  76. Buzz: Quiz TV Trophy Guide
  77. Do DLC Packs factor into sofa vs sofa?
  78. Game count for Lonesome and loving it?
  79. please anwser my auestion if u can !!!!!!!
  80. Trophy question
  81. Got a Question !
  82. Single player trophies trick
  83. Lightning Reflexes
  84. Platinum Club
  85. Just Wondering?.....
  86. Buzz Brain of Oz/Brain of the World
  87. Brain of UK Sofa v Sofa
  88. Use all characters trophy
  89. my buzz quiz website doesn't work!!!!!!!!
  90. Does the free trophy glitch still work?
  91. Very Confused. Free trophies?
  92. Very Confused. Free trophies?
  93. I have a very big problem
  94. Buzz! Brain of the UK...
  95. Can't Invite Friends...
  96. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  97. help me 50 vs 50 trophy
  98. question
  99. Trophies Legitametly
  100. My buzz gold trophy
  101. need help with sofa vs sofa
  102. Socialite trophy with mybuzz questions
  103. Needing some help
  104. Trophy Problems
  105. Do the mybuzz quizzes count for both?
  106. Over 50 Plays and no Mybuzz! Enthusiast Gold Trophy
  107. Trophy cheat/glitch
  108. Any Suggestions to Restart Win Total
  109. WTF. I can't find my name and score on leaderboards.
  110. Boosting Sofa wins?
  111. import?
  112. MyBuzzQuiz site down?
  113. MyBuzz Enthusiast Trophy by playing on mybuzz.com?
  114. DLC help
  115. Does a dropout in sofa vs sofa count as a win?
  116. my buzz in friend game
  117. Socialite award and my Buzz questions
  118. My Checklist not working
  119. Does anyone know how to sign in more than one profile for local multiplayer?
  120. Connection error for sofa vs sofa?
  121. 50 Online Wins not registering
  122. Cant get update.
  123. how ths the ps3 eye work?
  124. Anyone done with the game and want to sell or trade for...
  125. friend invite problem
  126. Amateur Quiz Writer Trophy
  127. Multiplayer Rounds??
  128. For the people who have Platinum.
  129. were do you create a mybuzz quiz?
  130. Buying this game?
  131. Buzz Servers down?
  132. Question About Buzz
  133. cannot unlock sofa surfer gold
  134. counter?
  135. Do you need the buzzers?
  136. MyBuzz Enthusiast Trophies
  137. Question regarding MyBuzz trophies
  138. So where the hell is Buzz?
  139. US Version with German Audio?
  140. 7:30 pm on 9/17--- Im on and ready for Boosting
  141. Trophies not awarded.
  142. any 1 want 2 play sofa vs sofa
  143. Why cant i update my Buzz trohpies... on this site?
  144. SOFA Boosting - ONLINE NOW!
  145. Any got spare time to offer?
  146. US My Quiz Creation Page Is Up(Sort Of)
  147. MyBuzz Enthusiast Trophies?
  148. Sofa vs Sofa
  149. Buzz Patch Update 1.10
  150. SOFA V SOFA Boosting (Add me)
  151. He's on fire
  152. Trophy Difficulty
  153. Stats page
  154. availabllity?
  155. Controller ?
  156. Promo Version Allow Trophies?
  157. Question about Buzz
  158. Play 20/50 Multiplayer games!!!
  159. Flawless Round - How to?
  160. Trophies on the site wont update?
  161. Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)
  162. Buzz Online Just Seems Pointless...
  163. Questions about a few specific trophies
  164. Help Please
  165. Dankandsticky is finally gettin his BUZZ on!
  166. Sofa vs sofa forfeit?
  167. Q Can Buzz Be Played Online
  168. 2 questions
  169. buzz servers down?
  170. Effect Replacing HDD has on trophies
  171. PS3T.org users My Buzz Quizzes
  172. i dont understand the ranking
  173. Sofa Surfer Gold
  174. Trophy Glitches ?
  175. Sofa Subjugator Trophies
  176. Casting Agent help!
  177. Race for the Platinum Trophy
  178. Points in 0.5 Seconds
  179. Does playing Multiplayer Sofa vs. Sofa get you wins for both sections??
  180. Sofa Boosting
  181. Sofa vs Sofa boosting
  182. Importing, should be here by Monday! Will be First in USA with BUZZ platinum!
  183. Do you need a Buzzer?
  184. Question about Game Buying
  185. Hidden Trophies
  186. To all you UK guys.. where should i buy Buzz???
  187. Buzz! Quiz TV Trophy Guide
  188. abit of info..
  189. Please give some info to a mate in the US
  190. Trophy Patch now live!
  191. Trophy Patch Delayed
  192. Retroactive Trophies?
  193. What the hell?
  194. Questions Too Easy?
  195. When does this game come out in the U.S.?
  196. Where are the trophies.
  197. Well this gamewill have trophies for sure , which ?
  198. I can't wait for this game
  199. Trophy Discussion