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  1. New Information Coming In May
  2. What the same heck is this game ?
  3. First picture of Assassin's Creed III?
  4. Is a Civil War Assassin's Creed in the works ? Some clues...
  5. Next Assassin's Creed will be titled Assassin's Creed Revelations
  6. AC Revelation Officially Revealed + Details
  7. GameInformer Cover Story Pictures
  8. Trophy Ideas? Post here
  9. Multi-player
  10. AC Revelations: The Truth Behind The Fiction
  11. AC:R Teaser Trailer
  12. Box-art
  13. E3 2011 Trailer
  14. Special Editions!
  15. Desmond's Journey Trailer Reveals Hidden Messages
  16. AC Revelations: Back To The Present
  17. Preorder from GameStop and Get a Free Poster Plus Free Upgrade to Signature Edition
  18. Multiplayer trophies in Revelation
  19. Assassin's Creed Revelations E3 Trailer Is Even More Awesome With LEGOs
  20. Idea's for Altair's part in AC Revelations,post yours here !
  21. Assassin's Creed: Revalations look Good/Bad
  22. this game
  23. Assassin's Cred Embers (Animated Short Film Coming Soon)
  24. Who's going to miss Ezio?
  25. who else is pumped for acr
  26. What was your favorite city?
  27. What I Thought I Knew About Assassinís Creed Revelations Was Partially Wrong
  28. assassins creed revelations animus edition
  29. new images showing the multiplayer modes of ACR
  30. Subject 16? (spoilers maybe included)
  31. Ubisoft: "Multiplayer Improved In Assassin's Creed Revelations"
  32. Beta Exclusive to PS3
  33. Assassin's Creed Revelations: Multiplayer Podcast
  34. GamesCom 2011 Trailer
  35. Gamescon Gameplay Demo
  36. Dubstep Trailer
  37. ACR Bomb Crafting (**spoilers**)
  38. Assassin's Creed: Revelations Beta Impressions
  39. who want my code?
  40. Holy SPOILERific Batman!
  41. Beta code
  42. pre-order bonus at Gamestop?
  43. how do i choose gamemode?
  44. Beta Key Giveaway
  45. ACR Beta Code
  46. How Can i play artifact assault?
  47. Assassin's Creed Revelations Multiplayer Boosting Forum
  48. Do I get to keep my beta xp when the game is released?
  49. how do i get xp boost?
  50. Assassin's Creed: Revelations beta opens to every PSN user tomorrow
  51. Beta Rap Up Podcast
  52. AC still has the WORST mp Ever...
  53. Assassinís Creed ships With Assassinís Creed Revelations
  54. PS3 Exclusive Bonus: Day One Copies of AC:R To Include Copy of Original AC Game
  55. Assassins Creed - Story of Ezio
  56. My Assassin's Creed III Ideas
  57. Assassin's creed Revelations - The End of an Era Trailer
  58. Is it just me...? It can't just be me!
  59. Unlock the Animus
  60. Ubisoft: Not an easy platinum, Yes MP trophies
  61. Achievements List
  62. Trophy list (and there's DLC trophies)
  63. The Multiplayer Will Have A Narrative
  64. Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)
  65. Assassin's Creed Revelations Adds 3D Support
  66. Benifites
  67. DLC Question
  68. One question
  69. AC: Revelations - First Impressions
  70. Secondary Weapon wheel?
  71. fond memories
  72. free code giveaway
  73. Damn DLC Trophies!
  74. Has no one noticed how ridiculously
  75. Ultimate Bundle Question
  76. Assassin's Creed Revelations - Video Guides
  77. New Engine
  78. Assassin Trainee missions
  79. Anyone else getting this cool collectors steelbook case??
  80. does the dlc
  81. cannot download vlad the impaler mission
  82. fond memories made easy tutorial
  83. Den Defence
  84. Story Discussion Thread *Spoilers*
  85. Reviews
  86. Trade Codes
  87. DLC Announced Already?
  88. How do you solve Desmond Sequence 2?
  89. any missable trophies?
  90. 'IGN'orant reviewers
  91. Does the game have an Online Pass?
  92. Wal-Mart offering for $40!
  93. Explorer trophy
  94. Map ??
  95. What's the big difference in multiplayer between Revelation and Brotherhood?
  96. If You Are Unable To Use Your Code on Ubisoft's Website Please Read This...
  97. 100% Sync Discussion
  98. Dynamic theme
  99. Fast fingers not unlocking
  100. 100% Sync Help - Ask Here!
  101. heads up about the mosh pit trophy....
  102. Gamestop exclusive..
  103. I'll Be Getting This For The Story But.....
  104. AC getting released each year now?
  105. Maybe a stupid question but...?
  106. Explorer Trophy Didn't Pop
  107. wheres uplay??
  108. Spoiler Alert, why does Templar know about...
  109. [WIP] Assassin's Creed Revelations Trophy Guide (Main Game Only)
  110. AC:R - 1080p native or 720?
  111. The Way I Like It trophy..
  112. Lacklustre challenge & frustrating control
  113. Animus Edition
  114. tax evasion trophy....
  115. the reason i dont platiumn is b/c online trophie...
  116. Couple of quick questions
  117. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  118. Free roam after finishing the game?
  119. bonus content?
  120. Message :Assassins Creed Revelations servers down
  121. i put in my gamestop bonus code
  122. Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Trophy Guide & Road Map
  123. Assassin's Creed: Revelations Trophy Guide + Roadmap
  124. Where are the pigeon coops?
  125. Does The Multiplayer Contain Any Spoilers From AC:B/R Story?
  126. Assasin's Creed Embers !
  127. ok, how do i "use" mercenaires & ronanies on guards??
  128. Den Defense help/strategies? (it is required for platinum)
  129. Data Fragments????
  130. frickin' painting!
  131. how do i perform a dive into water??
  132. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  133. Any way to lure stalkers into attacking you?
  134. Sage Trophy not unlocking...anyone?
  135. 7 Master assassines negates minigame?
  136. thieves guild challenge help
  137. A Friend Indeed
  138. MP - which games are team?
  139. We Wanted More Desmond... Ubisoft Listened
  140. Best mode/method for Multiplayer EXP
  141. Beware of DNA REPLAYS!
  142. Can Master Assassin's die?
  143. Easy money????
  144. Assassin's not leveling up
  145. Any1 got unwanted Altair Robes?
  146. super easy mosh pit trophy
  147. ACR: Assasin Guild Challenger
  148. Anyone else disappointed?
  149. Question
  150. What's up with fast fingers?
  151. Stupid Question : How do i change the MP Modes???
  152. "Searching For Game Session"
  153. Problem with one of the assassin missions
  154. Ezio Ultimate Armor?
  155. Will this be released on the PSN too?
  156. Each bomb effect twice?
  157. Assassins Creed 1 Trophy support?
  158. Guild Challenges
  159. easy den defence
  160. Finding non-Janissary enemies after ending?
  161. Mercenary Assignment problem
  162. Code redemption - per PSN or per PS3?
  163. Having trouble with mercenary kill streak challenge POST end game. (no byz's around)
  164. No need to restart for poison trophies!
  165. Stuck in Masyaf
  166. [SPOILER ALERT] How Ubisoft might expand this game
  167. Throwing weapons?
  168. Sage
  169. Two easy questions....
  170. Any way to trigger Tax Collector?
  171. A Few Final Thoughts **SPOILERS**
  172. Whats your most hated mission getting 100% sync?
  173. What's your most favorite to least favorite AC game??
  174. Desmond Sequences and Multiplayer Emblems
  175. How to give attack orders to mercenaries and thieves?
  176. mediterranean Defense ...
  177. Online Boost Questions
  178. The Champion, Part 2 can be repeated for $1400
  179. Armchair General Help
  180. Anyone else think the music in Desmond Sequnce 4 "club area" was epic?
  181. Stupid question, but I hope someone can answer this without spoiling the story for me
  182. Lock ups and lag?
  183. where is the uplay pass in the psn store ??
  184. Anyone know where the second multiplayer emblem is in Desmond Sequence 3?
  185. A couple of possibly stupid questions!
  186. Zipline Assassinations
  187. DLC Trophies
  188. Reentering Cappadocia?
  189. A Way To Re-view The Ending?
  190. parachute ??
  191. People's Eyes?
  192. Ezio's eyes
  193. Amusing Book Find **~~SPOILERS~~**
  194. Guilds
  195. A Friend Indeed
  196. Possible Glitch - Assassins Guild Challenges
  197. Amazon AC:R preorder Best Of Soundtrack Download!!!
  198. Fast Fingers !!
  199. Mouse Trap?
  200. Where's the no Notoriety outfit?!?!
  201. Likes and dislikes
  202. Master assassins, locked dens, mediterreanean defense.
  203. collectors adition!
  204. Revelations Game Crash?
  205. Where's Ezio's Ultimate Armour?
  206. is the BULLY trophy missable??
  207. Unrealistic scenes after assassinations
  208. Desmond Outfit
  209. Signature Edition Pre-order Bonus from EB Games
  210. Hook and Throw - I feel stupid
  211. Desmond's Past
  212. This Is Really Buggy
  213. Question about upgrading perks
  214. Easy "Mosh Pit" trophy at camps
  215. Black Friday Deal: $34.99 at Best Buy
  216. Uplay rewards "3 brotherhodo weapons"?
  217. Got question.
  218. Challenges Help ?
  219. arrow storm
  220. Bomb challenges. Need a bit of help.
  221. Fight Club
  222. Assassin Recruitment stuck on 11/12
  223. Contested dens
  224. Multiplayer Help Please
  225. Anyone know where I can see all of the online templar files and videos?
  226. No Signature Edition Code
  227. Hidden Additional Memories?
  228. Turkish Assassin Armor DLC on U.S. Game?
  229. Platinum and DLC question
  230. Adding bombs without a bomb crafting station?
  231. which Sequence and Memory ??
  232. The most emotionally potent point of the story
  233. Third outfit?
  234. question about romanies guild
  235. Question about persona in multiplayer
  236. Problems with 1 assassin's challenge..
  237. Assassins Creed Revelations Mercenaries Guild 3rd Challenge
  238. Stuck in masyaf
  239. Best weapons/best armors?
  240. where's the 2nd master assassin missions?>
  241. Use hook while running
  242. Sequence 8 Memory 3 Full Sync Glitched?
  243. help with last data fragment
  244. The Little Prince
  245. May I use 100% sync cheat for later 100% sync?
  246. Looking for some reedimable code..
  247. Game Comes with Assassin's Creed 1?
  248. Wooden covered wells
  249. Sequence 4 trophy wont unlock
  250. Best MP Game mode for XP?