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  1. DLC incoming
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  3. Digital Only?
  4. Rambo: The Video Game - Trophy Guide and Roadmap
  5. God would have mercy
  6. So of those that have played, what do you think?
  7. Platinum Difficulty Rating
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  10. Rambo is not a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER
  11. Rambo: The Video Game due February 21 in Europe, Q1 2014 in NA
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  15. Rambo: The Video Game footage shows stealth gameplay
  16. Rambo The Video Game trailer - Machine of War
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  19. Rambo: The Videogame - Gameplay Trailer
  20. RAMBO THE VIDEO GAME - Reveal Trailer
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  24. Rambo: the video game gets new First Blood screen
  25. company leader to raven,rambo,acknowledge!