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  1. Quick question about saves.
  2. Estimated Time to Platinum
  3. MGS1 Snake Variety
  4. A few tactics for some Extreme Bosses
  5. Cross platform question
  6. Metal Gear HD Collection On Sale Today (4/29) for $8.99 on Vita. Is it worth it?
  7. resolution question
  8. vita - install mgs3 and not mgs2?
  9. For Those That Get 30/31 on MGS1 Variety 1
  10. Need tips for Snake (MGS1) Hold Up mission
  11. Hold Up on vita?
  12. Snake MGS1 variety level 3
  13. Double trophies on PS3 and Vita?
  14. VR Snamke MGS1 variety level 1 where is the last guy???
  15. This ringtone is for VR completionists
  16. stuck on shell 1-2 connecting bridge (hard diff)
  17. Save Data Corrupted on Vita?!
  18. 2013/2014 Road to Platinum/General Chat
  19. Dog tags question
  20. Johnny on the spot help
  21. Do I need to do a non lethal playthrough for any dog tags?
  22. Great Dane Tip: Accidental kill
  23. what version of mgs2 is this?
  24. [SPOILER Thread] Questions about story character
  25. VR Missions on vita
  26. Virtually impossible question
  27. Legacy Collection trophies?
  28. Harrier (Extreme) - No Damage - Fastest Time
  29. Virtually Impossible
  30. Little confused about dogtag process
  31. How to break neck
  32. Which Platform's Trophy Tiles Do You Prefer?
  33. How do you get dog tags on vita!
  34. Complete Stealth Question
  35. Transfarring VR Missions
  36. few questions about trophies
  37. How are the Trophies?
  38. VR Snake Variety Level 4
  39. I brought collection but just want 2. Can i use my save?
  40. MGS2 100% completion time
  41. Metal Gear Solid
  42. Am I wasting my time?
  43. Jeff A Saylor Jr Dog Tag
  44. Why is Snake sneezing?
  45. Shoot 10 Enemy Radio's Trophy is glitches!!! WTF
  46. Tanker Thermal Goggles (hasn't been said before)
  47. Dog tag totals
  48. Seriously annoyed...trophy glitch?
  49. solidus extreme battle
  50. Strangling, tranquing and beating up trophies
  51. Ray Extreme
  52. freaking out about dog tags
  53. Right stick camera control problem.
  54. Solidus Choking
  55. Question about alarms
  56. Can't find this on the PS Store.
  57. copy isnt work
  58. Do stats count through continues?
  59. After all these years...
  60. 35 Attempts at extreme Fatman ..and 35 fails!!!!
  61. Dying and getting game over > Does it break stealth?
  62. Transfarring - Please Explain
  63. 2001 and 2002 dog tags question
  64. Transfarring failed
  65. Snake Beater Help
  66. Jonny on the spot glitch (in a good way)
  67. file size
  68. snake variety level 4
  69. save file bug?
  70. when u shoot once my gun goes down
  71. Give me the dog tag!!!
  72. How do I save!??!?!?!
  73. Anyone do the save transfer between PS3 to Vita?
  74. Question
  75. Any way to reload your save without quitting to the XMB?
  76. Some encouraging words
  77. Credits beginning to annoy me now
  78. Do you need to get 1st place on the VR Missions?
  79. Videos Extreme?
  80. The trophy sync-able.....???
  81. Tell me a tale trophy problem
  82. Nearing the end of the VR missions
  83. Is the nut punch possible on vita?
  84. Extreme Harrier Guide
  85. Total time on vr missions!
  86. on ps3 and vita q
  87. I cantīs transfarr from vita to ps3 VR
  88. Question about stealth
  89. Variety 3 Snake MGS1
  90. Dog Tags
  91. Hold up Snake MGS1
  92. Finish all trophies before transfer?
  93. Is it worth getting if you have the PS3 version?
  94. Does transfarring work the other way around?
  95. This game clearly wasn't designed for the vita.
  96. So...a few gripes.
  97. You can't give up on this!!
  98. Need help on MGS1 Snake Elimination 4
  99. Metal Gear & Metal Gear 2
  100. *Removed*
  101. how do u grab?
  102. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD (Vita) - Trophy Guide and Roadmap
  103. Which is harder?
  104. Yasuhiko Nakamura Dog Tag
  105. Can I get this platinum if I already have the PS3 version platinumed?
  106. VR Mission videos
  107. MGS2 iPhone Cover
  108. Soft reset
  109. Aiming using the thumb stick!
  110. Good news !!!
  111. Virtually Impossible Question
  112. European and American trophy lists combining
  113. PS3/Ps Vita
  114. mgs 4 trophy patch
  115. I hate you fatman!!!
  116. Strut D Sediment Pool
  117. How to attempt dog tag trophy?
  118. Separate Lists for EU/US Versions?
  119. Not saving grip level.
  120. Just Plat this game
  121. alert mode help
  122. Console or Vita version?
  123. Finally did the VR! Those sure are really hard on Vita.
  124. Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection' for Vita Gets Digital Instruction Manuals
  125. Already lost! help
  126. Virtually Impossible trophy (500 VR/Alt Missions)
  127. Pull ups
  128. Kissing booth
  129. Snake Tales, External Gazer, help!!!!
  130. Got the Vita version before release date :D
  131. Got it before the release :D
  132. Transfarring
  133. Both trophy lists released, same as PS3 version
  134. MGS1 Snake Zako Survival Mode Help
  135. How will Transfarring Work?
  136. Snake tales Boss fight tips inside!
  137. Dog tag in Hold 1 on Easy
  138. MGS2 platinum.. mine!!!
  139. 30 or 60 fps?
  140. I have question about In It to Win It trophy
  141. Button Mashing
  142. Guys I need help in Snake tales and Extreme mode
  143. MGS2 dog tags question
  144. Tanker / Plant finish trophy question
  145. Update v1.02 03/04/2012
  146. mgs1 Snake VR hold up level 7
  147. About to start MGS2
  148. Big Shell Plant Node Name Entry
  149. MGS 1 Snake VR Defend Box
  150. General Trophy Discussion
  151. Very Easy USP Supressor not showing up on Mast after Olga why?
  152. Following a Guide for Tags but names are different why?
  153. Would it be possible to
  154. Shattered Disk
  155. I'm confused bout Dog Tags and how they carry over to new difficulties?
  156. Question bout Holdups (never been asked before)!
  157. MGS1 Snake variety and HOLD UP missions
  158. What the F...!
  159. Johnny on the Spot
  160. Metal Gear Solid 2 100% Hard Mode Dog Tag Video Guide Plant
  161. great dane!
  162. EASY playthrough
  163. PS2 controller problems
  164. PS3 exclusive on xbox 360
  165. Variety 7
  166. Quick question about Steamed Trophy
  167. Treat the cardboard box with love
  168. URGENT help needed about an annoying VR mission
  169. I have a huge question about METAL GEAR SOLID
  170. European Extreme Video Walkthrough
  171. I have a huge question about METAL GEAR SOLID
  172. I have a huge question about METAL GEAR SOLID
  173. Johnny On the spot trophy
  174. Blue wig question.
  175. Need help defeating RAYS on Hard
  176. I miss PSG1-T
  177. Extreme Harrier...Oh lord...
  178. Shooting a radio with tranquilizer:does it counts as an alert?
  179. Xesk Malone Dog Tag Help
  180. Dog tags Question
  181. Hard mode dog tag questions
  182. How many Plant walkthroughs required for plat?
  183. Funny things you noticed about this game?
  184. Stealth, is it useless against bosses?
  185. Alert Phase question. Tanker-Plant.
  186. Moving on to story mode. Questions!
  187. Which is more difficult?
  188. MGS1 Zako Survival WTF.
  189. Sniping section... alert question
  190. 98% through with VR missions. Questions!
  191. Deactivating the fatman bombs
  192. Help Please, I feel like an idiot
  193. things that could be patched
  194. collection worth the buy?
  195. Have I lost speed in my fingers?
  196. Snake Tales, killing vamp!
  197. lots of questions
  198. 1st Place VR missions?
  199. Tips for snake's sniper missions?
  200. Hardest VR mission?
  201. Need clarification.
  202. About to call it quits on this plat...
  203. MGS2 'Un'beateable GLITCH EU Version
  204. Vamp Eyer doesnt unlock? :(
  205. My MGS HD Collection prep..
  206. No alert run.. does emma count?
  207. Comin' to psn?
  208. DAFUQ was that Snake Tales Mission E?!
  209. Just a quick question...
  210. Help with to Get the orange wig
  211. Are there really 500 VR Missions in the game...
  212. ration on extreme help
  213. Is there any reward for completing the game on Euro Extreme?
  214. What's with the shades?
  215. Wow! This games looks REALLY good!
  216. damn dog tags
  217. My grip level gets reset if I quit the game?! WTF!!!
  218. Does getting caught during the speech count as an alarm?
  219. Dogtag #23 (Yuji Higuchi) Normal help
  220. MGS1 Snake Help
  221. Quitting to main menu (In-Game)
  222. Great dane question.
  223. Dog Tag Glitch (Tanker)
  224. VR/ALT mission times?
  225. Getting Collectors Edition in the US
  226. Mgs 1
  227. Tengu Battle (Extreme)
  228. Review this Game!
  229. Forgotten how much fun this is
  230. Dog Tag Help
  231. Where are The Rations ?
  232. Metal Gear Solid 2 Complete Stealth Video Guide
  233. Complete Stealth trophy glitch
  234. Quick question Extereme mode
  235. question
  236. Easy mode #25 dog tag help
  237. Does using the stealth suit effect trophies?
  238. A small exteme mode boss guide
  239. Is Mgs2,3 and PW, the only games on the disc?
  240. Great Dane isn't actually all dogtags...
  241. MGS2 Tanker
  242. The pantless marine's dog tag ?
  243. Help with Guards Dog tag
  244. Snake Tales Trophy attention
  245. Rent Money Question
  246. Grip level 2 before reaching the holds?
  247. These Guards R 2 Hard
  248. Extreme mode bosses help...
  249. Where is multiplayer?
  250. Dog Tags Help