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  1. Videos & Screenshots
  2. Logged about 5 hours with this at PAX Prime
  3. Seth Killian's interview from PAX
  4. Those who Platinumed MvC3 should be able to Platinum this.
  5. Achievements revealed
  6. Charcaters/Teams your looking forward to
  7. Vergil Gameplay
  8. UMvC3 DLC??
  9. Post if you want mega man in the next one!
  10. NYCC 2011 Trailer.
  11. Frank West and Rocket Raccoon
  12. Mega Man Confirmed?
  13. Think UMVC3 is hard enough Plat? Well get ready to do it TWICE! Thanks PS VITA
  14. Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)
  15. uMvC3 Teams
  16. Shuma/Jill
  17. Is anyone else here actually stoked for UMVC3!?
  18. How to guide on getting 500k in Arcade Mode
  19. Extras for MVC Players?
  20. Quick Questions
  21. Anybody have a spare code?
  22. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  23. Ranked Matches
  24. So is this games online down? Or am i kicked?
  25. Is the save exploit still in this one? (For 5 ranked wins in a row)
  26. DLC costumes prices/date
  27. requirements for Completing the gallery?
  28. Better than the original?
  29. Mission Mode Help Thread
  30. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Trophy Guide & Road Map
  31. What are the new modes?
  32. The Pullers Thread
  33. X Factor
  34. DS3 vs. Arcade Stick
  35. Costumes
  36. Mega Good...?
  37. Is Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 the last version?
  38. im confused
  39. would this work? (rank/boost)
  40. Heroes & Heralds
  41. Titles
  42. Clearing All Arcade Endings -Easy Method w/Turbo on Fightstick
  43. PSN problem with UMVC 3 for PS Vita
  44. Question
  45. Trophies in Heroes & Heralds?
  46. Master of Tasks help!!
  47. If you just waste time in a lobby, does it count to the 30 hours
  48. Do you think there will be more DLC characters?
  49. Vita Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)
  50. PS3Trophies online gaming room?
  51. My setup for the 30 hours (the things we do for trophies...)
  52. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom
  53. UMVC gets weapon expert costume pack including Megaman X
  54. color H
  55. Questions about controls
  56. Missions to avoid
  57. Crossover = Variable ??
  58. Question regarding "Value Pack" out March 6th
  59. Which one is the PS3 DLC & VITA DLC?
  60. crossplay with the ps3?
  61. Worst character in the game?
  62. Review This Game!
  63. is the touch screen available during ranked online matches?
  64. Trophy Guide?
  65. how do i use galactus as character? plz help
  66. How do I get past galactus?
  67. Stacable trophies
  68. How do I challenge my friends online?
  69. rage quitters
  70. Simple Mode and Trophies?
  71. Very Hard Mode Arcade
  72. Missions?
  73. I can not find ....?
  74. Possible "Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3X"
  75. Lost my save file
  76. trophies cross platform?
  77. Double Jump Missions?
  78. Hate Letters?
  79. Offline trophies
  80. practice practice?
  81. What can be shared on Vita & PS3?
  82. Ranked is only fun 10% of the time.
  83. 30 hours Online and H&H
  84. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Vita) Trophy Guide?
  85. Advanced Frame Data Question! (Morrigan)
  86. Niitsuma: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 unlikely to be balanced this year
  87. Question about all character ending trophies/gallery completion.
  88. Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3: Uncanny Edition Incoming
  89. Who watched EVO 2012?
  90. Hori UMVC 3 PS3 Fight Stick-worth getting for a 1st timer?
  91. Rivals Welcome and resetting your battle records
  92. Titles and Heroes and Heralds
  93. Herald Color Sharing
  94. Possible to get banned?
  95. Simple Mode disappeared !
  96. Mission Mode rant
  97. MVC3 Is M and UMVC3 is PG
  98. Boosting Heroes and Herald
  99. Member's Choice - Official PS3T Fighting Game Tournament
  100. Ranking system ?
  101. Online mode time keeps resetting itself.
  102. Vanilla Mission Mode vs Ultimate Mission Mode
  103. online activity good?
  104. Online Question
  105. How to boost ranked matches effectively?
  106. Vita saved data help
  107. PS3 DLC Not Working on Vita
  108. Online Tourney?
  109. Marvel vs capcom 3 problems
  110. Tougher than SSFIV?
  111. The Black List (Vita)
  112. Would downloading the character DLC's make it an easier platinum?
  113. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Marvel vs Capcom 2 being pulled from PSN and XBL star
  114. Why isn't the price going down?
  115. Character PS3 DLC crossbuy with Vita?
  116. Vita boosting made somewhat easier
  117. Hackers now use Galactus in online matches
  118. Estimated Time to Platinum
  119. Servers closure?
  120. MvC 3 Good Game, but don't like it anymore.
  121. Heroes Vs Heralds
  122. Vita TV mission mode?
  123. I'm guessing there's NO way to get Jill and Shuma now? So close to platinum...
  124. Assemble! Help
  125. Question about the Value Pack.
  126. Will Replay and/or Spectator Mode help with 30 hour trophy?