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  1. What happens if Ethan gets imprisoned a second time?
  2. Haven't earned a single trophy.
  3. How to not help Ethan (Ending 5)
  4. Does it get better?
  5. Four Heroes Question
  6. Heavy Rain freezes... wtf? How to get the endings back?
  7. Perfect crime question
  8. Music in Butterfly Trial?
  9. I missed a clue in Fish Tank. Can I skip ahead to Solving the Puzzle for Nerd trophy
  10. Replay Chapters..
  11. Four Heroes
  12. Clever Dad Trophy
  13. trophy didn't pop!
  14. Replasying chapters
  15. Wtf perfect crime!?
  16. How long to just play through the first time?
  17. All endings = No trophy?
  18. Susan Bowles...
  19. Speedrun possible for nerd trophy? (spoilers)
  20. manfred fingerprint cleanup question.
  21. Perfect crime + Future endings question (Spoilers)
  22. I messed up so bad!
  23. Kamikaze (BRONZE) Question
  24. Event
  25. Gold trophies question
  26. how to install heavy rain?
  27. Square one Epilogue doesn't appear
  28. help!
  29. All endigs ?
  30. Can I do this for Perfect Crime trophy?
  31. alternative ending nr.4
  32. ending heavy rain ... again?
  33. This game is so different to others!
  34. Trial Master
  35. Estimated Time to Platinum
  36. Nerd trophy question and perfect crime?
  37. No interactive trophy and prologue trophy?
  38. Problem loading "Solving the Puzzle"
  39. Perfect Crime: Am I screwed?
  40. Question about Perfect Crime
  41. Question about chapter select, second playthrough, perfect crime & nerd.
  42. Better with Move?
  43. Normand Corbeil succumbs to pancreatic cancer at age 56.
  44. *SPOILER* Ethan and Perfect Crime
  45. Trial Master question
  46. all endings with the same save or use all 3 save slots?
  47. Different versions of the game
  48. My ending made no sense *SPOILER*
  49. Can't unlock any of them (I.E. Trophies)
  50. All Endings Trophy?
  51. Perfect Crime
  52. Butterfly
  53. which one first?
  54. Question Regarding Saves
  55. Heavy Rain Move
  56. Before reading the guide!!!
  57. Perfect Crime Trophy
  58. Most viewed............
  59. All the endings problem
  60. On the Loose effect on ending.
  61. *SPOILER ALERT*Be Honest How Many Of You Expected X To Be The Origami Killer
  62. The Perfect Crime or ALL Endings Trophy First?? SPOILER alert
  63. Heavy Rain & LA Noire
  64. Game like this?
  65. All Endings problem
  66. All endings trophy question
  67. Quick all endings question
  68. Another All Endings Question
  69. All Endings question
  70. Kamikaze trophy (Cops CTE) - Easy method, six axis movement. 100% success
  71. freezing
  72. Nerd trophy question
  73. HELP mad jack chapter is freezing
  74. Anyone played The Taxidermist?
  75. All Endings help...
  76. Question about game saves & chapter select.
  77. Regular Game vs Directors Cut
  78. Frustration.
  79. Chapter select vs game playthrough?
  80. Four heroes trophy start point?
  81. Does difficulty affect trophies?
  82. Stuck in game, any idea?
  83. Easy kamikaze and Baby Master
  84. Kamikaze trophy question
  85. Is the plat?
  86. Wise guy trophy
  87. Nerd + Four Heroes during same playthrough?
  88. All Endings question
  89. Crap, did I screw myself out of Trial Master? HELP!!!
  90. The Perfect Ending
  91. Well I just got my platinum but...
  92. Heavy Rain Director's Cut
  93. hr endings question
  94. Kamikaze trophy
  95. 4 heroes trophy
  96. A Difficult Situation
  97. Baby Master = Hardest Trophy?
  98. Things You Didn't Notice Your First Time Around (Spoilers)
  99. I Hope People Still Check This Forum
  100. the games keeps crashing my ps3
  101. crash plat question
  102. Real Beginners Question
  103. heroine ending
  104. i can plat it with one play walkthrough?
  105. should I buy greatest hits version or original version?
  106. Heavy Rain, better with Motion Controls?
  107. all endings
  108. nerd trophy question
  109. endings help
  110. Review This Game!
  111. Trophies not popping... Need the update?
  112. From which chapter should i start?
  113. Game error? Need the move? Help?!
  114. autosave?
  115. Review This Game!
  116. Urgent Help about Perfect Crime
  117. nathaniel trophy
  118. Why the platinum trophy ruined this game
  119. Perfect Crime Backtracking
  120. Details
  121. Heavy Rain question
  122. Endings?
  123. Move Navigation Controller Compatibility?
  124. Question about the "Unlock All Endings" trophy
  125. Question About Ending 3
  126. a quick question
  127. Four Heroes and Perfect Crime
  128. Difficulty?
  129. Swimming Instructor Trophy help
  130. Quick question about autosave...
  131. Messed up Helpless, Need HELP!!!
  132. Platina trophy not unlocking
  133. Platinum move edition
  134. Stupid Perfect Crime Trophy
  135. Cleanup For Plat
  136. The Apartments in Heavy Rain
  137. Confused about all endings
  138. Dlc?
  139. Move or DS3?
  140. Perfect Crime Help
  141. Inconsistency in Chapter Select - Glitch?
  142. Should there be a sequel?
  143. i can't get all ending trphy
  144. Heavy rain
  145. Need Perfect Crime Help... *SPOILER FREE*
  146. Questions about Trial Master trophy
  147. The Lizard Chapter
  148. Ending: A New Start
  149. heavy rain
  150. Perfect Crime, but...? *Spoilers*
  151. The sound doesn't work on my game
  152. I'm thinking about buying this game. one question
  153. Kamikaze Tip
  154. Question regarding continuous play for the "Nerd" Trophy?
  155. M,E
  156. Ethan Mars
  157. All endings, I got all trophies apart from this one but lost the save.
  158. Ending 5?? *spoilers*
  159. Does the game title remind anyone else of the fictional movie Chubby Rain?
  160. Plot *SPOILER*
  161. Songs from Sexy Girl?
  162. All Ending Trophy
  163. I just caught a huge mistake in this game (*SPOILERS*) [OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!]]
  164. Heroine ending question.
  165. Anyone Platinum Heavy Rain With The PS Move??
  166. All endings help
  167. Some trophies not working correctly (but in a good way)...
  168. Hassan reference...?
  169. Question about "All endings" trophy
  170. Thanks PS3Trophies.org
  171. I've changed my mind......
  172. Problems with "Perfect Crime" (spoiler of course.)
  173. multiple ending possible help
  174. i need advice... quickly...
  175. Is it possible to get the trail master, nerd and perfect crime trophies altogether?
  176. Question about Detox trophy.
  177. platinum dilemma
  178. Too Easy?
  179. Perfect Crime Trophy
  180. Heavy Rain Covers!
  181. Ending 1 of Trophy Guide <> Four Heroes
  182. perfect crime -
  183. Move or Controller?
  184. How Long To Obtain Platinum
  185. Where are the handcuff keys at?
  186. All Endings trophy order question (spoilers) - from guide
  187. Darn. Question about chapter select
  188. Game Won't Install
  189. "Wise Guy" help
  190. Four Heroes HELP!
  191. epilogue's
  192. Question related to endings and save files
  193. Favourte Character?
  194. Trial Master and Another trophy *SPOILERS*
  195. Tears in Rain Ending HELP
  196. Do i have to restart the game for different endings?
  197. How's the DLC? Worth it? *POTENTIAL SPOILERS*
  198. My Criticisms of Heavy Rain (spoilers)
  199. Big patch or just PSN's fault?
  200. Proper explanation and walkthrough please?? !!!Spoilers!!!!
  201. Help with getting the game done quickly plz
  202. Perfect crime and trials
  203. Nerd Trial Master trophies troubles
  204. 3 endings in 1 but How?
  205. how do i unlock??
  206. A New Start [Ending] [SPOILERS!]
  207. All Endings question
  208. Heavy Rain Move edition bonus content
  209. What is this? Kamikaze NOT unlocking!
  210. Good Father
  211. 6 trophs left... how to get "Perfect Crime"?
  212. Move vs DS3
  213. Perfect Crime question
  214. 4 troph left. mst delete Save :( hlp
  215. Killer Identity question *spoilers*
  216. I need a list of all the endings please
  217. What an awful game.
  218. Going after missed trophies takes forever
  219. (Spoiler) One of my characters didn't survive, what did I do wrong?
  220. Heavy Rain: Move Edition
  221. Another Perfect Crime Trophy question
  222. clever Dad
  223. I Need Help, Something Is Wrong
  224. Nerd, Four Heroes and Trail Master
  225. Will I still get the trophies?
  226. All endings trophy question
  227. Am I an over analyst?? (spolier)
  228. Question about perfect crime and trial master
  229. H.R. Move edition Question
  230. First impression...
  231. Kamikaze question
  232. All endings trophy- question
  233. Question?
  234. Heavy Rain has gone Greatest Hits
  235. Negotiator & Clever Dad Help
  236. Ending Question (Big Spoilers)
  237. All Endings - 2 left
  238. Quick question
  239. Perfect crime question
  240. All Endings help
  241. Can i get Trophies on easy difficulty
  242. Heavy Rain OR Farenheit
  243. Favorite Ending? Obviously SPOILERS
  244. All Required Endings, But No Trophy....
  245. Finished first playthrough, getting ready for second.....
  246. Quick Question.
  247. Two questions before I play Heavy Rain!
  248. ending #5
  249. Freezing Hypothesis
  250. Game Data: What's safe to delete?