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  1. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock coming to PS3
  2. Game
  3. Trophy list
  4. Pretty easy, won't take long for Platinums
  5. Rubbish Auto-Save (Spoilers)
  6. Is this game any good?
  7. how do you get this journal piece? possible spoilers.
  8. Collectibles
  9. Stuck and Final Boss where i have to Activate to consoles ? ..
  10. Hat and diary
  11. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  12. Old London Bridge
  13. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock - Collectibles Guide
  14. Save your Money (Don't Buy this glitchy piece of crap)
  15. question about Hard puzzle trophy
  16. Trophy Guide and Roadmap
  17. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Trophy Guide and Road Map
  18. Any advice for High IQ trophy?
  19. Flying Doctor Trophy - EASY WAY
  20. Silently Silencing the Silence
  21. flying doctor question
  22. perception filter
  23. August 14 Patch
  24. Is this game cross-buy?
  25. Is the Vita version any better?
  26. Double plat question
  27. Clever clogs Help
  28. Second Cybermen Section
  29. Silently Silencing the Silence won't pop
  30. Price Drop
  31. London Underground 2 help
  32. Vita version quick question
  33. Silence time capsule
  34. Ninth Legion Cyberfactory - Hard Puzzles
  35. this is!
  36. Wow, this is just dire
  37. Only good thing was the music
  38. Cybermen Bridge Puzzle Hard Mode
  39. Estimated Time to Platinum
  40. Lower Cyberplanner puzzle almost broke my Vita!
  41. I know whats the issue with cloud save!!!
  42. flying doctor question
  43. First data link puzzle on Hard in Stormcage Breakout
  44. Difficulty Glitch Doesn't Work
  45. Trophy glitched. Anyone know useful tips?
  46. Lowering the bridge bug
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