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  1. does this game come out in 2011 or 2012?
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  18. Preorder Incentive(s)?
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  23. Gamescom 2012
  24. Multiplayer
  25. Input lag?
  26. 7 minutes from the Campaign
  27. military edition
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  29. Achievements list.
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  34. y u no ps3 beta?
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  36. 30 min of double XP (retail game)
  37. Launch Day Gaming Team
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  39. Military pre order...
  40. BestBuy Midnight Launch!
  41. When the trophies going to be Realesed?
  42. Review copies not shipping till launch day
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  44. Day 1 Patch Notes
  45. Rank reset?
  46. First Impressions?
  47. Unused xp and tokens
  48. Fastest shipping ever?
  49. Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)
  50. UK Dispatch - Shopto
  51. Video Trophy Guides
  52. **Removed**
  53. are there longer ranked matches?
  54. Make sure to start the campaign on Hard...
  55. Through the Eyes of EVil 12 seconds
  56. Leftover Lead
  57. Online Trophies
  58. Fireteam Buddy
  59. wtf? (may contain spoilers)
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  62. AA-12 is BEAST!
  63. Hardcore & Tier 1 Trophies on ONE Playthrough!
  64. MP rankings?
  65. Medal of Honor: Warfighter Bitching thread (Warning may include Spoilers)
  66. Unlucky boosters
  67. Global Warfighters Glitched?
  68. Some tips for getting the Apache...
  69. Unclaimed xp
  70. marksman pins
  71. job done and brothers in arms trophies glitched?
  72. Patch 1.01
  73. Medal of Honor: Warfighter - PS3T Clan
  74. So a guy complained about Global Warfighter trophy, and Mod just locked the thread.
  75. Shore Leave, Sniper part. Bullets keep missing!
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  77. Exclusive Zero Dark Thirty camo
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  79. trophy disappeared
  80. Warchief glitched
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  82. Not really a boosting kinda game.
  83. Where can I find my rank?
  84. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  85. Question
  86. Multiplayer HUD disappeared
  87. Story Question *Spoiler Alert*
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  89. Hardcore mode - copying save prohibited
  90. Will DCG ever fix the trophies?
  91. Back in the fight trophy glitched
  92. Do I
  93. OffDutyGamers' review (military veteran gamers)
  94. job done has got to be glitched
  95. Warchief trophy solution!!!
  96. How many tours have u been through and with which soldiers?
  97. What is the best way to boost an Apache?
  98. Server Update: November 1
  99. The way to fuck "Warchief" glitch!!
  100. Zero Dark Thirty Exclusive Unlock
  101. Battlelog weapon issue!
  102. omg weapon attachments??
  103. I found a fix to Back in the Fight Trophy.
  104. Hot Pursuit on Hardcore difficulty crashing problem
  105. Qs on online trophies
  106. Backup save files help
  107. Exploit not working ..(help pls )
  108. warfighter fix
  109. Medal of Honor: Warfighter General Questions Thread
  110. Shut it down help needed
  111. Squad Leader/Global Warfighter trophies still glitched?
  112. Weapon Pin Progress
  113. **Removed**
  114. Free weapon skin
  115. Has any one got the Danger Close Medal?
  116. Global Warfighters possible fix
  117. US Navy Seal Sniper? Glitch?
  118. Just a shit BF
  119. PS3 Shuts Down while playing MP
  120. Hardest mission on Hard/Tier 1?
  121. Corrupted save
  122. Medal of Honor Veteran's Day Gift (MOHW PS3 Military Edition Code)
  123. Getting double XP?
  124. Guided Missile?
  125. The lesson of the day to avoid unnecessary death
  126. game freeze
  127. **removed**
  128. Weapon Stat Padding
  129. Limited Edition? o.O
  130. Best way to complete tours (gain xp)?
  131. Servers and Crashing Getting Worse
  132. Game save changed?
  133. platoon emblem problem
  134. Medal of Honor: Warfighter 'The Hunt' map pack out next week
  135. Thoughts on the patch?
  136. Harcore save/chat fixed with patch?
  137. Sniping tips
  138. How did you get your "All In" Apache Air Support Trophy!
  139. Hunt DLC not downloading/available?
  140. *Removed*
  141. tokens and experience
  142. Am I the Only Gamer to Get Hardcore Legit!!
  143. battlelog stats down?
  144. level cap
  145. I don't have a feckin' clue! - Basic advise needed!
  146. Tier 1
  147. EA to shutter the Medal of Honor brand following Warfighter's "well below expectatio
  148. 50 /50 shootups - I ALWAYS lose.
  149. Hardcore Saving Question
  150. Question about the limited edition code for the BF4 beta
  151. Bad reviews
  152. any Global warfighter workaround?
  153. Tough Plat = Bad Ratings. Game gets 9.5 from me!
  154. mission rip current tier 1 glitched.?
  155. Estimated Time to Platinum
  156. MoH: Warfighter Save Locked?
  157. Freeze problem...
  158. Love This Game.
  159. battlog help
  160. Online activity?
  161. Free dlc code!
  162. Copying prohibited
  163. jack of all guns
  164. possible glitch - Room Service
  165. "On the clock" made easy
  166. Medal of Honor dev Danger Close “doesn’t exist any more”
  167. Global Warfighter Trophy GLITCH
  168. No hardcore option
  169. Would buying the 72 soldier shortcut get you the Warchief trophy?
  170. I found out..
  171. Warfighter nation?
  172. Marksman Pin not unlocking
  173. Ranting about a mission... "Bump in the Night"
  174. global warfighter
  175. WTF Hardcore trophy?
  176. Finding Faraz
  177. Tips for doing MoH WF Legit
  178. Read before you start playing!
  179. Brothers In Arms unconfirmed solution
  180. Called in Apache and no trophy