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  1. Curious how MGS will play out in terms of trophies...
  2. The price is right?
  3. any confirmation on Substance version?
  4. Platinum will be one of the hardest
  5. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection includes Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
  6. Release Date from Game
  7. Offscreen shots of MGS 2 HD
  8. MGS HD on the Store ?
  9. MGS2/3 share the same trophy list?
  10. New Screens from the MGS HD Collection
  11. MGS HD Collection Getting Limited edition
  12. MGS Limited Edition now on Amazon.com.
  13. Portable Ops HD
  14. Well...someone found an achievement list...
  15. Official Trophy List
  16. What you playing before this hits?
  17. Limited edition question
  18. Woo just got home with the Collection
  19. Does the HD collection have 3 Plats or 2?
  20. How do I level up the Grip?
  21. Trophy Guide and Road Map
  22. update 1.01??
  23. how do you get Snake Beater?
  24. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  25. Does MGS2 & MGS3 feature New Game +?"
  26. Ghost in Hold No.2?
  27. Basic Guide (WIP)
  28. Vamp Eyer
  29. Steamed, not quite working.
  30. Obtain Photo Finish trophy earlier
  31. Funny Panties Angered Rose easter egg
  32. Dog Tags: Difference between Normal and Substance editions?
  33. 5 pipe steam kills?
  34. So any reason to wait for EU version?
  35. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty -Trophy Guide and Road Map
  36. Feb 2012 release date for Europe?
  37. VR: MGS1-Snake/Sneaking/Eliminate All/Mission 10
  38. Different Dog Tag with MGS 2 PS2
  39. Trophy Videos
  40. great dane not unlocking?
  41. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD - Trophy Guide and Road Map
  42. Johnny on the Spot not popping...
  43. My playtime so far (as an example)
  44. Virtually Impossible Question?
  45. Stealth Suit Tanker & Konami Code
  46. Metal Gear 2 Guns of Patriots?!?!?
  47. Dog Tags?
  48. Heh, I've done everything to plat this game on the PS2 version.
  49. Vr misssions
  50. extreme mode
  51. Buyin HD Collection & MGS 4: What order should I play these in?
  52. So what's new in this version? (and MGS3)
  53. Can somebody get me up to speed on MGS1 (PS1) I'm not buyin it.
  54. Can u turn OFF subtitles in all 3 games?
  55. Dog tags question
  56. quick question
  57. Possible glitched trophy.
  58. Question about dog tags
  59. Is This Game Better or Worse than MGS3 or MGS4?
  60. Japanese HD Edition Trophies?
  61. Question for stealth camo in MGS2
  62. This game still looks damn good.....and other observations
  63. VR Snake (MGS1) Variety 1
  64. Dog Tags Help
  65. Where is multiplayer?
  66. Extreme mode bosses help...
  67. These Guards R 2 Hard
  68. Grip level 2 before reaching the holds?
  69. Rent Money Question
  70. Snake Tales Trophy attention
  71. Help with Guards Dog tag
  72. The pantless marine's dog tag ?
  73. MGS2 Tanker
  74. Great Dane isn't actually all dogtags...
  75. Is Mgs2,3 and PW, the only games on the disc?
  76. A small exteme mode boss guide
  77. Does using the stealth suit effect trophies?
  78. Easy mode #25 dog tag help
  79. question
  80. Quick question Extereme mode
  81. Complete Stealth trophy glitch
  82. Metal Gear Solid 2 Complete Stealth Video Guide
  83. Where are The Rations ?
  84. Dog Tag Help
  85. Forgotten how much fun this is
  86. Review this Game!
  87. Tengu Battle (Extreme)
  88. Mgs 1
  89. Getting Collectors Edition in the US
  90. VR/ALT mission times?
  91. Dog Tag Glitch (Tanker)
  92. Great dane question.
  93. Quitting to main menu (In-Game)
  94. MGS1 Snake Help
  95. Dogtag #23 (Yuji Higuchi) Normal help
  96. Does getting caught during the speech count as an alarm?
  97. My grip level gets reset if I quit the game?! WTF!!!
  98. damn dog tags
  99. Wow! This games looks REALLY good!
  100. What's with the shades?
  101. Is there any reward for completing the game on Euro Extreme?
  102. ration on extreme help
  103. Are there really 500 VR Missions in the game...
  104. Help with to Get the orange wig
  105. Just a quick question...
  106. DAFUQ was that Snake Tales Mission E?!
  107. Comin' to psn?
  108. No alert run.. does emma count?
  109. My MGS HD Collection prep..
  110. Vamp Eyer doesnt unlock? :(
  111. MGS2 'Un'beateable GLITCH EU Version
  112. About to call it quits on this plat...
  113. Need clarification.
  114. Hardest VR mission?
  115. Tips for snake's sniper missions?
  116. 1st Place VR missions?
  117. lots of questions
  118. Snake Tales, killing vamp!
  119. Have I lost speed in my fingers?
  120. collection worth the buy?
  121. things that could be patched
  122. Help Please, I feel like an idiot
  123. Deactivating the fatman bombs
  124. 98% through with VR missions. Questions!
  125. Sniping section... alert question
  126. MGS1 Zako Survival WTF.
  127. Which is more difficult?
  128. Moving on to story mode. Questions!
  129. Alert Phase question. Tanker-Plant.
  130. Stealth, is it useless against bosses?
  131. Funny things you noticed about this game?
  132. How many Plant walkthroughs required for plat?
  133. Hard mode dog tag questions
  134. Dog tags Question
  135. Xesk Malone Dog Tag Help
  136. Shooting a radio with tranquilizer:does it counts as an alert?
  137. Extreme Harrier...Oh lord...
  138. I miss PSG1-T
  139. Need help defeating RAYS on Hard
  140. Blue wig question.
  141. Johnny On the spot trophy
  142. I have a huge question about METAL GEAR SOLID
  143. I have a huge question about METAL GEAR SOLID
  144. European Extreme Video Walkthrough
  145. I have a huge question about METAL GEAR SOLID
  146. URGENT help needed about an annoying VR mission
  147. Treat the cardboard box with love
  148. Quick question about Steamed Trophy
  149. Variety 7
  150. PS3 exclusive on xbox 360
  151. PS2 controller problems
  152. EASY playthrough
  153. great dane!
  154. Metal Gear Solid 2 100% Hard Mode Dog Tag Video Guide Plant
  155. Johnny on the Spot
  156. What the F...!
  157. MGS1 Snake variety and HOLD UP missions
  158. Question bout Holdups (never been asked before)!
  159. I'm confused bout Dog Tags and how they carry over to new difficulties?
  160. Shattered Disk
  161. Would it be possible to
  162. Following a Guide for Tags but names are different why?
  163. Very Easy USP Supressor not showing up on Mast after Olga why?
  164. General Trophy Discussion
  165. MGS 1 Snake VR Defend Box
  166. Big Shell Plant Node Name Entry
  167. About to start MGS2
  168. mgs1 Snake VR hold up level 7
  169. Update v1.02 03/04/2012
  170. Tanker / Plant finish trophy question
  171. MGS2 dog tags question
  172. Guys I need help in Snake tales and Extreme mode
  173. Button Mashing
  174. I have question about In It to Win It trophy
  175. 30 or 60 fps?
  176. MGS2 platinum.. mine!!!
  177. Dog tag in Hold 1 on Easy
  178. Snake tales Boss fight tips inside!
  179. How will Transfarring Work?
  180. MGS1 Snake Zako Survival Mode Help
  181. Both trophy lists released, same as PS3 version
  182. Transfarring
  183. Got it before the release :D
  184. Got the Vita version before release date :D
  185. Snake Tales, External Gazer, help!!!!
  186. Kissing booth
  187. Pull ups
  188. Virtually Impossible trophy (500 VR/Alt Missions)
  189. Already lost! help
  190. Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection' for Vita Gets Digital Instruction Manuals
  191. Finally did the VR! Those sure are really hard on Vita.
  192. Console or Vita version?
  193. alert mode help
  194. Just Plat this game
  195. Not saving grip level.
  196. Separate Lists for EU/US Versions?
  197. How to attempt dog tag trophy?
  198. Strut D Sediment Pool
  199. I hate you fatman!!!
  200. mgs 4 trophy patch
  201. PS3/Ps Vita
  202. European and American trophy lists combining
  203. Virtually Impossible Question
  204. Good news !!!
  205. Aiming using the thumb stick!
  206. Soft reset
  207. MGS2 iPhone Cover
  208. VR Mission videos
  209. Can I get this platinum if I already have the PS3 version platinumed?
  210. Yasuhiko Nakamura Dog Tag
  211. Which is harder?
  212. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD (Vita) - Trophy Guide and Roadmap
  213. how do u grab?
  214. *Removed*
  215. Metal Gear & Metal Gear 2
  216. Need help on MGS1 Snake Elimination 4
  217. You can't give up on this!!
  218. So...a few gripes.
  219. This game clearly wasn't designed for the vita.
  220. Does transfarring work the other way around?
  221. Is it worth getting if you have the PS3 version?
  222. Finish all trophies before transfer?
  223. Hold up Snake MGS1
  224. Dog Tags
  225. Variety 3 Snake MGS1
  226. Question about stealth
  227. I cantīs transfarr from vita to ps3 VR
  228. on ps3 and vita q
  229. Total time on vr missions!
  230. Extreme Harrier Guide
  231. Is the nut punch possible on vita?
  232. Nearing the end of the VR missions
  233. Tell me a tale trophy problem
  234. The trophy sync-able.....???
  235. Videos Extreme?
  236. Do you need to get 1st place on the VR Missions?
  237. Credits beginning to annoy me now
  238. Some encouraging words
  239. Any way to reload your save without quitting to the XMB?
  240. Question
  241. Anyone do the save transfer between PS3 to Vita?
  242. How do I save!??!?!?!
  243. Give me the dog tag!!!
  244. when u shoot once my gun goes down
  245. save file bug?
  246. snake variety level 4
  247. file size
  248. Jonny on the spot glitch (in a good way)
  249. Snake Beater Help
  250. Transfarring failed