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  1. Trophies?
  2. Peace Walker includes Multiplayer!
  3. E3 2011 Demo/Gameplay
  4. This Is What Peace Walker Looks Like In HD
  5. Hideo Kojima Talks Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Peace Walker HD, PS Vita
  6. First Trophy revealed in MGS:PW
  7. MGS:PW to have Online Co-op
  8. Transfer data ?
  9. Achievements List
  10. Official Trophy List
  11. Trophies
  12. Co-op Partners Thread - MGS:PW CO-OPS (Read First Post!)
  13. NO TROPHIES if you transfer
  14. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  15. Can S Rank trophies be done with co-op
  16. PSP Trophies to Ps3?
  17. Help with some Trophies?
  18. Where is code?
  20. date with paz
  21. Vic Vos
  22. PSP PW Region Saves
  23. Stealth and Bandana
  24. S or A rank Soldiers
  25. Special Staff -spoliers inside-
  26. How do u start coop?
  27. Creating the Save to use on PSP
  28. Help with soldiers
  29. VS troph??
  30. How is the online for this game?
  31. Hideo Kojima
  32. Staff Trading
  33. Played with David Hayter (Voice of Snake), Possibly
  34. about the Camaraderie
  35. For those that need Vs Trophy and Vic Vos
  36. Completed Zeke - Glitched Trophy?
  37. Having Trouble Finding Zadornov?
  38. is anybody working on trophy guide
  39. How to get Divine Wind and That looks tasty?
  40. Ok, how the hell do you get this damn VS trophy?
  41. Multiplayer Trophies
  42. Trader trophy
  43. Supply Marker Help!
  44. Are you serious? trophy
  45. Peace Walker semi working
  46. Peace Walker Legs
  47. Getting S in the boss fights
  48. Monster Hunter
  49. Question about: staff member level upgrade
  50. Psn?
  51. the Pupa Type II battle
  52. Strangelove's thoughts
  53. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD - Trophy Guide and Road Map
  54. Possible Trophy Synch Issue
  55. Guide release?
  56. Need help - Trader
  57. Special Staff Recruiter Trophy
  58. Help please.
  59. Easier way for S rank at boss battles in extra ops
  60. Only thing I hate about this
  61. The A.I boards
  62. No offense to people who like this but this game is GARBAGE
  63. Trophy Guide?
  64. some qustions
  65. The Hunter Missions
  66. Trade Help Please
  67. I'm surprised that this board isn't more active
  68. How do I make the tank/armored vehicle pilot come out?
  69. s ranking question
  70. transfarring to psp and using a cheat device
  71. can't unlock "EXTA OPS All Cleared"
  72. EX 32 not unlocking
  73. Elite Forces Question
  74. unlocking the last mission *spoilers*
  75. Launched Zeke Trophy
  76. Hey just some quick questions
  77. Review this Game!
  78. Best missions to get high stat staff members?
  79. I'm Dead Serious
  80. Japenese Patriot
  81. t-shirts
  82. Outer ops not clearing?
  83. You're pretty good
  84. Trade Error
  85. CQC Six Shot
  86. Compilation of EX OPS boss guides.
  87. AP rounds overrated?
  88. heroism and camaraderie
  89. hi
  90. Kuwabara trophy
  91. Leveling up ranks of weapons?
  92. Mucus,Concentrate & Super Extract
  93. S-rank Combat
  94. How do I check Camaraderie?
  95. the METAL GEAR's ( ZEKE ) icon doesn't appear in mother base !!
  96. Does time factor into s ranking missions?
  97. MGS 4 has no trophies but 2 and 3 do?
  98. A little insight into ex ops 9
  99. Ranks of weapons/gear
  100. Where can i get the fulton mine?
  101. Mother Base
  102. Zadornov is not in 001 Target Practice: No Limit
  103. Why would I want ZEKE to be good?
  104. Special Staff Recruiter question?
  105. Best weapon loadout in VERSUS OPS
  106. Versus OPS: How on Earth...?
  107. Rathalos Wing?
  108. missing weapons
  109. Damn you Vic Vos trophy!!!
  110. last uniform
  111. i'm really enjoying peace walker (first time ever playing it)
  112. does it matter what soldier i pick during extra ops?
  113. Comrade Points
  114. sure-fire way to get rank B staff in R&D and Intel department
  115. fulton mine problems
  116. What Was Your Platinum Time?
  117. peace walker checking harddrive
  118. Hideo Kojima Trophy
  119. Building the MSF Base - Question
  120. Question about co-op
  121. Need HELP S Ranking Missions
  122. Question about Transfarring
  123. Splitter camo detailed info
  124. Need help with online trophies? so do i ...lets help each other out
  125. Tigrex fang and Gear Rex mucus
  126. Sniper Rifle Query
  127. Completed ZEKE trophy trouble. Help needed!!!
  128. Team levels
  129. Game questions
  130. Rathalos Wing help
  131. PSP Questions
  132. Elite Forces trophy
  133. At last I have the Rathalos Wings!
  134. Voice chat issues.
  135. Anyway to recruit more female recruits?
  136. Japanese Patriot
  137. Find Zadornof
  138. Monster Hunter Quests??where?
  139. Costume Collector glitched?
  140. S Ranked All Extra Ops/Main Ops and No trophies
  141. S rank mech / Capturing Mech Tips Needed!
  142. S-ranking Monster HUnter missions
  143. Getting bits for Zeke
  144. Need one guy for "Trader" trophy
  145. A way to force the pilot to get his head out !!
  146. Special Staff recruiter glitched
  147. The Music in the Game.
  148. I CANNOT beat the last boss....
  149. Please help me on how to do two important thing thank.
  150. I just... don't understand the boss/tank battles in this game
  151. Making enemies spawn in vehicle battles
  152. Special Staff Recruiter?
  153. Impossible Vehicle/boss battles... any suggestions?
  154. S rank extra ops 98
  155. 100 Kills Trophy
  156. I give up
  157. extra ops s rank help ??
  158. Game lag in hunter missions !!!
  159. Harder than MGS2 plat?
  160. Extra Ops Custom Vehicle Battles and Custom AI Battles Help Please!!
  161. cutscene confusion.
  162. Completed ZEKE
  163. K-Pistol?
  164. Special Staff Tip
  165. Head to the Control Tower
  166. Kind of at a dead end
  167. Seriously Do People Still Play This Game
  168. PS3 / PSP / VITA question
  169. Torture Chamber Escape Cutscene
  170. problems with ex op 58
  171. Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD Premium Package
  172. Peace Walker is kinda complicated.
  173. PSP Glitched trophies
  174. ZEKE and trophies relating to it!
  175. how long I need to play to get... (vic voss trophy)
  176. PS3 died, save file question
  177. Help/Ideas with Extra Ops 7 and 9
  178. Anyone know what update 1.03 is for?
  179. ps3/psp coop question
  180. What's the easy wait to level up your motherbase
  181. Question About Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
  182. Trader Confusion
  183. Need Help W/ Trophies or S ranks?
  184. Railgun?
  185. Can I earn trophies and play online if I put peace walker on vita?
  186. Comraderie tip
  187. Peace Walker Trophies reset?
  188. divine wind weapon trade?
  189. Question about Transfarring
  190. Complete ZEKE
  191. Singshot: help requested
  192. S-Ranked Combat Soldiers
  193. Question on staff assigning
  194. Is there a good weapon list out there?
  195. questions about this game
  196. Date with Kaz/Bikini issue
  197. Monster Hunter missions
  198. I lost the trophies...
  199. On Hold Ups
  200. Cutscene interaction
  201. Transfarring to Vita
  202. camaraderie????
  203. Co-ops question
  204. Stealth Camo question
  205. Rage! Raaage!
  206. Looking for friends to boost camaraderie
  207. Extra Ops 128 is undoable solo
  208. Locate the ID Card
  209. help with Strangelove's Thoughts
  210. The brig
  211. *spoilers* My thoughts on this game*spoiler*
  212. Which One First? - Online, or Story?
  213. Error connections
  214. AI Parts
  215. Deliverer trophy question
  216. Do you use the extra weapons?
  217. Does using Ration disqualify you from RANK S?
  218. PS3 & Vita
  219. trophy boosting help camaraderie & s rank monsters
  220. The hd collection is unavailable, because I bought MGS3 alone...
  221. Just got screwed out of my Platinum
  222. Human Slingshot Post
  223. *Removed*
  224. *Removed*
  225. Costume question
  226. Divine Wind (Tanegashima)
  227. WAC Insignia not unlocking?
  228. How long does it take to get the online trophies?
  229. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for the PS Vita
  230. Costume Collector Trouble!
  231. Few Random Questions
  232. Trophies on Vita version?
  233. Gustav Fulton Recovery won't unlock
  234. R1 trigger no longer working on this game
  235. Tips for getting online trophies fast?
  236. Vic Voss Trophy
  237. How exactly do you gt Zeke parts?
  238. 2013/2014 Road to Platinum/General Chat
  239. All Codenames with 5 star ranks + Insignias
  240. Online Dead?
  241. Soloing S Ranks for Main and Extra Ops!
  242. 1 mill cmd INSIGNIA - anyone going to get that? or at least 500k?
  243. Weapons upgrade level up question
  244. Turbo torture trick?
  245. Portable Ops on Vita?
  246. trader help
  247. Tanegashima help
  248. Price
  249. If I 'S' ranked E.O. 119, but, my R &D isn't '88....'
  250. Can You Disable The Battle Cries?