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  1. Ssbb
  2. Konami Announces Castlevania Judgment for Wii
  3. Mega Man 9
  4. ive got a nintendo wii
  5. Who Else Just Doesn't Play It?
  6. Nintendo faces patent lawsuit over DS
  7. Nintendo Unveils “Wii MotionPlus”
  8. Review - Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
  9. Review - Super Paper Mario
  10. Super Smash Brothers Brawl(online)
  11. Ikes brokeness
  12. Super Mario RPG
  13. Super Mario Rescues The Princess - Family Guy style
  14. Experience Wii
  15. New Nintendo DSi
  16. de BLOB
  17. Let's Catch!
  18. wii's reta-ded
  19. Great Wii games for youngsters?
  20. Lost Winds
  21. MadWorld Thoughts
  22. Wii owners that never had a gamecube
  23. Super Punch Out Released For VC
  24. Possible 2nd Generation Wii in works? Thoughts...
  25. Wii Sports Resort
  26. AAA Nintendo Game On Its Way
  27. Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask is now on the Virtual Console
  28. best games for 7 year-old girl
  29. Punch Out
  30. Youve gotta be kidding me
  31. Wii Good Deals Thread
  32. Pokémon!
  33. WiiSpray?!
  34. Motion Plus
  35. Navel Rock Pokemon Emerald
  36. 3 Pokemon Gold Startes
  37. Faraway Island Emerald
  38. Phoenix Wright series
  39. Wii Sports Resort
  40. Just wow
  41. Help
  42. Nintendo Entertainment System.
  43. Thinking of buying DS
  44. In Animal Crossing DS, did you call you're town HOME?
  45. Layton 2
  46. Kingdom Hearts
  47. dead Space: Extraction
  48. Tatsunoko vs Capcom
  49. Greatest trailer ever!
  50. New Details on Next Zelda
  51. Wii - no picture or sound
  52. Speedgamers trying to catch all 493 pokemon in 72 hours!!
  53. Please help me, my Wii-Remotes don't work?
  54. I never thought I'd say this, but I think I have to buy a Wii
  55. Top 10 NES Games EVER!
  56. Should I get a Wii
  57. How to tell apart Bootleg copies of Red, Blue, Yellow, etc
  58. Dragon Quest IX Coming to North America This Summer
  59. Super Mario Galaxy 2
  60. My Awakening (Awesome Remix)
  61. 4-Player Family Games for Wii?
  62. Welcome to Violence LMAO!
  63. Which should I play next: Fragile Dreams or No More Heroes 2.
  64. Just got a DS XL....
  65. Google Game for Wii
  66. Post your own list of "Must Own" or "Must Play" Wii games
  67. First Pokemon Black/White scans and new details
  68. The greatest Nintendo home console
  69. Wii trade-in Value?
  70. All Pokemon Fans
  71. The greatest Nintendo handheld console
  72. Custom Wii Menu
  73. Pokemon Black and White 'title' discussion.
  74. Any Monster Hunters?
  75. Weirdest Pokemon?
  76. FC Twin
  77. Achievements for Wii?
  78. Super smash bros brawl
  79. 1080 Snowboarding
  80. Create A Pokemon Card!
  81. Old School
  82. Action Replay DS
  83. Pokemon Avatars
  84. Pokemon Black And White Covers!!!
  85. Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded for DS revealed in Square Enix E3 lineup
  86. New Pokemon!
  87. Super Mario Galaxy 2, who else has experienced this platforming masterpiece?
  88. "Kingdom Hearts 3D" Coming Out for the 3DS
  89. Who here has a 64?
  90. PkMN Black and White Trailer
  91. Any One Remember Super Smash Brothers Melee for GC
  92. What Virtual Console Games do you have
  93. Thinking of selling my Wii
  94. Some Interesting Info about the 3-DS
  95. i hate nintendogs!
  96. GameCube games for Wii
  97. Happy Japanese Kirby, Angry American Kirby
  98. Call of Duty: Black Ops for the DS [First Screenshots]
  99. Amazing soundtracks
  100. Conduit 2 Box Art Revealed
  101. Am I the only one to use one pokemon?
  102. Best Use Of Wii Motion Controls
  103. Nintendo DS Lite Games
  104. Metroid : Other M
  105. Nintendo System
  106. Epic Mickey Collector's Edition Announced
  107. Epic Mickey Release Date?
  108. Metroid Other M Review
  109. Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Release Date
  110. Pokemon Black and White
  111. Who Else Plays Monster Hunter Tri?
  112. Club Nintendo anyone?
  113. Nintendo 3DS Games
  114. Golden Eye Remake coming to Wii
  115. What kind of DS do you have?
  116. Donky Kong Return, Kirby's Epic Yarn or Sonic Colors?
  117. Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition coming to North America [Confirmed]
  118. ds okami sequel
  119. Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Promotional Images and Release Date
  120. Wii owners want to buy PS3 Playstation Move, says Sony
  121. Favorite N64 Games?
  122. Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy
  123. DSi Xl Import questions
  124. Good DS games for my Gran?
  125. DSI help
  126. Top SNES Games
  127. Ubisoft's Anti-Piracy Measures
  128. Is wii sports the only good wii game?
  129. Hardest Wii game to 100%
  130. Call of Duty Blacks Ops Wii
  131. Three Pokémon Giveaway Events Coming To GameStop
  132. Goldeneye 007
  133. Getting a Wii
  134. Question For Those With a Nintendo Wii?
  135. The Secret History of the 3DS
  136. Nintendo trophy/achievement system question.
  137. Super Mario All-Stars may get a reprint
  138. Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded - In Game Trophies and How to Unlock Secret Ending
  139. Pokemon Tournament
  140. Most Played Virtual Console Game?
  141. Black man loves Pokemon Original version!
  142. Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer
  143. Sega vs. Nintendo
  144. Looking For Wii Accessory Advice
  145. Nintendo 3DS Release Date and Price
  146. Calling
  147. Nintendo: Game & Watch?
  148. Need help with Tales Of Symphonia
  149. [Poll]Pokemon tournament
  150. Am I the only one who liked Virtual Boy?
  151. Nintendo DS
  152. Joke: What did Zelda say when Link couldn't open the door
  153. Pokemon Black/White March 6th
  154. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Trophy Question
  155. Amazing Legend of Zelda Artwork
  156. Can anyone recommend.........
  157. Classic Controller
  158. Celebi, Darkrai, Shayman, Arceus Trading
  159. Pokemon Black EU problems
  160. Pokemon Black/White Personal First look -- May Contain Spoilers
  161. Pokemon Black/White Out Now
  162. Battling Trainers again in Pokemon Black/White
  163. Pokemon Black/White impressions
  164. strangest DSi problem ever :confused:
  165. Caught the wrong Pokémon!?!?
  166. Can Anyone Trade Me a Snivy &/or Tepig ?
  167. Pokémon Black/White Teams
  168. Favorite SNES games
  169. Official Pokémon Trading Thread
  170. Elite 4 Preparation
  171. Shiny Pokemon!!!
  172. Call Of Duty Black Ops Online
  173. anyone selling games for NES, SNES, N64 or Gamecube?
  174. 3DS Delayed?
  175. wii classic controller
  176. Top 5 Wii Games??
  177. Some Pokemon are very creepy.
  178. 3DS is here
  179. 4 ppl who has alot of pokemon
  180. A Pokemon public service announcement.
  181. Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Remakes on the DS
  182. Pokemon Online.
  183. Not Too Struck On The 3DS!
  184. Creepy Pokemon Story
  185. Pokemon Trophy Card
  186. DS Problem!
  187. Future Ar Games
  188. Pokemon B/W Tournament
  189. 3DS sickness Question
  190. Do you play DS just to play Pokemon?
  191. Multiple Sources Confirm New Nintendo HD Console
  192. Wii 2 planned for June announcement?
  193. Rockstar signs onboard with Wii2 Development
  194. Retro Working On Popular Title For Nintendo HD Console
  195. Are the DS Pokemon games good?
  196. first new picture of the Wii2 ? (real or fake)
  197. Wii Successor
  198. How much for a GameCube
  199. Super Mario Sunshine Glitches (NINTENDO GAMECUBE)
  200. Restarting my Blue Version...
  201. Pokemon Black & White Friend Codes
  202. Your Pokemon Training Methods and Acomplishments
  203. ds and 3ds help needed
  204. Top 5 N64 Games
  205. Need A New Wii Game
  206. Top 5 Gamecube Games..?
  207. Nintendo Wii Online?
  208. Rpg?
  209. No More Heroes Or Red Steel
  210. Nintendo Network ID + 3DS Friend Code Exchange
  211. Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword
  212. Madworld?
  213. Worst Nintendo Games
  214. wii help video????
  215. Super mario rpg
  216. E3 - Nintendo
  217. newest 3DS firmware update released
  218. Wii-u
  219. can someone explain why twilight princess is good?
  220. Zelda OoT 3ds
  221. Wii needs classic controls in more 1p.
  222. Good 1p Wii games with Classic Controls
  223. Wii-U name fail
  224. Nintendo and One Piece games
  225. Your Favorite Pokemon
  226. Damn you, Monolith
  227. Pokemon to lvl 80 and over tips
  228. 3DS To Have Netflix App
  229. Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy For 3DS Ended Up Being AC: Revelations
  230. Nintendo's Zelda Mastermind Wishes He Could Work On Something Else
  231. Happy Birthday Famicom
  232. Mega Man Legends 3 Canceled
  233. Want 100% Completion In Dragon Quest IX? It Only Takes 770+ Hours
  234. Need some advice
  235. If Legend of Zelda OOT Had Trophies...
  236. Star Fox 64 3D Releasing on September 9
  237. Assassin's Creed 3DS Cancelled
  238. Nintendo DS or 3DS.
  239. Nintendo Considering Zelda: Majora's Mask Remake
  240. Epic Games Interested in Wii U
  241. Why megaman legends was cancelled (and more)
  242. Gamecube controller problems.
  243. 3DS Drops To $169.99
  244. Nintendo President Cuts Salary in Half
  245. Nintendo Ambassador Programme (20 free games for 3DS owners)
  246. Nintendo Working To Support DLC
  247. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance To Have Controllable Event Scenes
  248. Capcom Assures Fans That Mega Man Legends 3 Won't Be Back From The Dead
  249. Nintendo Insists It Is A Social Gaming Company
  250. pokedex achievement thread