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  1. Is it just me or are the Minotaurs in this game unnecessarily brutal?
  2. "Let Him Win" trophy didn't pop...
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  14. Question about hacking
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  16. Hardest battle in Ghost of Sparta or in all GOD? ?
  17. Infinite Orbs + Infinite Combo
  18. Download also playable in 3D?
  19. I have complete the VR mode.
  20. A tip for those who want to beat this game in hard/very hard mode...
  21. Port of Atlantis on Hard (Spartan)?
  22. Short rant.
  23. Help!!!
  24. missed chest quick question
  25. Question bout Origins Collection (Important)
  26. Is this glitched?
  27. Thank you list!!
  28. does it have the red box version??
  29. Wraith's are severely unbalanced
  30. Unreachable Chest
  31. A good method if you forget to collect relics
  32. Infinite magic ?
  33. Review this Game!
  34. So... uh... wtf hitbox?
  35. stupid bug
  36. Combat arena
  37. That hit the spot
  38. best GoW game of them all?
  39. Need Unscathed HELP
  40. error 8002654
  41. Question on New Game+
  42. HELP!!!! Wraiths and Birds
  43. Is Anyone Besides Me Going To Beat This On God Mode?
  44. Easy 4 Wraith/2 Cyclops Win
  45. Near end. How to kill Ice Atlas Men?
  46. Lion on Hard
  47. What shall i upgrade for later fights?
  48. Erinys is a bitch!
  49. The checkpoints in both these games are stupid
  50. God of War: Ghost of Sparta ~ Challenge of the Gods Guide
  51. This game is amazing in 3D
  52. 3 questions...
  53. A good tip for the challenge....
  54. where to unlock challenges in zeus temple
  55. Need help with Death of Domain
  56. Question about upgrades
  57. Better than God of War 1 & 2
  58. Burning Sensation
  59. Hero's Welcome, The Midas Trick, Make Her Scream....And More.... Video Guides
  60. It feels good to..
  61. Trophy Guide?
  62. Which do you guys think is harder?
  63. couple questions
  64. Nocrates & unlocking Athena challenges?
  65. Keres Wraith battles!
  66. Gorgon Eyes, Phoenix Feathers, Minotaur Horns, and Relics of the Gods - [Video/Text]
  67. This is so cool!
  68. Godly Possessions Locations Question
  69. Red Orb trophy.
  70. Sound stop,then freeze
  71. Erinys battle.
  72. Infinite skeletons?
  73. How many missable in this one and their locations plz?
  74. God of War: Ghost of Sparta Trophy Guide and Road Map
  75. challenges trophy glitched
  76. Installing game from digital download
  77. Question about the Temple of Zeus?
  78. The challenges
  79. Anyone else hate this game?
  80. Missable Trophies.
  81. ''Let him win'' trophy.
  82. Burning sensation trophy
  83. Missable Trophy: Make Her Scream (How To)
  84. Godly Relics
  85. 1000 hit combo. Where do you do it
  86. Treasure Hunter trophy
  87. Any way to get a million orbs quickly?
  88. How Do I Get The DLC?
  89. Obviously
  90. psn plus members getting screwed with exclusive deal
  91. Want a FREE code? Enter my raffle to win GOW Volume 1
  92. Got the Game YAAAA :)
  93. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  94. What is the price on PSN?
  95. downloadable from psn??
  96. God of War: Origins Collection Demo on PSN This Week
  97. wt r u waiting for sony?
  98. trophy list
  99. HD vs. SD video
  100. How hard is hard?
  101. How long compared to Chains of Olympus?
  102. Expectations for this game?
  103. Oh really?