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  1. Sad day for House music
  2. To my friends in the U.K.....
  3. make your own soundtrack based on your childhood
  4. Blu-Ray Music CD?
  5. Rolling Stone Magazine reviews
  6. Your Favorite Composer(s)
  7. What's PST Listening To ~ Grooveshark Playlist
  8. Best OST Videogames remix (Fan only)
  9. Any Clash fans in here?
  10. Dookie (Green Day) 20th Anniversary
  11. Song from Wolf of Wall Street
  12. Brand New (the band)
  13. What has chart music come to nowerdays?!
  14. Thoughts on Half-time show?
  15. Ambient Music
  16. Anyone here like Japanese music?
  17. What musical style is this?
  18. What's on your workout playlist?
  19. Linkin Park/Psy Remix NO JOKE
  20. What Is "Selling Out"?
  21. Whoop Whoop!
  22. Stereosonic
  23. Favorite albums of 2013?
  24. What's your favorite type of music?
  25. Your favorite #1 song?
  26. Lou Reed dies.
  27. Lorde - The incredible singer..!
  28. The last music signed memorabilia you got/bought
  29. What is this Song?
  30. For any rap fans out there. Thoughts on new Eminem album? [MMLP2]
  31. VGL Kickstarter
  32. My ten favourite songs.
  33. Favourite/most memorable lyrics from songs
  34. Help me identify the song in the intro?
  35. Need a NEW playlist for Racing Games
  36. mag top 100 dj
  37. OSU Reviews Rock CD's
  38. New Pearl Jam cd!
  39. Your musical taste
  40. Favorite Song of All Time
  41. My top ten grunge songs
  42. Great Covers you've discovered
  43. Member of the PlayStation Staff is also a Pretty Sick DJ
  44. Floppy Disk music!
  45. Anyone hear the new Kanye West album, Yeezus?
  46. Please help me find this song.
  47. name a song that you hate
  48. Favorite Cover Songs/Remakes
  49. 15 Best Albums of 2013 (so far)
  50. Daft Punk new album 'Random Access Memories' stream!
  51. Anybody freestyle rap?
  52. FHTTS New Song
  53. Cheap band merch sites?
  54. Embarrassing Lyrics (Singing Out Loud By Accident)
  55. PSY new video banned in Korea
  56. What Do You Think of PSY's New Song?
  57. How do you organise your music files?
  58. Anyone going to any festivals this summer?
  59. The bad music thread!
  60. Fall Out Boy: Save Rock and Roll
  61. Does anyone enjoy pop music here?!
  62. Beyonce's "Bow Down"
  63. Former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr dies, aged 56
  64. Justin Bieber
  65. Help identify a song.
  66. Best solo in a song?
  67. Misheard lyrics
  68. which song makes you get that Nostalgic feeling?
  69. How many of you are fans of K-pop/Korean pop?
  70. There is one Jackson 5 song I don't understand
  71. Mindy McCready commits suicide
  72. Anyone familiar with Dead Sara?
  73. Bands/artists you got into because of video games
  74. Any Fozzy fans out there?
  75. Music Makers
  76. Any Bullet For My Valentine Fans Here? I've Heard The New Album, Here's My Breakdown
  77. Does anybody DJ on here?
  78. Download Festival 2013
  79. Coachella 2013
  80. Funk Volume Thread
  81. *Removed*
  82. Darby Switch - what genre are we?
  83. Song Of The Year
  84. Artist you listen to while playing
  85. 2013 predictions
  86. The Warlock
  87. Anyone else listen to rainwave?
  88. Best Song of 2012
  89. What genre of music do you hate the most and why?
  90. Beady Eye OR High Flying Birds
  91. JJ gray and the mofros
  92. Insturment Mods Question
  93. Top 10 albums of 2012
  94. Any Nine Inch Nails Fans Out There?
  95. One Pound FISH
  96. Esham - Venus Flytrap
  97. "Epic" Music
  98. Do you like Lana Del Rey?
  99. Dr dres beats headphones
  100. Slaughterhouse Goodbye (Music video)
  101. Trying to find a song I heard...
  102. Awful Music Videos
  103. Which of these Rock bands is the loudest and screams their lyrics?
  104. The new Bond theme song!
  105. The F'ing Hardcore Thread
  106. Best band you have ever seen?
  107. Anyone else excited for Wintersun's new album?
  108. Recommondations...
  109. Lindsey Stirling - WOW!
  110. Bands or Artists that no one expects you to like but you like them anyway
  111. Epic Deadmau5 Music Video
  112. Could someone recommend me modern jazz/bossa nova, or something similar to this?
  113. Camel/Progressive Rock
  114. Final Fantasy 11 Free Remix Album Released
  115. Great Music Videos
  116. Any1 listen to jamaican music lol
  117. I made a Super Mario dubstep remix
  118. Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa
  119. Game Song
  120. Could someone tell me the artist and name of song to this youtube video?
  121. good music blogs/sources
  122. album of the year so far
  123. Justin Bieber fan attacks Kurt Cobain
  124. House Music - Thread
  125. Anyone use Spotify?
  126. Muse - The 2nd Law
  127. whoop whoop
  128. Top Favorite Songs?
  129. Nirvana's 20th Anniversary
  130. Last.fm
  131. Top 10 work out songs of all time
  132. Detox
  133. Your favorite HipHop ever.
  134. R.I.P. MCA (Beastie Boys)
  135. Have you ripped your CD-collection?
  136. Favorite Music?
  137. Tenacious D uploads the entire Rize of the Fenix album to Soundcloud
  138. Tying Tiffany fans, or fans of similar artists (Zap Bambino, Crystal Castles)...
  139. Want to hear my Craptastic Mixes...
  140. Santogold becomes Santigold! ...And a new album out in May!
  141. Tupac is ALIVE!
  142. hey guys check out my band!
  143. Most Disturbing Music Video You've Ever Seen
  144. Favourite Radio Station you Listen To?
  145. Dubstep
  146. What is your Favourite Song of all time
  147. Which is your favorite singer or band?
  148. Worst/Most Pointless Songs
  149. Favourite vocalists
  150. Favorite Drummers
  151. Best 8-Bit Tracks/Old Themes/Songs From Old Original Games
  152. I want "The Foul Play" MIXTAPE
  153. One Direction has done what The Beatles couldn't,
  154. Tenacious D - Rize of the Fenix, 15th May 2012!!!
  155. Favorite Live Albums?
  156. Erykah Badu concert cancelled over Allah tattoos
  157. Songs that don't match the same from music video to on the radio/mp3
  158. Van Halen: A Different Kind Of Truth
  159. What are some upbeat, fast(ish) feel good songs?
  160. Sxsw 2012
  161. ultimate music festival lineup?
  162. how did you take the news that Whitney Houston is dead?
  163. Do you own CDs?
  164. Music videos - how do they do it?
  165. Triple J Hottest 100 2011
  166. Best Music Genre
  167. Nigg*s In Paris: Hidden Message??
  168. Download Festival 2012
  169. What Band/Artist did you get into via your parents
  170. Rate the band/singer/rapper on top of you! (forum game)..
  171. Hardcore (music)
  172. Is BMTH Satanic?
  173. Why Do people hate or like deadmau5
  174. Van Halens Back!
  175. Vid of my Bro's "Blink-182-Dick Lips" bass cover.
  176. London Philharmonic Orchestra presents: "The Greatest Video Game Music MP"
  177. Your top 10 of 2011
  178. Who all remembered Dimebag Darrel Memorial Day and...
  179. K Koke - the real london
  180. Tech N9ne Performs In Middle East For US Troops
  181. Please support real music this Xmas
  182. What song/album was number 1 when you were born?
  183. An Absolute classic is about to be butchered
  184. Your favourite Christmas song(s)?
  185. Favourite Song Lyrics
  186. We The Kings
  187. Anyone Here Listen to Christian Music?
  188. Boyce Avenue
  189. Sterophonics
  190. LIGHTS "Siberia" Remix Contest
  191. American Music Awards 2011
  192. Abstract
  193. Any UK Grime Fans Out there?
  194. The Hip-Hop/Rap Music thread.
  195. Neva Dinova
  196. I hate this song with a passion!!!!!!!!!! >
  197. Call me gay but..
  199. Why can't I enjoy the new generation musics?
  200. What Concert Are you going to?
  201. Epik High fans? K-pop fans?
  202. whats the coolest music video you've seen??
  203. beats by dre
  204. The dumbest song you ever heard
  205. Tech N9ne "Look What The Fans Did" Video.
  206. Rammstein 2011 new single MEIN LAND.
  207. Why Mainstream music is shit!
  208. Name of genre?
  209. Coldplay - Viva la Vida
  210. Who loves Flobots???!!!
  211. Gackt Fans Thread (DEARS)
  212. Name of This Song?
  213. Song Help..
  214. What is your favorite Epic song artist?
  215. any 1 kno any hot new songs
  216. You and your partners song!
  217. this makes me laugh.
  218. Graduation Songs
  219. Pink Floyd's Next Move?
  220. I'm With You - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  221. (Legal) Free Music Thread
  222. Free Beastie Boys iTunes
  223. Coming of Age songs...
  224. Best Star Wars Soundtrack
  225. This Has To Be The Funniest Thing Ever.
  226. Real ALPHABET Killers
  227. good house/dubstep artists?
  228. What do you think of this guys music?
  229. V Festival 2011
  230. Your favourite song on Bad meets Evil
  231. Your favourite type(s) of metal
  232. Apathys Honkey Kong
  233. OST download
  234. Seth MacFarlane Makes a Classical Music Album. Cover Art And Track List Debut
  235. Need help for Guitar Tabs...
  236. need some song help..
  237. Song Recommendations
  238. Game Music Thread
  239. Some bands still got it
  240. Favourite Bass Players
  241. Alexisonfire calls it quits
  242. Virtual DJ
  243. What Is Your Favorite Japanese Songs
  244. What's your most anticipated album this year?
  245. good punk bands part II
  246. Weird Songs
  247. What songs make you want to dance?
  248. melodic punk, similar bands to this?
  249. Best band out of these ten
  250. Great song covers.