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  1. Anybody interested? (Comment here your expectations)
  2. So how much do we know?
  3. Gameplay Footage
  4. 2 New Gameplay Videos From Gamescom
  5. Trophy Speculations?
  6. Platinum Race!
  7. Latest preview from PSM3!
  8. Screenshots!
  9. Heavy Rain to be censored in different regions due to interactive sex scene?
  10. Boxart Revealed
  11. Delayed Trophies for Heavy Rain
  12. PreOrder from Amazon.com and get exclusive DLC?
  13. Pre Ordered & Paid In Full
  14. Heavy Rain Dynamic theme on PSN store.
  15. Any info of release date?
  16. Heavy Rain Trailer
  17. Heavy Rain collectors Edition for UK only.
  18. Where is the List?
  19. EU vs US Box Art
  20. Alternate Heavy Rain Box Art Available At Launch
  21. Free Home t-shirt
  22. Create your own Heavy Rain origami!
  23. No Heavy Rain 2 and details on DLC.
  24. Guide Book....does any one know...
  25. Heavy Rain Gamplay Clips..What do you think?
  26. Heavy Rain Demo Feb 11th
  27. All Heavy Rain trophies to be secret, except Platinum.
  28. 3 heavy rain trohies. SPOILERS Pictures
  29. First 9 minutes of heavy rain.
  30. secret trophies= story based= easy platinum?
  31. Four Days Challenge
  32. Offline Platinum?
  33. Heavy Rain and your thoughts
  34. Want The Heavy Rain Demo Right Now? Here's How...
  35. Heavy Rain Demo Impressions
  36. How far will you go to save someone you love?
  37. 5 EU Demo Codes Inside!
  38. easy way for demo code
  39. Your Opinion
  40. Demo Code Problem
  41. 52/56 of the Trophies here. MASSIVE SPOILERS!!!!!
  42. Heavy Rain Trophies (Spoiled Rotten)- A Link
  43. Can game be played in Japanese with English subtitles?
  44. Metacritic Reviews
  45. Censored?
  46. This won't be a 'Easy' platinum
  47. Heavy Rain Special Edition: Question
  48. A General Question About the Game and How It Functions
  49. DLC Question
  50. Trophies that don't unlock ?
  51. Heavy Rain Early
  52. Interactive Drama trophy
  53. Friendly Reminder for Heavy Rain
  54. Heavy Rain 1.01 Patch?
  55. Heavy Rain Trophy Guide
  56. DLC delayed
  57. I got Heavy Rain!!!
  58. PSN Spoiler Warning
  59. Difference in achieving trophies
  60. Are ALL the hidden trophies story related?
  61. heavy rain live on ustream now
  62. Anyone tempted to look at the trophy guide.
  63. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  64. Does the DLC content have Trophies?
  65. (Spoiler removed)HEAVY RAIN SPOILER Hitting Game forums..(Spoiler free)
  66. Be Warned: I Think This Game Has Glitched Trophies Than Any Game I Have Played Before
  67. Heavy Rain - all endings guide (coming soon) *SPOILERS*
  68. I hate Youtube comments.
  69. Some more info on the Orgami Spoiler (non-spoilers)
  70. Easy to pick up?
  71. Heavy rain system crashes.
  72. What did you think.... No spoilers...
  73. Were you able to create the Origami?
  74. WHY is it taking 100 mins to download the patch??
  75. Is the game a lot better than the demo?
  76. Demo Crashed
  77. Spoiler-free Road Map?
  78. Norman Jaydan (Lulz)
  79. Hakuna Matata in Heavy Rain!!!
  80. First game to deserve M rating?
  81. Heavy Rain Trophy Guide?
  82. Happy Birthday trophy
  83. Does anyone else "feel" for the characters?
  84. 1 more ending needed ( Spoiler )
  85. Happy Birthday and Good Father Trophies
  86. Which character do you like the most?
  87. 1st Playthrough
  88. Bonus Unlocked???
  89. Just got this, what about the difficulty setting?
  90. A warning to those having installation problems.
  91. Should i buy the game even with the problems?
  92. i have a question
  93. Heavy Rain Special Edition Soundtrack question
  94. Kamikaze Trophy
  95. Dlc wtf?
  96. All Endings Trophy Question
  97. Just finished 1st playthrough: Have question about getting Trophies?
  98. Will this be worth the full price tag: 35-40?
  99. Trophy Glitches That Can Work To Your Benefit *SPOILER*
  100. Four Heroes: Complete the story with four characters alive Question? Please Help
  101. Starting playthrough
  102. Let's Talk Heavy Rain *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*
  103. update checklist??
  104. What Trophies Unlock Which Extras?
  105. Question about replaying chapters... (no spoilers)
  106. First trophy not popping? *SPOILERS*
  107. Trophies only unlock at the end of each chapter?
  108. Kamikaze Trophy Isn't Glitched
  109. Absolute Happy Birthday Trophy Solution
  110. Kamikazi trophy, here's how to do it...
  111. Heroine Ending Glitch
  112. No trophies!
  113. Trophy/endings guide (IGN)
  114. Question about all endings
  115. Fishtank guns? (spoilers)
  116. Fugitive Trophy
  117. Detox Trophy
  118. Love the game but...
  119. Does Difficulty Matter?
  120. Can you get the Nerd and Perfect Crime trophies on 1 playthrough?
  121. Regarding Nathaniel (Possible Spoilers if you just started)
  122. question about madison and the hospital - SPOLIERS
  123. Difficulty control settings - easier to do actions on easier diff??
  124. Question about the ending
  125. Help on Got To Remember! Trophie
  126. Going for the gold(Huge Spoiler)
  127. How many chapters?
  128. [SPOILER] What's your favorite ending ?
  129. Subtitles?
  130. Why do i have 2 Heavy Rain, Game data utilities?
  131. Trophies question? *SPOILERS*?
  132. FBI Investigator Trophy
  133. Plot holes... *SPOILERS*
  134. Madison Paige's first scene -SPOILER -
  135. Super natural phenomenon in this game? WARNING SPOILERS!
  136. Heavy Rain Trophy Guide & Road Map
  137. Fish tank (Paco's office)
  138. Anyone Know The Quickest Way For Me To Get The Rest of My Endings?
  139. Extremely important question?
  140. Ethan trial #2?
  141. Manfred's Shop question
  142. Help with "Innocent" ending *SPOILERS?*
  143. Did this happen to anyone else?
  144. Chapter not loading?
  145. Your first Ending
  146. Groundhog minute (funny bug?)
  147. WOW! at Ending...
  148. Got plat!!
  149. All endings trophy
  150. How much nudity?
  151. Stop Spoiling Stuff
  152. bugs?
  153. Question about playing through select chapters
  154. ? About Jayden (Spoiler)
  155. Post All Questions Here
  156. help ME ( Innocent, Helpless, and Tears In the Rain ) Endings "spoilers"
  157. Does any one know when this game is getting a patch?
  158. help please !!
  159. Chapter Select?
  160. difficulty
  161. Four heroes question
  162. Question about chapters (Spoiler-free.)
  163. Intensity!
  164. Story Discussion Thread *MASSIVE SPOILERS INSIDE*
  165. So for the "Nerd" trophy...
  166. Clever Dad trophy.
  167. Can anyone write a Roadmap for this game?
  168. Heavy Rain Road Map
  169. Wish Sony Would Support This Game
  170. Question about chapter select/new game
  171. minor glitches
  172. Please clear this up for me!
  173. Heavy Rain my Road Map rough draft *spoilers*
  174. Avoiding heavy rain posts doesn't work now.
  175. Heavy Rain Trial 2 *SPOILERS
  176. Is that her?
  177. The L****d Trial (SPOILERS INSIDE!!!!)
  178. How many clues for the NERD trophy??
  179. Wisw guy..
  180. Problem with Negotiator
  181. need help on perfect crime trophy
  182. QUICK question, no spoilers please.
  183. How does the chapter select work after completing the game?
  184. Mad Jack chapter not loading
  185. Freaky PSN Message I Got While Playing (Spoiler)
  186. Requirements for "Nerd" needed for any endings?
  187. Can I do Perfect Crime and Nerd in one playthrough
  188. Happy Birthday?
  189. Perfect Crime Trophy Help *Spoilers*
  190. wise guy trophy i need help
  191. Small step or Giant leap?
  192. Kissing off?
  193. Final Chapter problem *SPOILER!*
  194. simple mind and so close
  195. Detox problem *spoilers*
  196. is this good
  197. Tunnels help please!
  198. Spoiler! Help! With Ethan in Police Station.
  199. Heavy Rain reinstalling itself, weird stuff
  200. I have never been so scared playing a game...(Spoilers)
  201. I was wrong about the save system (SPOILERS)
  202. trial master trophy
  203. Easter Egg no spoiler...i think
  204. Ending *SPOILERS*
  205. Will my game save overwrite if... (SPOILERS)
  206. FBI Investigator trophy glitched?
  207. How do I use spoiler tags
  208. Perfect Crime, Trail Master, and Nerd Trophy Question? HELP!
  209. PLZ help got all endings...
  210. Am I able to get Nerd, Trial Master AND Perfect crime in 1 playthrough?
  211. Perfect Crime - how?
  212. Wise guy trophy help
  213. Can I do that?
  214. At Manfred's, missing scene? (spoiler)
  215. Jayden (SPOILERS)
  216. Quick question about perfect crime
  217. Trophies not unlocking? (poss. spoilers)
  218. Taxidermist - Ending Guide
  219. Did Heavy Rain "Freeze" on you?
  220. sixaxis in twins
  221. Major plot flaw at the end (spoiler warning)
  222. Wtf???
  223. Shelby (MASSIVE SPOILERS)
  224. Innocent Ending Help *SPOILERS*
  225. Replaying chapters changing story events.
  226. Blue Lagoon music
  227. Got Nerd Trophy but not FBI Investigator?
  228. Trouble with "Solving the Puzzle"
  229. "Bad Cop" won't unlock
  230. Taxidermist Madison
  231. Question about Good Driver Trophy for the ch. "The Bear"
  232. Taxidermist trophies?
  233. Extras: Behind the Scenes Content
  234. Heavy Rain Movie
  235. how do i
  236. Remaining trophies on chapter select? (Spoilers)
  237. Kamikaze Help
  238. beware spoiler revealing ass on PSN
  239. Perfect Crime trophy
  240. Just wanna clear something up with the Endings
  241. Goodbye Mad Jack Trophy (Spoilers)
  242. Coward Trophy (Spoilers)
  243. Omfg plase help!!!!! Please read and help!!!
  244. This is how you get Happy Birthday Trophy and Interactive drama withou it glitching!!
  245. End Trophy glitches
  246. Four Heroes Trophy Wont unlock *Spoilers*
  247. Baby Master issues
  248. Big Problem Made by SONY !
  249. Can't play the game anymore
  250. Heavy Rain Hero wont unlock?