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  13. Omg fail >_<
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  16. Just need help on a couple of things
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  21. A Few Notes And Glitches.
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  26. Lollipops glitched???
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  28. I go for the trophy of kiss nick 100 times when
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  30. Leaderboard problems.
  31. Disc error! WTF!!
  32. Fuckin No Fear Of Heights trophy
  33. I Hate the Dad score trophies
  34. the trophy medals is accumulative right beacuse i use some medals for buy
  35. music in catherdral level
  36. WTF Happen
  37. Who's your favorite Zombie
  38. Help: Missing costume? + Premium vouchers
  39. Blindingly Fun.
  40. Any Reward for Finishing on Very Hard?
  41. I feel ripped off!
  42. Stage 1: Missing Classmates
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  44. Difficulty multiplier?
  45. Your Favorite Quote from Lollipop Chainsaw?
  46. zombie basketball
  47. Bubblegum Hedgetrimmer
  48. Any DLC planned?
  49. Spoilers How do I collect All BGM?
  50. Hardest Ranked Mode Stage?
  51. Changing Difficulty
  53. Chop2Shop Chicken
  54. Hardest Dad score stage?
  55. How do you beat Dad's score in Stage 2 [Stadium]
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  57. Game was funny, too bad it's NOT fun or enjoyable
  58. Prequel or sequel... [spoilers?]
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  60. has this happend to anyone else
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  63. Favorite Boss Battle? (Possible Spoilers)
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  65. Small question
  66. My view on Juliet [spoilers in story]
  67. Struggling On The Baseball Game On Rank Mode
  68. Best Combo for Big Sparkle Hunting
  69. A few question about some last trophies please help
  70. Do you keep medals earned via ranked mode?
  71. Is it worth to buy it?
  72. Music!
  73. WHAT THE DICK!?!?!?!?!?! I am pissed please HELP!!
  74. My Lollipop chainsaw
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  76. what's your favourite costume?
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  88. Beating Dad's Score
  89. Question about OMG Music is Soooo Good, and Zombie Fanicer PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP
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  91. Lollipop Chainsaw - Trophy Guide and Road Map
  92. In-game costumes
  93. Questions about Third Eye, Watch Out For The Balls and other trophy related
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  95. What's the secret of Sparkle Combos?
  96. How to clean up after a day of Zombie killing
  97. Beating Dad's Score is doable on Easy.
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  100. medal racer
  101. Is it true I can play on HARD and do RANKED match together
  102. Zombie Fancier
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  104. Lollipop Chainsaw Roadmap and Trophy Guide
  105. Complete VS Toned Down Editions? or Just Different Covers?
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  107. Happy ending
  108. Is this game worth getting?
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  110. How do I pick up the phone?
  111. Mother Freaking Zombie voice.
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  113. Reviews are looking good what you guys think?
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  119. What IS this game about?
  120. UK DLC bonus from Amazon.co.uk
  121. can anyone else see whats wrong with this?
  122. voices
  123. Lollipop Chainsaw Demo-Sweet Crazy Fun
  124. What are we really getting for the collectors edition?
  125. Lollipop Chainsaw Soundtrack?
  126. Amazon Matches Toys R Us pre-order of $44.99
  127. Multiplayer or co-op??
  128. Anyone getting the Japanese Version?
  129. Cosplay and some pics
  130. Trophies/Achievements
  131. Anime Costumes
  132. Lollipop Chainsaw Arrives in June
  133. A lot of fan service
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  135. Sex, Blood and Rock & Roll!!!
  136. High rez shot of Juliet Starling
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