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  1. When was this announced?
  2. Starhawk Confirmed!
  3. IGN writhing in agony that the protagonist is (gasp!) black..
  4. Your Starhawk Questions Answered
  5. Multiplayer Capture the Flag on Acid Sea
  6. Single-Player Shines At E3
  7. (American) Box Art
  8. Starhawk, Comic-Con and YOU!
  9. Dylan Jobe comments on trophies, dual-login, spilt-screen and more
  10. Dogfighting Demo at PAX Prime!!
  11. Starhawk trophy list (temporarily)
  12. Private Beta
  13. Free Early Access Beta Code
  14. Beta Code Giveaway
  15. Disappointed after I got the Theme code from website.
  16. Public Beta Schedule, Begins January 17th
  17. May 8th Release Date
  18. Starhawk, what do you like about it?
  19. Unlock the (pictured) Sweet Tooth Outcast Multiplayer skin for Starhawk
  20. Starhawk Limited Edition Box Art Revealed!
  21. Thanks To the Beta
  22. anyone playing this with a mic?
  23. Beta Stats?!?
  24. 1.3 Beta & Co-op Reveal
  25. recruiting Philippines Clan (PH)
  26. Watch the Latest Starhawk Trailer on Facebook & Get Free DLC
  27. Trophy list.
  28. Sweet Tooth Outcast MP Skin
  29. Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)
  30. Info plzzzzzzzzz
  31. **advertising removed**
  32. Starhawk™ - Official Launch Trailer
  33. Thoughts on the Game
  34. All future map packs free
  35. Anyone else has a problem with online access code?
  36. Where do I find proximity charges
  37. Starhawk Trophy Guide and Roadmap
  38. Beta Unlocks
  39. Disconnection?
  40. Starhawk SP Mercenary Strategy ***SPOILERS***
  41. Stats Question
  42. Sony/Official servers?
  43. Warhawk (PSone) Free with Starhawk
  44. Major bugs and glitches
  45. 100% easier than Warhawk
  46. Tell us what you really think......
  47. Capturing a Zone
  48. Accepting the Licence!!!
  49. Can anyone explain to me how make 2nd player account sign in?
  50. How to boost Starhawk Wins & kills and Other Trophies Video Guide
  51. No auto-saving checkpoints in this game. Damned!!
  52. Easy way to complete on Mercenary Difficulty
  53. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  54. Coop Prospector
  55. Prospect done solo
  56. Official PS3T StarHawk Clan?
  57. This is alot more enjoyable & accessible than WarHawk
  58. Starhawk Trophy Guides wih commentary
  59. Split screen online?
  60. Easy way for a Deadeye trophy using splitscreen
  61. Boosting Warning
  62. co op partners
  63. Easy way of getting "Lone wolf" and "Team leader"
  64. Parties?
  65. Is there any sense of "leveling up" in multiplayer?
  66. What perk do you use & why?
  67. Just picked this up..
  68. Official PSN Tournament
  69. Menu bug patched yet?
  70. Advanced players, casuals don't stand a chance!
  71. Are people using Mic's Online?
  72. Where Are The People?!!!
  73. Starhawk update 1.01.001 (post beta) changes posted.
  74. stats stopped recording!!
  75. Main menu issues
  76. 100 Game Mode Matches Possibly Glitched
  77. Co-Op Partners Thread
  78. Story/Single-Player Discussion *SPOILERS*
  79. **request removed**
  80. *Request Removed*
  81. (2) Free Sweet Tooth Exclusive codes...
  82. No control over 2nd player in split screen co-op
  83. Starhawk 'Uplink' companion app now available for iOS, Android
  84. Co-op stats?
  85. Restoring Checkpoint
  86. Starhawk Questions
  87. Free Sweet Tooth Skin
  88. Community Dead?
  89. Trial Version?
  90. Proper way to boost
  91. OHHH how I wish I could have done mercenary glitch!!!
  92. Has anyone got the Platinum legit?
  93. Protect the rift bomb
  94. Patch 1.03
  95. Custom music
  96. Are they still banning players
  97. I have a Sweet Tooth code that I'm not going to use
  98. Starhawk coming to PSN as a multiplayer only title?
  99. PS+ Members to Get Single Player Campaign for Free
  100. Worth £16?
  101. Any Single Player DLC content?
  102. Voice audio errors?
  103. Any 3 up for a boost session
  104. Minor Miscalculation
  105. How active is the online currently?
  106. Welding Torch Locations and Minor Miscalculation?
  107. Multiplayer/Online Pass Question
  108. SP vs. MP
  109. does the split digital version share the trophy list?
  110. WTF Is this intentional or what?
  111. Wtf?
  112. Lightbox rumored to be shutting down completely...
  113. Not enough space on hard drive?
  114. need help passing mission 8 on mercenary
  115. do ctf kills and turret kills count towards 1000 kills trophy?
  116. 2 questions I badly need answered
  117. Any way to track wins on each gamemode?
  118. Co-Op
  119. How dead is online? o.o
  120. starhawk campaign cheat
  121. NEED help finishing level ch8 ashes
  122. Mercenary & 4controller split screen?
  123. Password servers?
  124. Glitch with Split Screen!
  125. Prolific Builder
  126. Boosting wins with 4 people...a warning and a bit of advice.
  127. Estimated Time to Platinum
  128. Any Europe players here?
  129. Can't level up?
  130. 1.01 download help and boost question